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  1. Why me? I'm an innocent flower Crossing my fingers! @Norah Saadah Thank you for the post about their compatibility. The post pretty much sums up what I think about them individually, and also why I love them as persons, and of course, that's also why I think they match each other very well
  2. Dear, I think @9tails were referring to the other couple, hehe. Well, for me, being seen together doesn't always mean "together," if you know what I mean. Call it my delulu, but whatever If I may add, HB also spends time with the other actors, so
  3. The hints are there if you look for them hard enough, I think, hehe There's still time to see our favorite pairing again. Crossing my fingers! I opened YouTube earlier and the Jenga video is on my homepage, and I noticed that the views are about to reach 1 million. If you miss them, maybe you can watch it again
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