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  1. like you i watched the first two episodes and after that i lost interest in this drama i'm sorry for everyone who love this drama
  2. The hottest sageuk abs? The most evil OED (Old Evil Dude) in a sageuk? she was my favorite character from Queen Seondeok and her son Bidman
  3. i know that i have asked about the Silence I thought it was going to be a drama silly me i know is a movie. I can't wait for the Mount Jiri & Kingdom
  4. he has blue hair?I think he only has a little blue hair or i just the video i don't know but i'm totally agree with you,he's so HOT 40 years old and handsome any color of his hair looks amazing EDIT:he dyed his hair blue i have noticed after i watched the video on youtube
  5. i send you a private message 

  6. i don't know that this is his official forum (i think so ,if is not i don't know what to tell you )
  7. Hello there. I'm glad that you are a new fan of Kim Nam Gil I hope that you are gonna enjoy his work. I don't think that Life bar has English subtitles. I have searched to and I didn't find anything with subtitles. Have a great day.
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