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  1. Lol, this was great! I even paused it a few times I am curious about the interactions between WJ and XZ though. What does being a maid entail? We saw her comb and style his hair, but would he have let her apply medicine on his back?
  2. Goodbye My Princess next door is getting an uncut airing. Any hope for our HSDS?? We have a cult following here too! http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/04/goodbye-my-princess-uncut-version-to.html?m=1
  3. I actually didn't notice this, but an observant fan pointed it out. During their conversation on the ox cart, when ZM asks WJ what he's smiling about, she even tugs at his hand at 0:05 (it's like, "What?! Tell me!")... She knows he spoils her. https://f.us.sinaimg.cn/003bCQaXlx07tiRrvBLO010412002bVY0E010.mp4?label=mp4_hd&template=852x480.28.0&Expires=1556003818&ssig=%2BbqgOy1gNP&KID=unistore,video
  4. I just read about this yesterday! Below is the original post, I'll try to do a rough translation. The writer extracts this part from the novel to help people understand the reason WJ stopped ZM from killing ZYZ. ZM is able to forgive him because she knows he wasn't just doing it for the greater good, but also to protect her from doing something she'll regret. The drama filmed their first hotpot date but not the entire conversation, so here's the rest— WJ: "Then I will stop you." [from taking revenge and killing their entire family, friends & everyone they know] ZM: "Why? You will side with my enemies?" WJ: "Each time you kill someone, it adds to your sins. The person you kill won't know anything after death, so be it, but have you thought about how much pain and suffering you will cause to his parents, children, siblings & spouse? In the future, when you recall your own actions, it will weigh heavily on your conscience. My godfather has killed many people. I know that although he does not say it out loud, he is very remorseful and guilt-ridden." ZM: [doesn't respond, but silently ponders in her heart everything that WJ just said...] Credit to Weibo writer— 都说大结局崩,细细品味原著中的这段话吧 赵敏听他说得诚恳,想了一想,道:“那是你心地仁厚,倘若是我,那可办不到。要是谁害死了我的爹爹哥哥,我不但杀他满门,连他亲戚朋友,凡是他所相识的人,我个个要杀得干干净净。” 张无忌道:“那我定要阻拦你。” 赵敏道:“为什么?你帮助我的仇人么?” 张无忌道:“你杀一个人,自己便多一分罪孽。给你杀了的人,死后什么都不知道了,倒也罢了,可是他的父母子女、兄弟妻子可有多伤心难受?你自己日后想起来,良心定会不安。我义父杀了不少人,我知道他嘴里虽然不说,心中却是非常懊悔。” 赵敏不语,心中默默想着他的话……
  5. That was in Episode 50 at 13:08 when they met with ZM's father and brother. How many times did WJ barge into her room? I recall there's the time when he brought dinner to her room and just entered without waiting, and also after the lantern boat. Any other times?
  6. I don't think a wedding scene was ever filmed. People asked the creator of the MV where she got that scene from, and she said she inserted it from another drama as she just really wanted WJ and ZM to have a wedding. I also hope TVB will add back some deleted footage, but based on the first 5 episodes aired so far the edits have been very minor
  7. Actually, I was wondering why WJ was immobilized so quickly during the fight with the Persians and ZM had to do that suicidal move. Was it because the Persians are much stronger or mainly because they were outnumbered?
  8. I don't think accent would have been an issue since this isn't a palace drama, plus Joseph and Yukee are close in age to their characters so I'm sure their real voices would have worked. My guess is they just had too many scenes and couldn't commit time to do dubbing during post-production. Joseph's time was really tight during filming as he had to rotate through 3 different crews/teams. Some fans were disappointed because they caught a few snippets of the wedding where if you looked closely you could see it was a body double standing in for WJ
  9. @Don Yu Agree with Lauren above that you might want to check out 城寨英雄 "A Fist Within Four Walls". It's not Wuxia but it's one of better action series that TVB has produced in recent years.
  10. Agree! My native tongue is Cantonese but I always prefer watching C-dramas in Mandarin. Not sure if everyone knows, but YX in the drama is the original actor, Lin Yu Shen's, real voice which really added to his appeal YL and XX were also the original actors' voices. WJ, ZM and ZZR were done by voice actors.
  11. Wow, an observant fan discovered that ZM actually embroidered the birds, desert & river on the handkerchief which corresponds to the location where WJ found her in Mongolia.
  12. I guess everyone sees things differently. I'm one of the ones who admire this WJ because he stayed true to his words until the very end. Even after he decided that he wouldn't marry anyone besides ZM, he still said "world peace comes first, family/romance is secondary". I appreciate that because I'm a traditionalist and as much as I want WJ to ZM to be together, I don't mind him choosing patriotism over love. (I would mind if the reason was for another girl though) During that night when WJ and ZM were sitting side by side at the lantern festival, ZM apologized to WJ for her father's persistence in prolonging the war and causing more suffering to the commoners. She says he's just loyal to the Yuan Dynasty but hopefully, one day he will reflect on his mistakes and stop "going against the heavens". I felt this was a buildup for the assassination because knowing RYW, he would never give up fighting the Hans unless he dies. As for ZM forgiving WJ, she was never mad at him to begin with. She knows the reason he stopped her from killing ZYZ was not because he chose his Ming brothers over her. With WJ, it's always been about the bigger picture (country and world peace) -- that's his trait and why she fell in love with him in the first place. She wanted him to leave with her because she was worried he would lose himself and eventually succumb to the temptation of power. But he promised that as soon as he achieved his mission, he would return to her no matter what. When they finally meet, she could tell from his hairstyle and clothing that he's back to his original self and that he kept that promise. She herself kept her old hairstyle, which many interpret to be her waiting for him to return with the wooden hairpin, so it would have been nice if they added that scene. I thought the production team closed off all the themes nicely which is why I really enjoyed this drama including the ending. Personally, I don't think it was *that* long (someone said 8 years?) before WJ found ZM in Mongolia, because they still look the same and I read somewhere that WJ took over Ming Sect at the age of 20 and retired with ZM at the age of 22
  13. Just like MM threw the wooden hairpin back at WJ when she left but no mention of the wooden box. I imagine she kept that with her during their time apart (I don't care, if they didn't show her throwing it out that means she kept it, haha)
  14. I guess we'll need to be happy with a BTS video of their twirling. Haha, be warned you may get dizzy after watching https://f.us.sinaimg.cn/002HR3Bugx07t9UbO2HK0104120085Cz0E010.mp4?label=mp4_hd&template=852x480.28.0&Expires=1555518697&ssig=jP1zzETrq7&KID=unistore,video
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