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  1. Well, that would be nice if it's true, but I'm not sure about it too, since I don't speak Korean language... What I heard when Jung Nam sang was "Jump... Jump... Jump..." (I could misheard it too, please cmiiw) However, if JK said Jihyo's name, I'm sure some media already noted it and made an article about it. So, in conclusion, imo maybe what JK said pronounce similarly to "Jihyo" but he didn't mention her name there.
  2. Dear @Neil3214 and other trolls, Whoops... Welcome and happy trolling, guys...! Thanks for passing by and make us all entertained... Please, don't make yourself bleed from our sweet welcome here... Feel free to come anytime you like, we don't mind you at all...!
  3. Running man members filming for another new episode (April, 15th 2019) JK wore shorts and the only one who didn't wear jacket, lol, and our MC Yoo stood in the middle of SA. Wonder if he had said something about our SA again. Love to see JH without her cap, though. Btw, I noticed a number tag that they wore. JH's was 9, YJS's was 10, idk who had number 8, it's either JK or JSM since both their numbers were not clearly shown for me. But, based on the way of their standing in line, I guess JK's number was 8. Please cmiiw, guys. 1. Male guest 2. JSM / JK 3. Female guest 4. LKS 5. JSJ 6. HH 7. YSC 8. JK / JSM 9. JH 10. YJS
  4. Wow, there are a lot speculative things on that episode about our SA. Thankyou for pointing them out, everyone. We did this and that because we love these two people so much and wish them the best, moreover we wish them to be together. (I'm proud to be a SA shipper, lol). I'm sorry, I'm not gonna give my comments about JK's position in the car. I believe in what I want to believe. Glad to know this. You guys are rock! Even considering from three languages and from each literature's aspect. Salute! Considering them as a real thing, I wanna give a little throwback (it's not a SA moment, but JH is mentioned) credit as shown I'm sorry if this already discussed before. However, I sensed that JK trusts JH so much. 1. I didn't hear it from my manager, I heard it from Jihyo Hmm... Does it mean that he trusts JH more than Gapjin? 2. Janghyuk denied that JH helped him, but JK keep believing in JH JK trusts JH more than his dragon brothers too? Indeed, when you are in love, at some point, somehow you'll distance yourself from your buddies, cause you believe your partner more than your best friends. 3. "Let me ask her. I'll text her. Oh, I'm driving." Gosh, he is so compulsive. He just know how to contact her immediately, lol. It's obvious that when you do something too often that leads you to a pleasurable state of mind, your mind would produce that as a compulsive thought, and tried to do that as soon as you think about that. Hmm... It's just a simple thought of mine, though. It's a blessing for them if they are meant to be together. They really trust each other and had a deep connection with each other. Happy shipping, everyone!
  5. Wow, another coincidence? HH really knows something, doesn't he? I always believe that among all male members of RM, HH is the closest one to JK, please cmiiw about this. It's not a secret anymore that HH is the "representative" of SA shippers, and now, he continually give us so many hints. It is fascinating, isn't it? The list of what HH mentioned so far from early 2019 about our SA: 1. Kimbab couple 2. Sarang power 3. Hyungsoo / sister in law (towards JH) 4. Yeobo-seyo 5. Optimus Prime (towards JK) I wonder what's coming next? It always makes me wonder about what story behind those, especially Optimus Prime (because it's the latest one, lol). Like perhaps they've once watched the movie together, or it's a toy that they both adore and gave to one of JK's nephew as a present, or it's the way JH teased her man since Optimus Prime has a deep voice and our Han Namja is famous with his mosquito voice? Idk... It's just my fantasy, anyway, please don't take it as a serious matter. Btw, 1 hour ago, JK updated his insta story, he's in LA and done some morning workout. He really loves LA, indeed. Screenshoot: source: JK's instagram
  6. I'm sorry I've read about the comments that you post earlier, @danburo and I think it's better for me to speak up. Please calm down, sometimes the written language can be misinterpreted cause there's no tone or facial expression on it. Plus we are here from different countries and different cultures, so perhaps what we mean and how we expressed could be slightly different (don't forget about language barrier too). That's why sometimes, if you looked closely to my posts, I often use smiley emoticons to show my emotions. I like a fan like you @danburo, who believe and only talk about fact... I really am... However, I also love to hear some opinions too, like what @Regita M P or others shared too... All of us here make the conversations rich with all point of views. I hope that none of you would mad and leave this thread... To answer your question, I, myself, not really sure about it too @danburo, that's why I've checked myself and gave those screenshoots, if I could scale the possibilities from 1 to 10 (10 is the most likely the snacks is given from JK to JH), I guess maybe I'll give it around 3-4 point marks. So that, I said I'm not so sure myself in the previous post. Plus, I said the shape of things that JH's manager brought is slightly in different shapes. I'm really sorry if this topic annoyed you or other SA shipper, let's move on from that, then... Please, cheer up...! SA, themselves are having fun, so why don't we? welcome to all new members here, and well said @spartaceluv98, it's pretty much what I had in mind
  7. thank you for the information... me too, idk if the snacks are given to JH, and it's clearly just a rough guess if it's said those snacks were from JK (cause we had no proof that he brought it or I missed the scene), perhaps, it's just the snacks that someone else brought and put on the table (it happened SA both sat near the snacks, so we assume that it's from one of them / given to one of them)... it's funny that only the snacks in front of them is interesting enough for us to talk about (SA shippers indeed are born with detective talent, lol ) However, it's so sweet of him talking about his mom's wish in front of JH. It such as simple as when he saw the snacks and he said it's what his mum wanted him to buy, etc. What a nice conversation they had (perhaps, JK told JH about his mum wishes too previously, lol). And obviously, JH likes to listening him talking, or else she would rather sleep. Their seats also facing towards each other! So, when LKS asked JK whether she slept or not in the way to the venue, JK didn't point it out as something weird at first, 'cause perhaps when SA are together JH rarely sleep through, she listened at his "nagging" and "unstoppable chat". (Oh, please forgive my delulu again... ) Tonight, BP season 3 will air, wonder if JK would blurt out about his wish to marry & having a daughter again, idk whether it filmed before / after his personal letter about his future wife displayed in his concert. And, does anyone knew when will JK back from USA? 'Cause if he went too long, I'm afraid that someone would miss him...
  8. about this, I've checked it too myself... and these are what I've got: from this scene I saw three boxes (the pink one which already opened, the green one, and the red one) this is some scenes that I've tried to captured (when Bona tried to get her autograph, around 15:31-15:41 marks), I could see the man beside JH brought something with a green colour in a top of something with an orange colour, and a black paper bag (please cmiiw) I'm sorry, for me, I can't confirm that's 100% the same snack box from earlier, cause the shape was slightly different (unless the box is crumpled because it's half empty), if someone else had another proof, once again, please cmiiw. What I've tried to analyze is, imo, after they sat beside each other in the waiting room, the next scene changed to when KJY put the microphone. We can see JH still in that side of table, done some final touch on her make up, while JK stood with other male members. Perhaps, it's originally JH's position that JK came to her, or maybe I overthink about this, but maybe they came and sat together, then when it's about to start, JK went to other member to chat while JH doing some final touch. It's just an assumption, though. One thing is certain, they sat beside each other and talked comfortably with each other.
  9. I love reading it from the beginning to the end, and I agree with you, though I don't know whether JH sat beside JK or she just moved to the right side (from the left side, not from behind). Idk, it's not clearly shown for me, but that's not important, though. Their lack of screen time when they are together inside the dark car also made me questioned myself, what are they talking about? Especially after JH bravely named them as Future Couple, what in his mind? In addition to their "romantic" scene at the university that you mentioned (walking down the stairs with linking arms), I also love how JK glanced at JH multiple times, when JH asked the students to perform how to walk. JK asked JH, "Suddenly?" with a slightly higher tone and smile on his face. Indeed, when people fell in love, their voices changed. The fact that he suspecting her as a secret couple, doesn't affect them. They are still lingering at each other most of the time. And once again, what we've seen in BTS mostly didn't air in episode 445-446. I also noticed in episode 446, when bickering about who's gonna look at the hint, JH grabbed JK's arm multiple times. It's just their habit? Idk, but it's so sweet though. It's cute to see them keep in contact physically or keep smiling towards each other although they are arguing. Love your delusional thought. Keep praying hard to make it come true, lol. And... yeah, I've stopped watching RM previously, because their games are not the same anymore, but I'm not gonna complain though since the members also getting older and it's impossible to make them run like the old times. I've just watched RM again because our SA. Let's enjoy their moments as long as we can.
  10. Another SA scene from today episode: YJS told them to wait, they will have their special moment to date in RM soon. I tried to google translated what YJS said. He said "너희 둘도 데이트 특짐 곧 준비 해라" which translated as "You both have a date too, soon. Get ready," And if I'm not mistaken, HH said LA or else I miss hearing about it, please cmiiw. Credit as shown.
  11. Lol, thanks for the info. Indeed JK is burned with jealousy when he saw JH with KJY. The way he said, "If it's not a mission then JH is interested in KJY," also based on his possessiveness towards JH. If JH really like KJY, then why? He is an attractive guy, so, what's the problem with JK, unless JH is his girl and she can't flirt with other man? Lol. Like LKS said, JK is obsessed with JH. Love the fact JH bravely claimed JK is jealous. She knew that the comment would make a huge impact, but still she declared it. It's a silly thing to do if she has a serious relationship with other man or if JK also with other woman. Ah... can't wait to hear the good news soon from them. The scene when JH surprised JK at library Credit as shown.
  12. Thanks for sharing it, guys. And yes, he has a soft heart, indeed. Hence, the first word hit me instantly. "To her in the future" It may be only a coincidence, though, but why so many coincidences? Is it the word they used frequently in their sweet talks? Isn't it weird when JK talked about future when JH also name them as a future couple? The whole letter feels so personal and so touching.. And by the way he talked, idk I thought he already found the one. Or else he won't say "we cherish about each other, we care about each other, we appreciate each other". Even he said "the one who chose me"! Oh, it's somehow make me feel the wedding bell would ringing soon. Then, if this letter really adressed to JH, it's understandable if she can't come to his concert as a special guest. Her presence would create too much fuss after he displayed it, since so many people are rooting for them now. But... if she would show up at one of his concert and he displayed the letter again, wouldn't it be nice to make a proposal for her? (Oh, please forgive my delulu mind). My delulu mind would like to make this scenario.. I want JH attending one of his solo concert. However, the rest of his agendas are: 1. April, 28th - Anyang Yep, his childhood place, he had so many friends and relatives there. It would be special if JH could attend and spend her time together with him at his childhood place. 2. June, 1st - Daejeon I remembered when JK called JH (when he gave a lecture to the KAIST students), JH told him that she knew the place quite well since she's been there for her drama shooting. And it's two hours drive from Seoul, if she had another schedule for the next day, I think it's convinient enough for her to go there and support him. 3. June, 9th - Jeonju Idk much about Jeonju. So, I can't say anything. But, it seemed that Jeonju is a less crowded city than Seoul or Busan. If she is gonna be there to support him without creating too much fuss, then maybe she would choose this one, but please cmiiw, since I don't know much about it. 4. June, 22nd - Busan As long as I know, Busan had so many beautiful places and a bit far away from Seoul, and this is his last solo concert too for this series. It would be great if he end the series with the most beautiful memory. And it's lovely to think if they spend the journey back to Seoul together too. Okay, I had to stop here, guys. Don't take my post too seriously, it's just me and my delusional mind, lol.
  13. Yes, indeed, she is so bold to say this and YJS approved it by clapping his hands. Well, now the time got reduce to 6 months? Lol, and I noticed that she lose some weight too recently, dunno if it's because her role in "Daughter" but isn't it a common thing to do for girls (to lose some weight) when you are planning to get married soon? Can't imagine how beautiful JH would be. Hope it's true that we would hear the good news from her and JK soon. Credit as shown
  14. A little bit correction, JH didn't say "FC" actually, FC is just a translation. She said "mi-co" which stands for "mirae couple" or translated as future couple. The translator maybe put the abbreviation as FC.
  15. Thanks for giving the translation and your opinion upon that @tiglon Idk if I overthink about this, but when he said about this, imo, it felt too personal and truthful this time. I remembered JK shared the reason why he hasn't married yet, because he thinks he was never good enough. He always tried to do better. Maybe, he needs someone to encourage him and make him believe that he is a good person, and I hope that he found that while being together with JH. I've just finished watching ep. 445 with sub... and I couldn't agree more to all of your analysis. I'd like to add some if you don't mind. Please forgive me if it's gonna be a long post. 1. BTS scene SA is the only member who sat in the opposite side of the table, while the other sat slightly apart from them (separated by table), and I agree to what @delusionalme had said. They are lost in their own world when being together, but often checking on their phone while being away from each other (but, yeah, it's an assumption, though) 2. Yeobo-seyo team forming How funny that's they are being together so often these days. It's like fate turns to favor them being together more often now, and looked like it's really unplanned beforehand, since all members are also seemed flustered about why they are being together again. And what I wanted to point out that we must be thankful that "Future Couple" is not being edit out. Was it another hint? 3. Car scene Let's put aside about who is the secret couple or the relationship virgin for a while, I can see JK's behavior was mainly because his "over-protective" or let's say jealousy. There's no need for him to snatched her arm away, tbh, if she likes to hold the male guest's hand, then so what? Why he had to remind her that she will turned 40 soon? And, it's funny when he repeated "Why you do this... Why?" His tone and the way he left his comfort position was utterly genuine. 4. Scene when eating together JK just babbling that it's not JH type to do this and that, yeah he really knew her (and so all of RM members). Then, JH is mad at how he accused her, lol. When she grabbed the vegetable pancake on her chopsticks while he kept complaining about her suspicious act, she showed her annoyance face, even told him to just shut up and eat. JK and his nagging habit, lol. It's funny because usually when everyone suspecting JH, JK is the only one who support her. 5. Punishment scene Perhaps it had been edited out, cmiiw, JH said "I'm sorry" before throwing water to JK, but I'm not hearing it when she is about to throw water to the male guest. My personal opinion: Scripted or not, being in a role or not, they are really close. There's something between them by seeing their smiles and their behavior towards each other.
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