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  1. episode 4 subs http://kisstvshow.to/Show/Trans-Siberian-Pathfinders http://kisstvshow.to/Show/Trans-Siberian-Pathfinders/Episode-4?id=19360
  2. Episode 3 has subtitle on this page http://kisstvshow.to/Show/Trans-Siberian-Pathfinders http://kisstvshow.to/Show/Trans-Siberian-Pathfinders/Episode-3?id=19212
  3. i love this show so much the chemistry between them is amazing i love the mute word chain game,it was hilarious I started this show for Kim Nam Gil but right now i love all four of them they are really amazing and so adorable I can't wait for episode 3 i wanna know where Kim Nam Gil disappeared
  4. eng sub for the show ..... VIU it's not available in my country so i have to it watch on other sites
  5. I love this show so much and bromance between them is amazing. I can't wait for the next episode to appear and I love Kim Nam Gil, he's like a little kid so damn adorable (and handsome )
  6. it's updated on http://kisstvshow.to/ http://kisstvshow.to/Show/Trans-Siberian-Pathfinders or https://www4.dramacool.video/trans-siberian-pathfinders-episode-1.html VIU it's not available in my country
  7. finally we can see this show with subtitles right now i'm gonna watch this show,have a nice day/night friends
  8. if someone finds the episode with subtitle or just the subtitle please share if someone finds the episode with subtitle or just the subtitle please share i have the link for the raw episode but i don't think i can put it here ,if i can please tell me
  9. yes is his official instagram account
  10. Thank you i'm happy about that because they are friends for a long time
  11. Hello i have a question.Kim Jaejoong is still friend with No Min Woo?Thank you
  12. is No Min Woo still friend with Kim Jaejoong?
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