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  1. Hello I hope you guys are doing well. Remember the poem of Song Ji Hyo for Kim Jong Kook in episode 471? Now it is in a fanfic! The title is "A Warm Winter". The link is below. You may check it out. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1419818/a-warm-winter-a-one-shot
  2. In light with the last episode of Running Man, I can't help but think of all the moments our SJH eonnie becomes so randomly bold when it comes to KJK oppa. I really like her personality for that. Knowing that KJK is a shy type, being initiative plays a great role when it comes to conveying the message to him. The time when she told him "oppa someone is here too" up to the "you're my ideal type", I feel like I am really blessed when it comes to shipping these two. Scripted or not, joke or not, there will always be meaning behind those lines. 2020 is fast approaching and I am hoping for wedding bells for them. I will take Yoo Jae Suk's opinion as my ending line for this post/rant- "it's better if we get them (SJH & KJK) married". :)
  3. Hello guys! I hope you are all fine. I finished watching the latest episode of RM and the thing that struck me the most was the opening part about making poem. What I can say is "SPARTACE is driving me crazy!" Being with spartace is like DANCING bare feet in the middle of the road, when the tarmac is too HOT but I'm having too much fun to care! The poem written by SJH eonnie, hmmmm. Kinda suspicious though. But KJK...KJK oppa just stays quiet in the corner and gulps down his water. No denial or whatsoever. Aigooo. Really driving me crazy... Yoo Jae Suk teasing them is like "hmmmm... I think there is a chance..." Anyway, can't wait for the the upcoming RM episode. Cheers!
  4. I also watched the IG live of Tiny oppa a while ago. I actually asked if KJK oppa can come to Australia (and lots of people (including me) asked if he will go the Philippines as well) and Tiny oppa mentioned that he might come to Philippines and Australia. He asked if there is a Running Man fanmeeting but KJK oppa seems too busy to reply. KJK oppa is eating Cheetos... In the IG live also, Tiny oppa mentioned that he likes Filipino food like adobo and crispy pata! Anyway, I really hope that HE (KJK oppa) will come to Philippines and Australia.
  5. @Adora Dark thank you for sharing the video. I can definitely say that KJK was in panic mode in that conversation with Haha. That was adorable and kindly fishy as well if we will analyze it deeper. With these scenarios and SA interactions in the past, I really hope that the term "we are family" will give meaning to the word "married together". Well, married couple are family, right?
  6. Good Morning I enjoyed reading the point of views here. @Adora Dark now I become curious about the 2015 SBS drama awards when Haha asked KJK about that question. I hope I can find a video clip in Youtube. Regarding SJH leaving her agency, I guess it will be better to finish off a contract in a good way than leaving haphazardly. I am positive that being a freelancer for now can give her more options whether to go in a bigger agency or continue being a freelancer. I think it's a major turning point in her life/career. Remember when Ji Suk Jin asked her "Do you have a boyfriend?", she answered "I will have one soon"... Okay, that might be half true/half false but the possibility is still there. She worked so hard for the past years and she deserve someone who she can call 'home' (aren't we deserve someone like that too? ). The thing that excites me is 2020 is near approaching and KJK promised before that he will try his best to get married by 2020. My inner self is still hoping that there will be another Running Man fan-meeting somewhere in Asia. It might be far from reality but a fangirl can dream, right?
  7. No matter how hard they try to hide the spartace crumbs, we, SA lovers can see them no matter what. The part when they enter the lobster area, I can see that KJK hand lingers a bit in SJH's. Moments like these prevails how close they are. Did you ever get to see KJK being soooo close like that to a girl? Ok, just to play safe, he will insist 'we are family' sort of excuse.
  8. @YeJin25 Hoping that it will be true! PH fans are waiting loooong time...
  9. These past days I keep on praying and hoping that there will be a Running Man fanmeeting by last week of November in Manila (I will be going back home and the timing will be perfect!). It that happens, I will definitely purchase the ticket where I can see spartace up close! The only thing to do now is hope...
  10. The Running Man filming today gives me a kind of sugar rush in my system. Seeing them happy and together feels like all the best things combined in one incredible day. I agree with @Adora Dark that spartace is like a good old recipe in which you can never go wrong with it. The smile, the smile that Ji Hyo and Jong Kook have on their faces... Can't help but be delusional. Spartace as team will be the best! Can't wait to see this episode.
  11. There has been some speculations (I saw in twitter) about Running Man fan meeting in Manila by last week of November. Hoping that it will be true. (so I can see SA up close and personal)
  12. Just finished watching the recent episode and it brings me to tears. I agree that they did a great job throughout the year. The moment Song Ji Hyo eonnie burst into tears, I teared up as well. I just realized that Running Man has and always been part of my life since then. Whenever I feel so sad and homesick, I usually watch some clips of Running Man and then it made me watch them regularly since then (way back I think around 2013/2014). They are my weekly dose of 'goodvibes'. To highlight, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook makes it more interesting. The spartace ride for me is a bumpy one but I am grateful because I can see them weekly and Song Ji Hyo is my role model no matter what. It is not easy to thrive in an environment that are male dominated but she did her best and set an example for women empowerment (as well as Jeon So Min). I feel like making a fanfic out of this. I really wish that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo's wishes will come true. I suddenly remember the LA trip. I wonder if it will happen? If not LA, I hope they can have an alternate place in which Song Ji Hyo and a member can still enjoy their prize... :) Happy 9th Anniversary, Running Man! :) (I am fervently hoping that next year, 2020, a Running Man wedding can happen. *finger crossed*)
  13. @Adora Dark Thank You so much for the point of view. I always appreciate your opinions. There are only few months left in 2019 and I really hope that at least by early 2020, KJK goal of getting married will come true. The Running Man team, most specially KJK and SJH, worked so hard and they deserve all the happiness.
  14. I just watched the latest episode of RM and I can say that the way JK oppa guided JH eonnie to go on stage was too sweet. He proves once again that he is really caring (especially to SJH eonnie ) . Can't wait for the next episode!
  15. Hello guys. I just watched the latest episode. That opening part was cute and funny. However, in the last part, Haha Oppa is trying to match KJK oppa with the lady announcer. Honestly, I know I shouldn't feel like this but I feel a bit uneasy. I feel like the announcer lady really like KJK oppa.
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