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  1. https://archiveofourown.org/works/20387356 love the fanfic
  2. Yes, exactly...he understands her and he let her go this episode to do what she must. Hopefully the next episode will be a happy one without any sadness hanging above them, we are long overdue for it
  3. CM makes me sad but I like CS with MW. CS grounds her and makes her a better version of herself. The last time I felt this conflicted between 2 leads of a drama was between Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo of Boys Before Flowers....
  4. This is so cute https://mobile.twitter.com/TJDMHWB/status/1153321087251337216
  5. Looks like I spoke too soon. They didn’t get back together today. He is still in his car so I am guessing they will at the The start of tomorrow’s episode
  6. Seeing those clips of HSY getting jealous of TN’s classmate and seeing how he is being with her, I am assuming that they do get back together in today’s episodes
  7. It seem as as if the symbols for the episodes 24-25 and 25-26 were switched around... 24-25 is HSY getting jealous and 26-27 is changing from rain to sun
  8. I saw that clip and snickered so hard. I think CEO asked HSY’s help in pursuing TN and HSY was like ‘Who did you say you are going to pursue?’ And I particularly loved the way he pushed Xiao Mi’s head off TN’s shoulder lol. Poor Wu Bai though, his brother takes his money when he has a girlfriend and when he breaks up with said girlfriend lmao.
  9. I think this is from the episode where she will get drunk the second time. In the novel, when she gets drunk the second time, she tries to seduce him and succeeds and I am guessing that in the drama she tries but won’t succeed and this is him stopping her lol
  10. Well it doesn’t look like there is much angst. It looks funny because Gun can be seen through quite easily....
  11. I am guessing this is after they get back together with her jumping on him https://m.weibo.cn/search?containerid=100103type%3D1%26q%3D%23親愛的熱愛的%23#&video
  12. Based on the clips I am assuming that these 2 won’t get back together until after the episodes Gun gets jealous
  13. Also I though jealous Gun was going to be shown in the episodes after they get back together (26-27) according to the episodes listing we have?
  14. Hey guys. Have you seen this? Jealous Gun https://m.weibo.cn/search?containerid=100103type%3D1%26q%3D%23親愛的熱愛的%23#&video
  15. I honestly don’t see anything wrong in viewers being biased towards GTY & ML. We are being shown their life stories. We were shown their past, their sorrows & how they overcome those difficulties, their thought processes. We cheered them on so it is expected that viewers will be attached to them. We were and are not given the intimate thought processes of the other characters. What we know about them is the more superficial traits so they will be judged based on those traits & the actions they take. Personally, I relate more to GTY & ML. I admire how they use their brains & overcome all the difficulties that life & others throw at them. QH on the other hand I can never understand & at this point I am not sure I want to understand (that scene of him shouting that he is full of regrets & grabbing ML’s arms & the scene in episode 49 where he told his wife that she should keep out of court matters because she is a woman pissed me off)
  16. I am watching episode 49 & QH told his wife that the emperor is mad just at GTY when she talked about GTY & his wife. Is that his final goal? Getting GTY out of the way & then what does he expect to happen? ML to come back to him? He is married for heavens sake & so is she! In that trailer that was posted he was shouting that he is full of regret & then he grabbed ML by the arms. He hasn’t grown up at all! I don’t expect him not to be full of regret but you don’t go & say that to a married woman, grab her arms & deliberately try to get her husband in trouble!
  17. @bold is exactly right! But QH looked confused/hurt at what GTY was saying so I am not sure if he is doing this on purpose...guess we’ll find out when the episode airs
  18. Episode 55 trailer is depressing. They found the son’s grave and MN is laughing. Did Rulan give birth to a son?What was SH arguing with ML about now?
  19. The first one is cute. ML looks so shocked at being given the noble title but why was she given one?Just because GTY has become the Marquis? Why did he pick up & spin around ML?
  20. The other part that struck me was when she was getting ready to go to the palace. GTY picked up the eyebrow pencil & ML said that is it was a normal day she would let him to do her makeup but if she lets him ‘draw on’ her face now she will run late because of cleaning & reapplying. That showed me that she is softening as well. I liked what the Empress’ sister told her in the carriage. ML doesn’t have to repay GTY because they are husband & wife & are considered one. ML looked like she was considering that so maybe her friend will help her in opening up because I don’t think she had an actual friend before (3rd Yan sister was more of a family acquaintance)
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