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  1. Hi! @fgtoev1, @apk02, @AquariusMY Welcome to the ship and please enjoy the ride Well, it's always interesting to witness JH or JK facial expression at the mentioned of the other while being guested at another TV shows. Big Pictures, Knowing Bros (JH episode back in 2018), and Pajama's Friends might be the top three that I recommend. As MUD and RM being under the same label, the production team in MUD would follow what RM shows to us. But, it's still interesting too to watch how JH being stressed out when being asked if she ever consider JK as a nice man. She touched her hairs a lot at that question, and scratched her head to answer that, lol. Later, she even drank the water to much too, I guess, when she said I emptied half of the bottle already. JK's mom also teased JH a lot, making a "reduction to absurdity" theory worked by saying "It's never work, they've been together for 8 years but nothing happened," and... she answered her directly by saying... "No, it's not like that. We can't get the feeling mixed when we're working together," What is JH trying to prove here? IMO, she proved the earlier statement wrong, like she's saying, actually it could work out. Same like when Kim Hee Chul making the statement in Knowing Bros to JH, "Relax, no one here really think you two are dating," I've repeated JH's reaction to this absurd statement for numerous times, her eyes trembled like she finally realized, her effort of denying was so obvious. It's another example of "reduction to absurdity" worked when JH snapped. Why she had to be so sensitive at the mention of him, when no one really think they're together? Then her epic rebuttal was made. What happened if we're truly dating? Oh, my mind just think this is her another indirect way to prove the previous statement wrong. I don't think JK has ever met this condition tho, when he had to prove his relationship with JH to the absurd statement, please let me know if there's one. Because, I've never remembered JK being opposed to the statement like, "You must be really awkward to JH, right?" or "You have nothing between you and SJH," so he had to prove otherwise like JH did. He always face the statements like "You aren't jealous are you?" or "They're a kind of couple so I call her Mrs. Kim," which he can easily managed it by simply saying "No," It's true that no one knows about this two real score, since they kept their relationship so private. But, with so many hidden hints, hidden moments, I don't think what we have for these years is completely wrong. In my eyes their relationship is clearly blossoming from acquaintance --> work colleague --> friend --> best friend --> sibling --> young lover and became matured couple. They barely knew each other at the beginning and now they felt a slightest change of each other like he knew the tone of her voice when she lied, or she knew his annoyance by just looking from a far, lol... Ah, I ramble my thought too much again, hope that it didn't make any of you confuse. Please forgive me if it does, and feel free to disagree about my opinion. To answer this, I might be wrong, but I've seen him doing this for a while, not recently, but please do confirm it to the expert (since I didn't really remember it well). Yeah, true, it's worth an explanation what you've pointed out here... I also don't know what hindered them to say everything, but that's their choice. So many theories in my mind, but perhaps the leading one is because of the show. They will jeopardize the entire show if they announce their relationship. Sadly, that's how k-biz worked.
  2. Hi! It's been such a long time since the last time I write something here, so forgive me if I ramble too much in this post Well, what can I say, these last few episodes show the snippets of SA's interactions more, idk if this has something to do with the PD's replacement, or with JH's airtime that gradually increasing compare to several months ago (I have an assumption here: when we rarely seen JH and JK together previously are which the episodes when JH screen time was mostly cut, so... perhaps, their moments being cut deliberately, earlier, who knows?) Then why not now? Is the PD really cool and doesn't care at all about it? Yes, I know, there are so many theories regarding to SA relationships, that they bicker at some point, etc, etc. But, honestly? I don't think so. They're still as good as ever with each other, imo. Here some of the recaps of some recent episodes that I love so much (put in the spoiler tag so it won't be too long) Last segment of ep. 497 & opening of ep. 498 Then, the recent one ep. 499 I think, that's enough matters that I wanted to share with you, guys. Hope that everyone stay healthy in this period of time too, stay safe! Idk if I could keep posting, but I would always support our SA.
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