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  1. 600.000 views Source By the way, MotA started filming around this time last year. So, happy anniversary (?), everyone!
  2. Are you referring to "Legend of the Blue Sea"? Because I didn't like that drama either and that's why I was hoping Binnie wouldn't take the role. But, oh well. I will still try to watch the drama.
  3. Memories of the Alhambra - "The Things I Want to Say to Heeju" scene Binnie changed it to "The things I want to say to fans."
  4. @rori0711 Lol what does that even mean? I think Uncle Google made a mistake as usual Hurry please I want to see her sing "I'm Here" and also her version of "Is True"
  5. Updates on Instagram from both Shinhye wears extension? Wig? Is there another photo shoot with Mojo S Phine? Audition for a movie/drama? (the last one is what I'm hoping for )
  6. Oh, dear. Shinhye's Thai FM is cancelled. Does it mean that we have to wait until July for videos from the Tokyo FM? Photos from Tokyo FM, courtesy of SALT
  7. Thank you for sharing the videos! Glad you had fun at the FM and thank you for sharing your fan account! Even from the fancams that I posted above, it's clear that he would smile more whenever Heeju appeared If you don't mind me asking, do you know if the family joined him to Seoul or stayed in HK? I only know they had dinner together after the FM. Hello there! If your sixth sense tells you other things about them, please let us know
  8. LOG INTO BEST SCENE: I missed you LOG INTO BEST SCENE: This girl is asking for trouble The actual scenes if anyone wants to compare them for science
  9. Then it's not so different from this version of translation, no? I'm still amazed and mesmerized by Shinhye's beauty in this scene. Imagine being Jinwoo, waking up to find a beautiful woman (with whom he's already falling in love) who tells him that she's his girlfriend
  10. Is she not blonde anymore? So close! "Is True" For some reason the video is playing in slo-mo. Here's the original link if anyone wants to watch it in the right speed: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4370923967144489?
  11. Yup, she's back already! Binnie arrived in Seoul like around 30 minutes ago (around the same time Shinhye posted that Story )
  12. OTW airport At the airport. He looked just like the first day he arrived in HK Meanwhile, we have no airport pics of Shinhye (yet?). Maybe she's already flown home to recover and get a much-needed rest. I hope she gets well soon!
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