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  1. I haven't watched the latest episode yet, but I've seen the clip which JK gave some cues to JH in the backstage. What can I say. It maybe short, but, gosh, it was very sweet! At least, for me, the way he looked at her felt like a boyfriend tried to gave an encouragement towards his girlfriend. How he smiled and slightly nodded at her! Oh God... Well, please cmiiw, but I've never seen this kind of interaction of him with another girl. I loved it when he personally direct her in the sweetest way possible instead of some backstage crews. This also another prove that SA interacted more off screen. Imo, in this clip, I can sense a contrast difference of his gestures and facial expressions towards her at backstage vs. at the stage. While he was all warm and sweet backstage, he is rather 'took a slight glance' at her at the stage (gonna have to look at the full performance, though). Thankfully, they let some sweet moments slipped for us to witness. Cheers to SA shippers!
  2. Btw, I've just realized something after found this on IG credit to spartace.rm IG When the owner of the video slo-mo the moment, then we can see that there's a moment when JK didn't move, lol. Well, how JH tried to swap her team standing position, so JK would stand next to the female announcer just stated to me that the member's position is something that mattered for her. Also I've noticed that she frequently let the guest to stand in front of her / to be in the center. Yeah, it's just make sense for me now. Perhaps, this is the reason why we could see SA stood together side by side so frequently but then they separated for some reason. Tried to cover something up, eh?
  3. I've just finished watching ep. 466, and these are my thoughts upon it: 1. This is not the first time JK being paired up with another female guest / celebrity and his reaction had never changed. Of course he can't deny it strongly because it's impolite for him to do so. And, yes, it's a show. Everyone had a role to play in RM (and other varieties shows as well). Well, like in JH case that it certain "aegyo" isn't in her list of character in RM. From the very first time, her role is to be strong and independent woman. Meanwhile, one of JK character is "a single hot guy". So, the members (even JH) would stick to the script and tease him because of his role, though. 2. While being asked about having a boyfriend, JH's "I will soon have one" answer is very interesting for me. Why it reminds me to "Future Couple" and not to mention right after she said that she turned to JK and start doing aegyo towards him. Didn't she revealing too much hint that later she had to cover it with 'family' excuse? And about that 'family' excuse, I think someone had planted this idea on her head too much. Please cmiiw, she rarely said this line. It's always JK who said that previously. I maybe biased, but I think it's always the safest escape for them while things get too serious. Like in the bumblebee episode when JK couldn't say anything because he called JH 'Yeobo' previously, then he said about this 'family things' for him to escape. In this case, JH is the one whose in the difficult situation after she said "You are my ideal type". And JK didn't seem angry at her when she said this. Of course, why would he? 3. I always believe actions speak louder than words, and off cam rather than the aired ones. Let's say that we bought the stories that JK and JH are both single because they're on the same show and not supposed to fall in love, that they had to fight against each other like what they always said. I guess at that level of intimacy they shared, they will eventually end up being together. I remembered what JK said in MUD that he would marry someone who stays at his side in the end of the day. Well, the easiest answer (at least for me) would be JH, then. So, maybe that's the reason why every members tried to set these two together too (if they're not yet being together). Yep, many possibilities could happen, but I choose to keep supporting these two until they announce about their relationship. Happy shipping, guys.
  4. Well, it seemed the atmosphere was quite "tense" here in the past days. I always loved reading everyone opinions regarding our SA. It's very understandable when our discussion always narrowing down to the possibilities of them become together or not in reality. It's the matter that every shipper always doubt, though. I really hope that they're together for real, but I can understand if some of us felt another way around, because sometimes I also had doubted it myself. There are thousand of hints that leading us to think that they're together, but there are also thousand of hints that leading us to think that they're not. It's just our own choice to still keep shipping them, or not. I think, I need to give my opinions about these, and I hope no one would misunderstand me for saying all of these things. If you aren't interested, then just skip it. I didn't address anyone or anybody specifically here, but I genuinely apologized, in advance, if any of you here feel offended. Yes, it's always good to keep a rational mind while shipping, to talk from the fact, and to clear things up when things get wrong. But, sometimes, I couldn't help too when my irrational thought came. I guess it's just came naturally because I shipped them, e.g. when I see the photo of RM members (minus SA) wearing orange jacket in front of the restaurant, then the first thought came to me, ah... perhaps SA were spending time together? I know it's a delusional thought, but I don't think it's a 'crime' to pointed out that SA are not in the photo since we're a SA shippers. Of course, if later someone correct me with a proven evidence, then I would gladly admitted that I'm wrong. That's always how it goes. Well, some of us may hate a delusional thought, which I respected that, but I guess it's a part of shipping if it's not too much. Let's just keep shipping them here positively while we hope the best for them. However, I tried to always respect SA themselves as professional entertainer. Their lives are theirs and it's not our capacity to interfere that. IMO, they can always interacting to other people, make another LL with other people, filming movies or shows with another actors, even in the end, it's their choice to be together with other people. I'm sure I would be fine (after hours of denials and depressed too, of course). And I think, it's rather harsh for us to blame on certain someone when our couple isn't interacting as much as we want. Let's say, KG or HJY previously, and now JSM. Why must bother with other person? Yes, once again, I also realized that this is the part of shipping, but for me, it's very unhealthy to think like this. So, please, don't spread hate towards other fandom. It's really a toxic behavior which made me sad as a SA shipper. We're here to support them, not to hate others. For the SK fan meetings, well, as a SA fan, I'm really glad that SA received so many rice wreaths. It's like a slap towards RM production team for mistreated our couple in the past. I agree that JH really had a soft heart, from the moment when she cried and when she said that she's sorry to receive those rice wreaths. And I'm so sorry for JK's back problems too. I hope that he'll be fine soon. @cho2 I forgot when I start shipping these two exactly. I've realized their good team work, from the very first time when they became a partner as a strongest chasing pairs and in sherlock's episode, even I don't see them back then like I see them nowadays. Then, MC became really popular, but some eagle eyed fans caught SA moments, I think, hmm... JH and JK are really close. I keep following what SA fans had posted (at IG first, then this forum) but I think SA are just a good friends. However, I can't deny my gut feelings furthermore when SA keep displaying those affectionate smiles, their playful teases, and their hugs. One moment that stood out for me perhaps in episode 155, while Suzy became guest, JK back hugged JH after she found his personal item, then later in the final games, JH grabbed JK's hands and said maybe they are a destined partner (for game).
  5. Yess... agree with you, I really loved his expression here. I love when sometimes both of them couldn't hide their smiles when it comes to responding each other answers / gestures, lol. Btw, found something interesting in Tiny's latest post. In the bottom right corner, I guess there's a phone that also captured them. Any idea whose phone is that?
  6. About the reactions towards the article in the tabloid, I don't take it as a serious matter though. People may hate it or love it, maybe k-fans had their own theories regarding to that articles, and yep, how they reacted upon it mostly because of their cultures, how the show business run in their country, etc, etc, though I don't really understand why they had to be that 'angry' about the article. Like I've said before, the least thing we want to do in this ship is to hurt SA themselves. If someday JK / JH declared to us clearly that SA fan base made them suffer a lot, I would stop this. There's no point for me to enjoy shipping them if one or both of them, whom I love so much, suffered because of it. Somehow, SA have not declared it clearly to us (I'm sorry to mention about this, but I took JK-HJY LL for example). It's so easy to make a clear cut like that, right? But we didn't get it in case of SA. Hence, I always remembered what JH said while guested on Knowing Brothers. She asked why people always linked her with JK, then Seo Jang Hoon calmed her that there's no reason for her to be overly sensitive, even Kim Hee Chul added, she shouldn't be worried because no one there really think that SA are dating, then JH rebutted it with "What if we are dating?" which made everyone in an awe and blamed her that she is the one who cause them to tease SA furthermore. Even JH herself said "It was fun". So, what else that I can do? I'd chose to keep shipping them hoping that someday I would hear some good news about them. Anyway, I kinda sensed some "gf / wifey" feelings when JH launched a slap at JK's arm and pointed at him right after he made a joke, as you can see that in the 9th slide of this post. Credit to twentythreeproject's IG below: Another lovely moments credit as shown I'm waiting for the report from @Regita M. P (especially 'bout our SA)
  7. Credit to jyojm IG I don't know why I love this picture so much
  8. Woah, stay safe @Regita M. P, we are counting on you to share what you'd experience today and hope you will get your glasses back soon! I like it when JK always near JH every time the situation became 'chaos' like what we saw at the airport yesterday. Please cmiiw, but this formation (JK beside or behind JH) at the airport was like a fixed formation for them since years ago, while the rest members walked in different orders. Indeed that one man only had to protect his girl no matter what. That's one thing that has never changed between them. About SA, HH, and (Tiny?) in one car. When it comes to off cam, our SA always be with each other automatically, lol.
  9. The members have just arrived, spotted JK walked behind JH closely in the first video. JK = personal bodyguard of JH Credit as shown
  10. The birthday girl wore black Adidas hoodie, lol.
  11. I've just finished watching ep 463 with subs. Lol, indeed our SA are inseparable. I love when JH always stick next to JK in the last games, ofc because she thought JK is Zeus. However, if I were JH, I would choose not to be with JK too often, because worried that “Whoever might be Hades” would easily recognize the pair as ‘Zeus-Poseidon’. It might risk their identity and their lives, but JH chose to keep close to JK (at least that’s what we saw and what YJS said in the end). This only made me think, ah… JH-JK paired up when doing mission was not a rare view, so there’s nothing to be cautious about them being together. Once again, everything we saw on screen was mostly edited, so… I couldn’t argue too much about this anyway. After all, JH really trust JK so much. She really can’t help about it, actually. When JK ousted her, she just stared blankly. There’s a moment when she looked at him with an eye of ‘pleading for explanation’. Unfortunately, the clip was cut shortly, we couldn’t see their interactions after that. It might be JK apologized to her because she got “mad” at him, or JK tried to explained to her but JK just laughed at her in the end because she still had no clue, or anything. Well, let’s leave it up to our imagination then since we didn't get to see it, lol. About this scene: Idk if this is the right translation or not, but I think it's more or less correct. Actually, when JK said "Can you not make us do things like this?" somehow can be interpreted as Why you gave us special mission? We knew that the one who carrying the special mission needs an extra caution about what to say or do. It's a normal response when the members receive this kind of instructions, same goes when JH said "It makes me uncomfortable". The most interesting part came when JK specify it "To do it with her..." Hmm... It's interesting though, why it made him had to noted 'to do it with JH'. Considering how close them all as a family, there should be no ‘uncomfortable’ feeling left, unless they hid something from us. And actually, JK's sentence above left unfinished. It maybe just me who thinking this way, but JK probably felt it hard to deceive JH. Imo, the production team also knew how close they are together, so they set JH as a "helper" for JK, so no one would suspect it. I don’t know, it might be coincidental but SA pairings are quite often now. Not that I complained about it, it’s just too funny when the members used to tease them back then, and saying nothing now. If there’s really nothing between JK-JH, then the members just could tease them as much as they want, like they did with their previous LL right? Anyway, like I said previously, if they're both felt more comfortable when they got no teasing, then I felt the same. Btw, I just noticed their "kind of playful interactions" from time to time though. I might be wrong, but I sensed lately JH tend to played with JK physically, while JK tend to teased her with words. The way JK grabbed JH's hand and shoved her out when she showed her mixed face with YSC (ep. 462) and how he interlocked his fingers with hers to calmed her rage after she claimed she knew men well by answering correctly (ep. 461) reminded me how JK reacted when JH tried to covered JK's ears in PJF to tease him about 'Of Course' game. The familiarity to these gestures made me think it happened quite often. About JK teased JH verbally... hmm... we had too many evidences already, right? Lastly, I might be over-analyzed about this, but I think JH and JK was so similar in this case. In 'Chicken and Coke' event JH was being asked about what the hard thing she faced while filming RM, and I surprised when she answered that she had a role to play, and when she failed, she's hurt to get over it. If the role of 'Ace' in RM means that much for her, then I could understand why she isn't married yet. Similarly to JK, she might want to make herself to be a perfect wife and mother, afraid that she might be failed. Hence, that would be mentally devastating for them both, though. I hope that SA had overcome with that feeling about themselves and get married soon. Be with each other or not, I would be happier if they are together in the end, but whoever they might end up with, just wished they are finding a true happiness. It's interesting too when JH said it's been physically tired for almost 10 years. Another hint that RM would end soon? Idk, it would be a great loss for most of us when RM ended, not only us, the members whom as close as a family for sure, but I couldn't help but think that these whole FM things are leading us to it. The members aren't young anymore (and our SA need to announce their happy news, lol). Anyway, happy shipping, everyone! I'm sorry if I'm saying too much unnecessary things in this post. I'm waiting for our SA moments from the upcoming FM.
  12. At some points, it's confusing though, why the RM members didn't tease them so hard anymore nowadays. In my mind there are several reasons for that, perhaps it's one of SA's request to tone the teasing down, or is it because the members are used to see SA together too often, so it's not even 'interesting' enough for them to tease SA anymore. Or, maybe JH or JK had a partner so they didn't tease SA anymore? Idk, but HH still keep tease them outside RM, so I don't think this is the case. And the way JK said JH doesn't know about men also makes me think that JK certainly know JH isn't in the romantic relationship (unless it's with him). It's just doesn't make any sense, if JH have a boyfriend right now, then JK said that she didn't know about men. Maybe he's saying that because sometimes they're bickering about something, lol. However, I love seeing JK teasing JH so much in this episode. Well, in these recent episodes, actually. The way they aren't linked to be a loveline in the show made him comfortable enough to tease her, to compete against her, to protect her, or even to praise her. Maybe, that's the reason why RM production team and the members decided not to make them as a LL, 'cause it will create a weird atmosphere around them, comparing to another show when they're not filming together. And I agree, maybe SA want to make the public used to seeing them together before they gave an announcement. Their eyes and their smiles never lies, though, the way JH always checking on him right after the game ends also too sweet to be ignored. Of course as a SA shipper, I'm so happy to witness all of these.
  13. Aww... I really wish they would come together. Is there any information where the event would take place? I think it's not in the SK, isn't it? Another overseas dating for our SA? Coincidentally or not that they both agreed to sign to that brand, I think it's really sweet. If they come together, they can make an excuse that they come together for business purposes only. Indeed our SA always have a way to be with each other, right? However, as much as I wanted to see them attending the event together, I will keep my expectation low, so I wouldn't be dissapointed in the end. Btw, they became a pair in the latest filming of RM was more than enough for me. I would be glad to see their interactions later. I bet JK was blabbering about his LA trip to JH during the break, because he'd just recently back from LA, lol. Well, let's hope that the RM PD also remember to give JH the prize that she deserved too. It's been too long now and it seemed there's no news about it. Even JK had already went there twice. Sometimes my devilish mind said, well, JH could go with JK anytime to LA if she wants actually.
  14. We're getting less and less denial from JK about SA these days, aren't we? Let's say in RM lately, BP, even MUD now. He's getting tired of deny it anymore, eh? I like it when people said SA is an open secret. It's somehow makes me thinking, ah... they're just finding the right time to announce about their relationship. However, JK dodged the question so well. It's just another "promise" that he made, like he did in BP when Pohang Mayor asked him to come with JH. Then, I won't be surprised if someday JH turned up at the programme. It will be another indirect affirmation from our SA about their closeness. The fact that "those tricky but honest questions" were spilled to us (to be aired on screen) was amazing too. If JK hate to be linked with JH, then he can just simply put a warning about it like he did with his previous LL, but he didn't. I kinda agree too it's funny that the camera didn't show JK's mom reaction upon hearing that. JK's flustered reaction was priceless too. His sudden alertness when he said "Who? Me?" made me chuckeled. His tone was a bit higher and he talked rather fast to the kids. He was insecure to be asked about that. Then, his "not so hearty laugh", also the way the kids keep asking him when he didn't answer, lol. Geez, he couldn't lie in front of the kids. He could just simply said JH is like a sister or a good friend for him, but hell, no he didn't say that. He didn't put that idea to the kids' heads, because he didn't want to disappoint them? But, I agree that he is great with the kids. So heart warming to see him like that. The talks about marriage /having kids seemed lingered on JK all through this year heavily. I don't remember that JK is being "pushed" this much last year about these marriage things. It's also fascinating me when JH continually being mentioned everywhere in JK's programme without her presence beside JK. They aren't some sort of official LL too tbh, so why they had to mention about her so many times? Well, it's true that most of the time it's our president, HH, who mentioned about her. But, even JK himself also kept mentioning about her. It only drew a simple conclusion in my mind, let's say it's delusional, but I think they're definitely together. Well, there's no way that JH and JK wouldn't know that there are so many people wish them to be together. I hope it would encourage them to share the happy news soon to us. I would gladly accept whatever the fact is, anyway.
  15. Oops my bad, previously I've just heard the boy said without reading the hangul, the boy pronounced similarly to "미모의" or "beautiful" after I read the hangul, actually the boy didn't said "미모의" he said "미요" instead. The boy just misspelled Jihyo's name to Miyu. So, maybe this is the rough translation of the scene. Boy in the blue suit: I'd love to see Miyu Noona JK: Miyu Noona? Who? Boy in the blue suit: Miyu Noona JK: Ah... Jihyo... Do you want to see her here? Girl in the orange suit: Jihyo Noona... do you like her? JK: Who? Me? *laugh and speechless* This only made my delusional thinking works again. I imagine this kind of conversation would happen if SA marry and have their own children. Once again, please forgive me for an incorrect mishearing earlier.
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