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  1. Update: Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Nam Gil, Lee Sang Yeob, And More Confirmed For tvN Travel Show Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Nam Gil, Lee Sang Yeob, Kim Min Sik, and Go Kyu Pil are confirmed to be preparing for a new tvN variety show! “Siberian Advance Party” (literal translation) is set to air in the second half of the year and will follow a group of close friends as they travel along the Trans-Siberian Railway, which is on the bucket list of many travelers. Anticipation is rising for the group as they’re actual friends and an interesting combination of people who haven’t been seen on variety shows. The production staff said, “Siberian Advance Party” will be a real look into five close friends as they eat, sleep, and play on the train together. Not only will they share honest and funny stories, but the show will also provide helpful information to people who hope to travel along the railway,” and “As internet and phone service isn’t very good, the five celebrities will be embarking on an unplugged trip, so please anticipate it.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1336765wpp/lee-sun-gyun-kim-nam-gil-and-lee-sang-yeob-in-talks-for-tvn-travel-show I can't believe this ,he accepted to be on a variety show I can't wait for this
  2. Kim Nam Gil " In Talks To Star In Variety" i hope he's gonna accept this i hope he's gonna accept this, can't wait to see him in a variety show
  3. Hello. What is the name of the younger brother of No Min Woo? (he's real name)
  4. I miss him so much i really hope for a comeback drama
  5. I don't care that he's not the leading actor,i love him and i will watch this drama i love that is a historical drama(my favorite type of dramas)
  6. Dude,i am so sad why it's not "the fiery priest" special episode subtitled?
  7. the link for KNJ on entertainment weekly  [removed - mentions of illegal viewing sites are not allowed]


    hope is gonna works

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