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  1. i love the fact that instead of cancelling their performance they enjoy the rain... what a performer they were. and those moments they shared under the rain make it more memorable and sweet
  2. thank you, it means we always need to interact somehow for our accout not to delete by them?
  3. actually i thought it was miracle couple at first but is there someone who has the exact translation of what JH said?
  4. good day everyone... i enjoyed today's episode as much as everyone here... yes specially that smile from kwang soo... andnthe time he said that "up until a while ago, he clearly understand JK (i mean specially when he said JH didn't sleep in the car, he was right to be suspicious but when they are eating and JK stop the guest from helping JH) KS said it was clearly jealousy
  5. good day! this ship is really sailing... honestly i just only wanted to be quietly reading your posts in the background... i just discuss my feelings about SA with my friend who also happen to ship them. I asked her what she's thinking about the sudden LL situation. She said she just want to wait some more, as for me, same as many that you mentioned here, it doesn't make sense if JK wants to marry the soonest, why start a new loveline and with JH, what would they become in the end if this won't workout as real? I know both of them has really good personality that's why i like both of them individually and i know that if anyone of them is in a relationship with other people they will not pursue this LL. Also, some of you are asking what kind of announcement they will make if they are real? If you follow them both or RM in a long time, you will remember that JK mentioned before that if he will get married he will announce it thru RM. And about having a gf for JK, always remember that he will deny even if he has one until the day he announce his marriage. I really hope that this will be the big lucky year for them and that JH is really the one JK is waiting for to be ready so that he can freely announce that they are getting married. So shippers, let's sail together
  6. good day everyone... been lurking here for a year now, just reading SA updates... I've always wanted to share my opinion but holding back... i am happy that this ship is sailing
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