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  1. Hi, welcome, yes it's sad, but we are so proud of him, and wish him the best! ☺️
  2. Hi, do you know if there's going to be a live transmission of the events? Now the fans are not allowed to stay after the musical, and it was the only time we get to see something, at least us international fan we counted the days just to get a glimpse of him, it's quite sad, even though I understand is for his safety
  3. Can I subscribe here?? It's all in Korean, but it's the official fan club?
  4. Oh yes he is so nice, wish I could see him up close, but I'm just so far away i already subscribed to the yt channel, I don't understand Korean but that doesn't keep me from watching the videos of PHS, hehe
  5. Hello, thanks, I already follow most of those accounts, I just haven't been approved to the site. I stayed up all night watching the bench event in Manila, it was soooo worth it not getting much sleep, seeing PHS being so nice and cute was amazing, he is just lovely, I'm dreading his enlistment date, but I know he has to go, in the meantime I'm enjoying all that a can of him!
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