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  1. Besides the womanising, whats there not to like. He's kind and romantic with impeccable manners. He's a bit like GTY in that once he's finished sowing his wild oats and met the right woman, he'll make a great husband and father.
  2. @Golden Flower I've only watched up to ep 69 subbed so I'm not too clear on the sentencing decree. The properties in question are the Bai properties? So this is really a family issue not public corruption per se. GTY is a popular figure within military circles and has saved the Emperor and son numerous times. The Emperor is an absolute monarch so he can decide the penalty at his discretion. Even without the pretext of fooling ED, would he really have such a man who has given such service, made penniless and homeless. Why is it a given that he must lose his house? A family could also lose its noble title (have it rescinded by the Emperor) and become commoners. Its not a given that the title must be passed down etc. I guess that's why Stepmom is panicking, losing the title doesn't mean GTW will automatically get it.
  3. Here's my interpretation: By the time of banging the gong, ML had calmed down and thought things through and calculated her actions. She's very intuitive about people and human response. The robes signify that she, a virtuous wife, was giving it her all for her husband. How then can anyone of those courtiers or scholars want to penalize her for mere robes? Even the emperor, who couldn't sleep, could have had her removed quietly but didn't dare to because it would look bad. He could only ignore her. So being a woman was powerful, but of the empty kind, which is why she threw the headpiece away. Thats why I say the robes at this point were not a big deal.
  4. Devil's advocate here. The most serious cases would be treason and public corruption, which would lead to confiscation of assets, beheadings, slavery for family etc. In this case GTY is a merritorious official and all his issues are grey family issues, he didn't have his hand in the imperial cookie jar or plot rebellion. As an absolute monarch, a judgement from the emperor would not always be the same from the courts. He can choose, at his dicretion to mitigate a sentence or judgement. So yes, even if the emperor was publicly pissed, he wouldn't be extreme as to want one of his close aides homeless and penniless, on account of past services rendered. ML wearing her robes in a 'last ditch' appeal, I don't think is that big of a deal. She needs to look powerful. Even as commoners, GTY and ML are still both from grand families (The Shens' were not titled, only scholars, but still considered a grand family). So their lifestyle and close circle of friends won't change that much. The imperial family could summon anyone before them, even common furens or merchants. ML can still be summoned, even without a title.
  5. ML vs the fat bandit was hilarious! I also love some of the anticlimatic moments eg that wierd/fake scream when SH discovered ML and 6th Liang. Also that headbutt Danniang gave Changbai when he sentenced her, I just burst out laughing!
  6. I also thought the writing was a bit weak on this. With Aunty Kang she wanted the influence and wealth of the Shengs at her disposal and she had the love and backing of her maiden family. MoL is supposed to be smart but why go through all that just for petty jealousy? She is already an outsider with the Shengs. If Kang had succeeded, then GTY would have wanted her life and who would defend her? With the stakes so high, the writers' should have built up MoL's motive to be more convincing.
  7. So Fengxian is from a brothel and was purchased by Stepmom? How did I miss that. I really thought she was just a clever farmgirl spy from paternal aunt.
  8. Hmm that body language from Playboy Liang looked like there was a lil' something going on. She's probably a double agent, having affair on the side. She's probably gonna blackmail MoL later on into getting concubine status.
  9. I was hoping SH would man up after ML confronted him over the chess board. But he's still acting as cowardly as ever. So it must be Changbai thats standing behind her in that painting in the closing credits when she rings the gong..
  10. Are you saying the pretext for GTY imprisonment is too flimsy? I think its a great showcase to expose ED and Wang opportunism. Outside the families no one really knows what went on, so it is believable to me that people would think that the Emperor was just coming down hard on GTY because Prince Huan's faction was out of favour. If the writers had used a case was that was more severe, then it would be difficult to explain why he keeps his title and is able to rebound later on. I am not sure why he was imprisoned in the novel?
  11. I actually like this change from the novel. Manniang the brainless villain overstayed in the novel and would have been boring by now in the drama. Now we have the battle of the familes and some delicious suspense as we don't know how it plays out. Old Madam Kang vs ML is way better than Manniang or even Stepmom vs ML.
  12. To me, getting the title for Third was always a red herring as this was always more. She had almost 20 years when she could have gotten rid GTY and Eldest brother but she didn't. She was an unloved wife who resented the son of the woman he loved and the son he actually loved, but she knew their value. So she consoled herself by being 'Queen Bee' of the Gu household. That soliloquy in the ancestral hall was revealing. What she resented was ML's assumption of power. If she gets rid of ML she gets back her Queen status and can twist the screws on GTY and son. She even wanted Eldest's widow to adopt just so she could be Queen again. She knows her son is too stupid and talentless to run the family. Not only will they become a laughing stock, but he would probably quickly lose the title over something stupid. The title for Third was kind of a last resort.
  13. @Golden Flower I can understand some of your sentiments but at the end of the day this is an adaptation of a fictional transmigration lightnovel. We need the modern POV shown otherwise the story loses its 'essence'. If it were based on some ancient story script or historical account, then we could argue details. Also, our understanding of rules and norms is based on historical records, books and accounts mostly written by men, who like SH, didn't have a clue what was going on in their backyards. Did people always adhere to these rigorous rules? The story is about a dysfunctional ancient grand family's backyard, not adhering to rules and narrated from a modern POV. If you take this away, there is no drama. Illicit affairs happened ie SH with CL and 6th Liang, so why is it unrealistic that Molan could have an illicit affair and the families quickly cover it up with marriage?
  14. I would rank on the basis of motivation/intent Top 3 and 6 actually care for their children. Yes, they are largely motivated by greed but also to benefit their kids. ED is a power player but still shows glimpses of compassion, she's not pure evil. In terms of killings, she would probably have 'offed' more people than Aunty Kang ( the Emperor had only one son...) The only pure evil is Manniang. She sees people only as tools. Devoid of feeling even for her own kids. Willing to betray and kill for no real benefit.
  15. I'm worried about that shu daughter from Kang. A very good actress and seems to know just which buttons to push to get what she wants. She seems very calculating. She can wound herself but not deep enough to be fatal. Her backdrop story is adequately pitiful, being threatened with her mother etc. Claims she doesn't want to be a concubine so as not to be seen as a threat. Its just a tad convinient. ML is way to empathetic. Its her big weakness. Shades of SH's blind empathy to Lin. I'm worried ML may have let a snake in the house. Maybe I'm just paranoid?
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