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  1. Our prince takes so many hits again and again and again (he's like kaneki in tokyo ghoul always loosing ^^). The issue with the king beside the fact that he's not strong and he cannot have children is that the gap age between them is too short so of course he will be more suspicious even if he's a kind king but he's human and has his weaknesses. I really love Min jin Won he's smart and charismatic, here he will have no choice but side with our prince i mean he knows that mil poong will kill him and his whole clan if he became the king. Dal moon won't betray his people in the end (even if he's nostalgic of his first love).
  2. There something off about that scene between our crown prince and yeo ji like the doki doki part is missing, i just felt nothing... i don't know...that love of him is too rushed and lately i began to hate the way he always crying Please don't disapoint me mister Haechi there everything in that drama to be a great one! And Crown prince just focus on politics! you don't need that teen love story right now!
  3. Woo longest week ever ^^ There some similitudes between YJ and Dong Yi (mother of yeoning ) for those who watched the drama, at first the king gives her a position in the palace as an inspector because she was talented the same way yeoning will try or gives YJ the position she deserves in the saheonbu, the 2 of them are from lowly background and a king (or king to be ) will gives them a chance because they deserves it. Other similitude their entourage, Dong yi had 2 funny close men in the bureau of music the old Joo-Sik and Young-Dal like YJ who has the 2 others inspector + moon soo. And of course the 2 kings fall in love with them. Will Yeoning follow the path of his father?
  4. Woo it was a great episode! The opening was daebak The rain the music the acting...sadness anger and finally despair it was great because you know that starting from that point they can only rise. Min jin won showing yeoning the way again and the psychoPrince retourning clever and triumphant. The King is so pitiful i feel bad for him eveything is against him and his queen is not really smart. I thought the same as yeoning when he saw the face of Min jin Won, maybe the first time in his life that he was shakened. Waiting for the next episode. About the ratings i really believe that they will rise progressively we still have time i see the drama ending around 10-12% and 15% if we are optimist and the odds are good.
  5. In Dae Jang Geum the King loves her (Jang Geum) and wants her to be his concubine but she loves another man (she will be with him at the end) and she's a talented doctor. At the end he decides to not be selfish and waste her talent for his own desire. My point is if you are a great king you wont waste talent for personal reasons ,you always see the big picture and how people can contribute to the country. That's why i think Yeoning will make that choice if she's still alive at the end. It's a great historical and iconic korean drama. Watch it when you have time
  6. I don't think she will die but became a respected member of the Saheonbu. If she dies of course it will be protecting him and asking that he stays a just king thinking about his people. But if she didn't I see 2 options for prince yeoning 1 He asks her to be his concubine and she refuses (because she has no political power strong family or/and because she wants to be successful in the Saheonbu. 2 He doesn't ask, he wants her to be his concubine but value her talent and as a good king he won't waste a good talent like her. A little like Dae Jang geum At the end he's a great respected king and maybe the game they played in the episode 3 will be real ( we already know for Park Moon soo because he was cherished by the King in the real history) exept for Yeoji unless they take some historical freedom as they already did and the king gives her a title in the Saheonbu. "" i already find the episode 5 in raw it was quick! but i won't watch it i will wait for the subs
  7. I too don't understand the lack of hype for this drama, After the end of MingLan i looked for other historical dramas but didn't find any that i liked and i even watched old dramas again ^^ So i'm glad i found Haechi for now it seems really promising, even Go Ara looks good here i like her role when i used to dislike her previous works Min Jin Won the minister (leader of Noron) is smart and charismatic, Park moon soo is bright and rightous Dal moon is enigmatic but we can see he cares for his people and the PsychoPrince despite being "stupid" his unpredictability is really dangerous that and his ambitious woman. Concerning the last episode the 3 sweetest characters diying is indeed too much to take:(( And i am the only one who feel even tought Min Jin Won the Noron leader has no scruples he did 1 things for Prince Yeoning first he showed him that he needs power to protect what he wants not only conscience as he said I want to be tomorrow
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