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  1. Not related to SA directly but I just want to share it. I'm sure some of you had already read about this too. Credit as indicated. After reading this article, my mind just can't imagine how hurt JH and JK felt when the "firing incident" came. All of RM members really threw their whole bodies for RM, they even abandoned their own health. Oh c'mon disk injuries is really painful. It's getting worse when you're about to sit or stand up, they even continue to run with those painful back. Gosh, it really sad to imagine our SA and other members had to suffer like that. Hence, being a part of RM was also a gamble to their own careers too, I guess, especially them whose their professions were not comedian in the first place. They had to split their attention between their main priorities and RM. It's true that they gain popularity through RM, however they had to paid it with those bruises all over their bodies. The thought came to my mind, so maybe this is one of the reason why JK had never held a solo concert these past 9 years? I could be wrong, perhaps there is also another reason behind that. But, seeing JK who gave his all to this program, I think it might be correlate to that. Without disrespecting anyone or other programs, I really feel honoured that I can watch RM and be a fan of it. It's really one of the best variety show. They indeed deserved what they have achieved and what they are going to achieve next. No wonder that some RM members still being in the top board of Hallyu representatives even though RM ratings itself had dropped. And... Wow. It's amazing seeing our SA still doing their best until now for RM after all of that 'firing incident' happened. The reason why SA being fired is still a mystery for me. Some may have theories upon that, some may believe what SBS had told us. Idk, it's just way too cruel the way SBS treated our SA back then. I remembered that I dislike RM production team from that day onwards for mistreating our SA. I'm so thankful that the members are supporting them like a true family would do. After all these years, finally they would hold a fanmeeting in their own country. Well, they surely would prepare it well. I think they would have gather a lot for discussing the concept and for rehearsing whenever they can. I don't know where this will lead to. Since early this year, I think RM would end soon (I'm sorry, it's just my opinion). Once again, of course I could be wrong, but if this happen to be true, I just pray hard that it would come along with good news from SA. It's the best ending possible (especially for us) to wrap up this wonderful show. Well, it's only a wish from me, as a SA fan, who grow up watching RM. P.S. for those immature fans (especially those who easily got hurt when there's lack of SA moment in some episodes) please, read this article! Their bonds, all these 9 years is unbreakable, they don't need to interact on screen to make an impression that they're close. I'm sorry if I sounded too harsh, 'cause it's tiring me to read all those negative comments (at IG mostly, lol). And I'm wondering, would SA be paired up at the dance couple segment in the fan meeting? Hmm... it will be interesting if they are paired up together. Well, haters gonna hate, and shippers gonna ship, so... I will enjoy shipping these two...
  2. Well, they swap JK and JH picture so the pictures face towards each other, lol. Is there any information what will he do there? Is he going to be singing / hosting the event? Or he just simply being there as a guest? Or as a customer who will throw a wedding party in the near future? Of course, they're still close off cam. We all knew it. Then, it's only raised a curiosity when they were trying their best to separate from each other on cam, are they trying to cover something up? Well, when you had nothing, you just could play along without worrying. So... what are they covering though? I've finished watching ep. 452 with sub, and yepp, love when JH said JK also wears that outfit at home. Hmm... A visit to his house? Or, perhaps they usually had a video call when they aren't together...? When JH absurdly "ruin" the games, the only person who didn't get mad is JK. He rather tease her with a new nickname "King of destruction". Lol. JK rarely give someone a new nick name iirc. And being called like that made her laugh, they really know how to amuse each others well (last episode JK laughed so hard because of JH). He doesn't always had to praise her (well done, you did good, etc.) to make her feel better.
  3. Yes, with my little understanding about Korean language, it's seemed they're talking about "departing / getting off" like what @CI0 mentioned. Indeed, they're very offended by it. They also mentioned it at Knowing Brothers when they appeared as guest separately. It's just tell me how much RM means for our SA. No wonder, if SA didn't want to ruin the show only for their own benefits. And, no other member share this same painful moment other than these two people, which, I believe made SA closer than ever (if it's possible to become any closer).
  4. I've been so busy lately, that I didn't get a chance to reply here, but I've tried to spend my time to read all your comments one by one, and I kinda agree with all your positive comments here. Well, actually we had a couple of things to be grateful, though RM upcoming fan meetings Hurrayy.... another SA's moments to be captured... Believe me, we will see SA's close interactions in the fan meetings, and even outside the fan meeting, e.g. when they arrive at the airport, hotel, etc. JH's filming ended Yeaay, hope she could get enough sleep now, and she can regain her energy, go to LA (for sleep ), be in JK's concert (and spend her time more with JK, oopss delulu mind) I hope her film would become a big hit too... and... you may hate me for this delulu, but it's only a joke from me to lighten up everybody, lol. The title of JH's movie is "Daughter", isn't it? Then, someone recently said he really wanted to have a "daughter" so bad, right? Hmmm... then, they can spend their time to watch the movie together while having a nice conversation about the perfect "Daughter" Lol, I'm sorry if this is too much for some of you. Well, I hope JK would come to the premiere too... Happy weekend, guys... Cheers!
  5. Well, I respected that you concerned about this. However, once again we've never known their actual deal until they make an official statement. Until then, let's enjoying our ship towards them. No, I don't think they have an internal conflict. If they had an internal conflict, JK would not laugh so hard at her in the last segment. Like what @Regita M. P shared, you could see that man laughed his belly out there because of her. And not only once or twice! He laughed at all her antics and hilarious answers. Almost all of the time! Indeed, it's a genuine laugh, I guess. And no one laugh as hard as JK towards JH, please cmiiw about this, since my eyes only focused on JK's reaction, lol. Well, yeah, these period of "absent SA moment" was something usual in RM, it's not something to be upset about. Perhaps the production team chose not to air all of their moment, or maybe it was requested by SA themselves. We've seen SA were much closer with each other in BTS / off cam moments, right? For me, to think that SA tried to seperate each other while being on air is their way to tone the teasing down. Why they had to? Idk, perhaps because it's been too much for them, that they rather enjoy it with a little bit more quiet way, or maybe it made them uncomfortable to be paired on screen? And please remember, RM is not a show about them. It's a variety show that needs a competitiveness between the members. So, I don't think exposing their close relationships is the goal of RM production team. Well, maybe that's one of the reason why we only get their moments periodically (mostly during the winter season, idk why it had to be around the winter, I could form some delusional reasons, but I prefer to keep them in mind ) So, please not be upset about it. Cheer up and enjoy this wonderful journey while we can. Hopefully we get more SA moments in the future, but if we don't, perhaps we would get the biggest nice surprise at the end of the year? We could only hope and pray.
  6. Hmm... JH's special video from SBS all of sudden? I'm wondering why... Well, perhaps, they will add other member's videos too as a celebration of their 9th anniversary, but who knows? Whatever the reason behind it, I hope it's related to something good towards JH. Hence, leaving RM or not, if she thinks it's the best for her, I would be glad for her. If leaving RM would make her life better, then I'll be glad for her, even though I would miss her badly. Or... is this the hint that RM would end soon? Hmm.... Sometimes I hate when we left clueless like this But, whatever it is, I still ship SA to be together, lol. Ep. 451, only noticed a few moments
  7. Btw, I've heard on the television just now, running man members would come to Indonesia in May, 16th to attend some program, is it true? Does someone have a detail information about which members that join the event? A couple days ago, JK and HH were doing live in VLive while filming BP also stated they would come to Indonesia. Hope that JH would come too.
  8. I, myself, sometimes think about these scenarios. Oh, maybe JK-JH might have interests towards each other romantically, but they have not been together as a couple yet. Perhaps it's because they're taking too much consideration about whatever reason, so they're denying it, or, they are still enjoying that phase in their relationship. Then, at some points I think, oh come on, they're grown ups, they might be indeed a couple irl and did their job well to hide their secret relationship while working professionally. And then, at some point, I think, hmm... maybe I think too much about them. Perhaps, they're enjoying each other company only as a close friend and nothing in between them... Well, they indeed really two kinds of private people that keep their relationship status away from public. That's why public also getting more curious about it as a response. Yeah, being SA shippers would never be easy, but it's enjoyable, though. Their moments on screen always in the "on-off" situation, never been declared as an official loveline nor never been cleared out as nothing happened. However, there are some unusual things about this "couple" that make it stood out from other business couple. It's totally right that we've never known the actual deal between them. One thing is certain for me, they are really close. So, I'm still here to support them, hopefully they can be together in the end.
  9. For this episode, it's not a live broadcast, I think. They filmed it beforehand, then it got to the editing process, then they aired it. But, please cmiiw. Yes, another tease from HH that make into the list... Mrs. Kim. We heard JH's name too often in BP, lol. I believe HH is a close friend, even as close as a family member to our SA. I don't think he would hurt SA's feelings / use SA as a bait for the show (to gain popularity, to gain rating, etc.) So why HH teased them constantly in RM, BP, even MUD (which isn't one of his show)? Of course, HH wants his hyung to be married soon, right? What advantages that he gain for promoting SA, though? Then, if JK and JH are not sharing any interest as a romantic couple, why don't they end it already? Make a clear statement about them? Well, yes, JK denied it sometimes, but with smiles? Then, played along with it too in some occasions? Only themselves know why JH had to initiated the teasing earlier this year. Yeah, I'm agree with this. I guess, everyone are eager to hear their announcement as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they haven't announced it yet until now. Whatever reasons they had that hindered them from doing it, I hope they would find the best solution for it. Hope they can find the perfect moment to announce it, soon.
  10. And, the PD note too, "let's make it official". Well, something must be really happening? JK can't even argue with it
  11. Well, when it's so quite, my delulu mind sometimes wonders, hmm... maybe at this time, our SA is spending their quality time together... Perhaps, after JK played soccer, and so on... A little throwback moment... Credit as indicated Btw, I've tried to list down their upcoming schedules... JK June, 1st: Solo concert, Daejeon June, 9th: Solo concert, Jeonju June, 22nd: Solo concert, Busan June, 29th: Event at Pohang July, 6th & 7th: Solo concert (encore), Seoul JH June, 7th & 8th: KBEE (Korean Brand & Entertainment Expo), Bangkok Perhaps someone have a complete list of the upcoming activities for our SA in the near future?
  12. They could be only joking, or perhaps there is a hint of truth in their silly jokes. However, I don't think HH would dare to tease JK like that, if JK had no girlfriend. I always love to hear these two men talking to each other about JK's girlfriend / future wife, hoping to get some another slip hints. If the conversation is true, about JK dried his girl's hair after soaked in the rain together, I couldn't agree more with all of your points here 1. The relationship was built a long time ago, so they are comfortable enough for doing that 2. They spent their time together in one of their houses 3. Maybe it happened during / after shooting RM, or else JK would be caught dating in public, while drenched under the rain Based on JK's hands gesture towards JH, their level of skinship, and their intrusion of each personal space, I would not be surprised if the girl we're talking right now is SJH. (it's easy to imagine that, right? lol) Okay, I'd stop here, guys. I'd end up talking non sense, but I love it anyway
  13. Maybe I should put it under the spoiler tag because it's mainly my opinion about what's going on. @spartaceluv98 and yeahh... I'm agree with you @kimmongji01 it looked like JH lost too much weight. And yep, I still hoping JH would come to one of JK's solo concert. It's funny too when no one mention why JSJ and JH didn't come to his concert in the latest episode.
  14. Thanks for the translation and your opinion towards it. Really appreciate it. And, yes... I couldn't agree more with what you said. It could be only a delulu thought or it could be right, actually. Idk, but I hope that someday we could understand the meaning behind all of these coincidences, lol. 'Cause we had too much coincidentally matched things, tbh (let's say Optimus Prime for example or 'Future Couple'). And now, this black color. Yeah, in the end, that's what shippers do, anyway.
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