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  1. thanks to @Regita M. P for the recaps. It was indeed helpful. I keep on checking this thread. Let's just hope that the Anniversary even t of Running Man will give us overflowing happiness in terms of spartace moments!
  2. Thank you @Adora Dark for your detailed insights. I agree with you that we are only witnessing just a portion of their lives. KJK guesting in Pajama Friends was one of the purest talk on how grateful SJH is to KJK. Such a friend like KJK is a treasure and no doubt they are really, really close. In the latest episode, we can notice that Yoo Jae Suk was surprised as well when Ji Hyo approached KJK that time. The moment was worth a tease but they ignore it somehow. The look in YJS face... Thanks for the spartace peeps who are very observant. I can't thank you enough!
  3. Hello! I just watched the latest episode. In the introduction, they briefly talked about Ji Hyo eonnie's movie. I am really hoping that they will watch it altogether and support her just like how they support Kwang Soo in his movie. I think today's Ace is on break. But it's fine. She will forever be an Ace no matter what. The Running Man fan event makes me excited. I really hope for SA moments. Anyone here knows when will be the premiere of Ji Hyo eonnie's movie "Daughter"? Thanks
  4. The latest episode of Big Picture- the topic is about Pohang. And when the word "Pohang" is mention, Mr. mischievous Ha Dong Hoon (HaHa) expresses his endless teasing to his hyung KJK. HaHa oppa is playing a big role in spartace land. In today's episode of "Big Picture", a part of the conversation goes like this: HaHa: There is also a famous actress on Running Man from Pohang, she is Song Ji Hyo. Pohang's Mayor: She is from Pohang. Haha: She is from Pohang. (Then pointed at KJK) They are kind of couple. So I call her Mrs. Kim. Pohang's Mayor: You should come to Pohang with Song Ji Hyo. KJK: YES. I'll try and go together. (slightly blushing*) That brief conversation was hilarious. Honestly, HaHa oppa is keeping my hopes up towards spartace. His teasing escalates even to the point of calling Ji Hyo as "Mrs. Kim". I really can't contain my laugh and giddiness towards that statement. The first episode of today's Big Picture, on the first part, Haha is saying that "if you want to get pregnant, just touch my nose". And then KJK told him "don't come near me". And HaHa jokingly rub his nose in KJK hand. KJK keep on saying "if pregnancy comes first before marriage, big trouble..." And they are laughing together (including Gap Jin).
  5. Hello There! I really like your insights. Thanks for analyzing. JH has a bad cold indeed. Maybe because of lack of sleep and fatigue and knowing KJK, he is very sensitive when someone around him has cold/flu. I've been a silent reader of this forum before it reaches page 1000 and I can say that whether they have interaction on screen or not, both of them are consistent in their friendship. I think we must not forget the major and bold moves that SJH and KJK made this year- when SJH boldly mentioned "someone is here" to her KJK oppa, wow! kidding or not, that's really a brave move. And when KJK says "yeobo", that too is a one great leap (though it is only for the game). Let's not forget the moment when SJH says that she is forever grateful to her KJK oppa and without him, she cannot make it to where she is right now. I think, in my opinion, we need to believe in them and all these loose ends will have answers soon (hopefully!).
  6. I just watched a while ago an episode of Big Picture (i think ep 25?), they suddenly have this topic: KJK: "So did you often help your wife dry her hair?" HaHa: "Of course, that is why I am late today. How about you, you dry her hair too?" KJK: "Of course (???)" HaHa: "Or did you shower together?" KJK: "We got soaked together by the rain... That's why I dry her hair" Haha and KJK so playful as always. That convo was cute and tricky at the same time. Aigoooo...
  7. Our Song Ji Hyo looks so tired nowadays (based on the picture I saw in IG about attending the PD's wedding). She lose weight and maybe she is getting less and less sleep. Aigoo. Anyway, I wonder if she will attend the upcoming concert of KJK. I am hoping she will attend just like what she did before. She is getting less and less screen time in my opinion.
  8. Why do I feel like skipping yesterday's Running Man episode. Wae??? How much more if it turns out that KJK and SJH are really merely friends and KJK is in love with another lady? Omo. I do not want to be pessimistic but can't help it. Is this fiasco for the sake of ratings? I hope not... And I really can't understand KJK sometimes. The previous episode when he was overly jealous between Ji Hyo and the male guest, he was completely out of way with his jealous accusations. It's like we are in a roller coaster of KJK's feeling. Aigoo. Anyway, let's cheer up. Everything will be ok! (Hopefully)
  9. I guess the Running Man family are taking it low for now (the teasing and spartace moments). In my opinion, we must hold on to Haha (for giving subtle hints about the Song Ji hyo- Kim Jong Kook's friendship) and Song Ji Hyo (for fearlessly 'declaring' and hinting he likes KJK). Though I keep reading some so min-kim jong kook posts in IG and it's kinda uncomfortable reading such. Anyway, we all have the freedom of expression but there is a thin line between the acceptable and too much. I really hope there will be more spartace moments in the future episodes or spartace moments beyond Running Man. By the way, I have a spartace one-shot (I will be updating tomorrow) : https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1400410/yumi-is-coming-home-a-one-shot (I am still writing an ongoing spartace story entitled "Family Man".) Happy shipping everyone. Take care
  10. I hope Song Ji Hyo eonnie and Kim Jong Kook oppa can date as well.. KJK birthday is within this month. I just hope they can have a special birthday episode just like how Running Man prepared something for Somin.
  11. Hello guys! I agree with the Korean Culture/beliefs about the "bouquet toss" in a wedding. Usually the bride chose a lady who is engaged/ about to get married and the lady must get married within 6 months or else she will not get married within 3 years. I do not want to keep my hope high however I am hoping fervently that this year she will get married. Also, IN CASE, the guy is not Kim Jong Kook, I think it will be very uncomfortable for Ji Hyo to be in a loveline like that. Same goes to Kim Jong Kook. Let's say they are helping each other as they are good friends but it will still be uncomfortable. And Ji Hyo declaring them as "Future Couple" (though it may be a joke), I think it's like reading between the lines. Honestly, I couldn't think of someone other than Kim Jong Kook for her. The April's fool news about her and Lee Dong Wook is hoax, right??!! And Ji Hyo not attending Jong Kook's concert seems a bit suspicious, but her attending the concert will be suspicious as well. Aigoo. Which way to choose, right? However, I guess that she was in the concert but in the backstage.. :) I wonder when will Running Man grant Ji Hyo and her companion their much awaited trip to LA! It will be jjang, for sure! :)
  12. Aigoo. It's so cute to see our KJK oppa to behave that way. He is very observant of SJH eonnie. I love their name Yeobo + Seyo but I like the 'future couple' even more. I just watched the latest episode and I am laughing a lot when Kwang Soo told his Jong Kook hyung that he is being overly jealous. This current episode makes me giddy. :) I noticed that SJH eonnie loses weight. I hope she is not losing sooo much sleep though. I like it when they speculate her when Jong Kook oppa said that Ji Hyo eonnie didn't fall asleep in the car on the way to the restaurant. I just wish for more SA moments. And the concert.... I hope she attends even one of them, please?!? :)
  13. I just finished watching the latest episode and realized that time flies really fast now that we have 444 episodes of Running Man. The part where there are balloons in the room reminds me of Song Ji Hyo's story about her ex-boyfriend (about a room filled with balloons and candles). The rock-paper-scissors is the main course in this episode for SA. I admit it is quite unnecessary for Kim Jong Kook to do that but HE did it by the way which somehow looks so sweet to me. It's like "come here on my side, I miss you." I might be delusional but that short SA moment was cute. It's a tease-worthy moment too but I think they are keeping it low-key for now. If their actions are not highlighted, they tend to be more natural. To Kim Jong Kook Sunbae-nim, I just hope you can see the possibility with you and Ji Hyo eonnie. Even the fortune teller tells you "you might not know how this will go" when you mentioned that Ji Hyo is considered a 'family' to you. Your match score is very high and you compliment each other. Honestly, Han Ye Seul's guesting in MUD makes me think she like you. And I guess, Ji Hyo eonnie have many competitors... Ciao :)
  14. It is always fun reading this spartace forum. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. In the latest episode of Running Man, I agree that in the beginning of the show, Ji Hyo eonnie looks tired (but still pretty). Usually she is sensitive whenever she is shooting drama/movie. Though she is tired, she is glowing nowadays! Kim Jong Kook' oppa's concert is fast approaching and hopefully there will be some SA related moments (finger-crossed). By the way, if anyone of you here is reading Spartace story in Asianfanfic, please do read my one-shot story about Spartace (the title is "Desperate"). I am still on process making the next chapter for my other spartace story- "Family Man". Thank You!
  15. I just watched the latest episode and I guess SA are taking it slow. Thanks to our SA Ambassador- Haha for being there. In the beginning part, maybe it is just me or I can see that Ji Hyo eonnie is uncomfortable with the topic (KJK x JSM). Anyway, I think what I need to do is to wait and be patience for our Spartace couple. Since I am writing a fanfiction about them, their interactions helps me motivate a lot in writing each chapter. I just hope that upcoming episodes will be better... (By the way, I will be making a oneshot story about our SA in which Ji Hyo desperately wanted to have a baby (they are not married) because she have an ultimatum and she is desperate) Happy shipping everyone! I am always looking forward in this spartace forum. It's always interesting to read. (a breathe of fresh air after school and office work)
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