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  1. I loved the Bing Cang ceremony! I know it seemed anti-climatic for some peeps but for some reason, I really loved it! Donghua’s smirk, over confidence and his showing of affection publicly by wiping FJ’s forehead were gold and so was his fight with the demon lord. I especially loved the music that played in the bg when he gave the 3 strokes advantage to the demon lord
  2. The trailer is heartbreaking, especially Dijun’s sad smile while looking at FJ’s wedding headdress. Man, I really really want to see some happy moments with Gun Gun as a family after all the angst.
  3. Episode 40 preview: DJ - I am jealous and Su Moye’s expression when he heard that was gold
  4. Do you know what gets me every time? Bai GunGun referring to Xiao Yan as ‘beautiful sister’ in the epilogue lmao! He really does look like a pretty girl
  5. That looks like Fengjiu in Xiao Jiu get-up but that’s Donghua and not Xuanren so I am confused...