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  1. Omg, the album I ordered last week just arrived today !!! Super fast !!! Good quality, most of the photos are still cuts from ep 1 to 13. For the random post card, i got Dr. Choi.
  2. Kyun Sang will appear on MBC I live Alone next week episode @Jillia I ordered as soon as it was released. Cant resist the temptation
  3. We can preorder the OST album on yesasia.com website now. It comes with a 40 page photobook and random postcard The price is $20.99. Shipping fee for U.S is $4.99.
  4. I just rewatched ep 12 and 13 and somehow SunKuyl's hairstyle reminded me of Sosuke in Ponyo We know how Yoo Jung loves this anime and maybe...just maybe...her Sosuke just appeared
  5. It has been one week already...I m still bingo watching the cuts and BTS on YouTube Especially the ep 13 kiss scene we reached 2.3M views yayyyy Cant get over this couple... Feel like someone is gonna come over and ask me And I will be like
  6. It started with a hello and ended with a goodbye...I had doubt about YKS at first because I never see him in a romcom before. I followed KYJ to this series and hope to see her sunshine smile that can bright up my days. I m glad about that decision because not only YJ but KS did a fabulous job to bring us so much laugh and joy. No matter how many times I repeat this, their acting is just awesome. Whether it is funny, romantic or sadness, they ruled it all. There were tough times for the crew when they had delays due to soccer games, the rating was humble because it was aired on paid channel and haters bashed KS (shame on them) However, they overcame it all to bring us one of the best series this year. Yay !!!! Thank you @Jillia for creating this forums. I m so happy to read all the positive posts and discuss with you all about this series and soft couple!!! It was pretty lonely when none of my friends watch CWPN...I keep the forums tab on my phone all the time and check it once in a while, even when I was at work Thank you @thoattm @turtlegirl @mushforbrains I love all your posts All the updates, your opinions about the series and SolKyul / KyunYoo couple were so on point and interesting. I even wish that we would all gather around and watch the last episode together...silly me There is a slight hope that KS and YJ would be together after this series ended. Their careers would be their top priorities so. But I wish them all the best, especially KS, who did a great job delivering us JSK. He was so cute and manly at the same time that I need to change my ideal type now. Even though the last ep was a bit off and rushed but we had plenty cheesy moments from other episodes to enjoy nonetheless Their love is just so beautiful even when they faced tragedy...I love how SK never ever give up, he saw a chance and grasped on it dearly. Such determination. Mysophobia or not, he is the greatest bf in kdrama til now in my opinion. And i wished the scriptwriters would have more time to develop and solve the tragedy better than throwing OS under the bus like that. She was torn between the love of her life and her family then she ended up hurting SK soooo bad that many fans got angry at her at that point. Despite the fact how they rushed the storyline in the last 2 eps, at least we got the happy ending, not some silly smile from afar reunion. The last kiss was so beautiful. The way she grasped him, her tears and how he responded... This might sound too much but when I watched the last kiss of OS and SK I was like "go home and get some ramyeon you two ahem" Anyway, love you all and I hope we will come back here when KS and YJ announce their relationship is official what a wishful thinking.
  7. @brain_advisor thank you for reminding me that episode of 2d1n. This was how she described her ideal type Someone cool and tall... Strong... Warm heart... Who eats well... A bit chubby... There you go, he is the whole package !!! You asked for it so no return no refund Better give us good news soon ok
  8. If only they would hire us to write script for the last ep...it would be wayyyyyyyy more satisfying I swear that the ep would be packed with sweetness, plenty of newlywed moments and babies !!!! I can see how SK would run around making sure his pregnant Oh Sol has everything she needs Yup imagining that SolKyul would have twins and have fun taking care the babies together
  9. First thing I did this morning is checking Youtube and our forums So far the cuts didn't satisfy me at all...there was a kiss, this time Oh Sol cried happy tears, emotional yet but that is not enough for me #thirstyFan...I hope it would be better after I watch the full sub ver tomorrow. So far they get the happy ending...no newlywed moments, no babies insight. Even the skating scene was for doctor Choi Btw, SK has bigger car now...plenty room for two car seats in the back -delulu mind is working- Look like I have to bingo watch ep 13 again and let my imagination do the rest for me Good thing tmr I will have a precious day off for Lunar New Year to peacefully enjoy this.
  10. Gosh I'm too excited to sleep now. Will check on JTBC youtube channel for the cuts first thing tmr. I wish there would be more pics of them together Too desperate so I made one myself
  11. @Jillia we passed the 2M view like 4 hrs ago but I was still not fully awake to write a post Many fans on Youtube were really determined about getting this goal b4 the last ep air as a gift for CWPN crew and KyunYoo. We did it and celebrated by giving viral hugs to our fellow shippers I hope they noticed how international fans love them. We cannot help raise the rating but we still have our way to show support. I dont think there is any drama cuts or kiss scene out there can reach over 2M view in 2 weeks
  12. We pased the 2M view milestone !!!! 2,019,832 to be exact This is me waiting for the grand finale making out scene of these two
  13. @mushforbrains that BTS is so sweet. I love how she snuggled inside his jacket all the time. They looked so comfy together Some comments asked why KS manager gave him coat but no one gave any blanket or jacket to YJ if i was her manager, i would just let KS have this chance to stay close and warm her up. The ship has sailed
  14. With the amount of kisses they shared, he's truly her Mr Chu "Mr. Chu, on my lips, Chu, sweetly, Chu, I lose all strength in my body You shake up my heart, you shake me up I'm falling falling for your love Hey you, on my lips, Chu, every day with you, When I see you, my eyes close Will you secretly come to me and kiss me again? You're like my dream, you're my Mr. Chu" Cre: i made this gif
  15. When I watched this scene I was like woah she must be really really special to him. That was HANDMADE chocolate, he didn't even let his mom bring basket of fruits inside his house. He considered food outside can dirty his place !!! But Oh Sol's chocolate, he ate them all and even keep that box Can scientists please mass produce Boyfriend Robot based on SK ? I would save every penny to get one
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