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  1. 20 minutes ago, Pichiie said:

    From many perspectives, I think only Kr viewers are the one who don't care about TYH...



    I think young K fans do care about TYH a lot because youtube clips get a HIGH viewer count and their clips have been trending in the number ONE spot on Naver. I just don't think OLDER K fans are interested. Probably because it feels very young and adorable. Seems like the older K fans lately prefer more dramatic/teary type of shows. Like Sky Castle, Live or Die, The Last Empress, and so on.... 


    But to add, 4% is very solid for a cable series. In fact, when I checked wiki for other TVN shows, there were plenty of shows that got BELOW even 1%. And many shows got 2%. So in comparison, 4% is great for a cable show. It's just that TYH happened to air right after the successful Encounter (which had the very known lead actress that is huge in Korea). 


    Anyway, this show is a true gift. So I'm enjoying it every week. I know we are lucky to even get a SECOND show with Wookie and YooInNa together. It's VERY rare for K actors to be cast in more than 1 show together as leads. Here, we have two shows with our favs together. 

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  2. The new song "Goodnight" is so beautiful. This series has AMAZING songs all around! 


    Some good news! I've been watching TYH on Viki! And now, the show has a 9.8 rating from the audience! That's super high! That is the same as Descendants of the Sun! AND TYH was trending in the US on Viki! Fans are LOVING IT! 



    I also love the fact that a simple PROMO for ep 11/12 has almost 300,000 views! Wow! Hopefully that translates to higher ratings in a few days!



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  3. 4 hours ago, Iam Fanning said:

    Based on the translation in the MV you showed, I think it might be interpreted in 2 ways


    *Happy - being brave in starting a relationship that you tried hard not to enter


    *Sad - saying goodbye to a problematic relationship


    On their part, i think it's the happy one. :)




    Yeah, I don't see a break up happening in the middle of this stalker situation. JR is here to protect his girl and be there for her....as he promised a few episodes ago. 


    Also, I like that DESPITE the stalker thing, episodes 11/12 will include sweet moments like the car scene with her kissing his hand....and him sleeping beside her. Sweetness will continue which is refreshing. I was worried it would get "too" dark during the next 2 eps. But the writer is finding a way to include romantic and comedic moments in there somehow. 


    Is the manager her cousin? That part I'm finding confusing. I understand why she didn't refer to him as her "manager" in front of JR because her acting gig preparation is a secret at the law firm....however, I'm wondering if he is really a family member. I know other ppl were also confused by this part. 



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  4. I'm a bit confused by the promo for episodes 11 and 12. It looks like YS is wearing two different types of clothing in the two scenes with the stalker. So does he try to attack her TWICE???? Or does he end up kidnapping her and the second scene is him holding her hostage? Just confused at how she ends up twice near that crazy person....


    As a side note, I keep reading certain people saying that YS is not showing as much excitement for JR as she did at the beginning. I disagree about that. She LOVES THIS MAN. So much. The issue is that she is feeling guilty about keeping a secret from him. She wants to tell him that this is a preparation for a role but can't because of the contract. And she knows he is someone who values honesty. So she knows he will be hurt when he finds out the truth. So it's an inner struggle....of her being happy to be with this amazing man...and also worrying about how he will feel when he learns the secret. That is why there was so much emphasis on her struggling with it this week. 


    Also, keep in mind, the first episodes focused on YS's side a lot more. And I love that the SECOND half is focusing on JR's side a bit more. It's a mutual love story where two people equally ADORE each other. Writers are being smart in showing both sides and giving them emphasis. Also, the girl is happy each time that she is around him. BUT she is also shy and NEW at dating. So while she might be verbally more open....I think physically, she is a bit more shy and reserved than he is. And finally, she is getting what she wants for the first time. It's that feeling that you're very happy but you're also afraid the happiness won't last....I honestly have ZERO complaints about the writing, acting, and chemistry for our amazing leads. They are perfect in every way. The shy style of kissing fits their storyline beautifully. I'm not going to compare the Secretary tv series because I personally didn't like it since I couldn't connect with the actors or the pairing. But TYH is all about the HEART and SOUL. And I love the feelings that the series promotes. 


    The FATHER scenes were so beautiful, by the way. I LOVE that we got to learn so much more about JR's backstory. I know fans have been asking for more info on him. And we finally got it. The casting for the dad is perfect, too. I liked the actor a lot. And I hope he will be in more upcoming episodes. And I'm just happy that we are EQUALLY seeing BOTH sides of the characters. 


    The scenes during their HOUSE date were pure GOLD. I couldn't stop laughing at their inner thoughts. Especially with the bed scene, and how she was jumping on it....and he accidentally turned the light off. LOL. GOLD STAR in acting and writing. And of course the KISSING IS APPRECIATED. And we got even two kisses technically!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And I really do not think the stalker thing will last more than 2-3 eps. Just because the promo was too intense with the CLIMAX of events. I think it will get resolved by ep 12 or 13 honestly. So I think ep 14-16 will focus on YS's secret coming out and the decision whether to go back to acting or pursue law school.....



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  5. I LOVE that we got a very romantic episode 9 before the drama starts in episode 10! And it looks like episode 10 will also have amazingly sweet and romantic moments for our favorite couple! So I'm wondering if the whole stalker situation happens at the very end of the episode.


    I'm thankful that the writer/director gave our favorite pairing at least 10 episodes of sweetness and love before the obstacles. 


    And, I'm sure we will see a protective JR tomorrow and in upcoming episodes....which will make their feelings grow even DEEPER for each other. 


    Episodes go by so quickly....I wish we got 20 eps. But it is only 16! Maybe China can add some money to the budget to get an extension....lol. I mean, TYH is a huge hit there. But sadly, it's a dream! 


    I also don't want to get my hopes up for a LOVE SCENE tomorrow. I love that he is coming over to her house....I'm just keeping my expectations realistic to not get disappointed....LOL. I will gladly accept MORE KISSING SCENES AND HUGS though. Keep giving them to us in every episode please! 





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  6. TYH fans keep making the SWEETEST fan videos for our favorite pairing!


    Here is a gorgeous new one featuring 8 episodes thus far! So many talented artists! 



    Even IF YS will try to push JR away, he will stand by her side no matter what. As other people have mentioned in the this thread, there is a huge reason and foreshadowing that the writers put in earlier with JR saying that he will be there for her when the time comes when she feels alone again. With the stalker entering the picture, she will have to relieve the past again and deal with it all over again. This time, she will have JR on her side, defending her with everything he has.


    I'm glad the promo clearly showed him saying that her problems are his problems now. Also, it's super creepy and ILLEGAL for the way that the stalker violently pursued their car and then cut them off. It's a direct threat. I mean, he blocked their way. I know that he is wealthy and has power. But the law is the law. I don't know how many episodes it will take or how the situation will escalate further....but eventually JR will be able to put that man away somehow.


    Also, they've definitely changed the first kiss from the novel. I like that. Their first kiss happened in the sweetest way possible with both of them putting their feelings out in the open and moving forward with their relationship. 


    I'm just HOPING we will get to see a PROPOSAL AND A WEDDING FOR THEM. Obviously, kids would be icing on the cake. So for now, I just need a wedding at least. These two actors would shine with the wedding scenes so much! Because it's a 16 eps drama, I hope there is enough time to do that. I realize Secretary Kim series did have a wedding, but I feel those characters were a bit faster in their relationship. I prefer our show and our pairing. They are both experiencing love for the very first time in a very realistic and sweet way. 


    And yes, I'd love some more kisses! I just have to keep in mind that they are still starting out right now as a couple. But I hope by eps 13 or so, we can see them more as a solid dating couple....ready to take the next steps. :) 

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  7. On 3/1/2019 at 6:40 AM, triplem said:

    Here you go...you are all free to use...just save these images in your pc and upload to profile. 

    I had to compress the gifs to meet the size limit that we have ( needs to be below 500kb) so the quality may not be as sharp.






    Thank you so much! Everyone is so sweet on this thread!!!! I'll use these gifs soon! Ameera Ali  was also so kind to send me a gif earlier. :) 


    This thread is a GIFT! 

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  8. 6 hours ago, mimima said:

    Is that bad or good?? I have no clue about ratings lol. But I want them high for LDW and YIN’s sakes :lol:


    Ratings PEAKED at 5.1% which is very solid for a cable tv show. :) 


    Plus the kiss clip was trending at number one spot on Naver.


    So let's hope ratings keep increasing! The numbers for this week are similar to the first premiere week (ep 1 and ep 2) which is good. 


    The issue is Live or Die is getting like 20% for ratings since it's on the big regular channel....so the competition is even tougher than Last Empress for our show! 


    Ratings info:


    As for the FIRST kisses, they are both NEW at dating and have no experience. Of course they are not going to go full out on the first kiss. He had trouble even clearly confessing his feelings earlier. Yes, they are adults. But they've both been single their whole lives...so I LOVE that their first kisses are tender and NEW. Very sweet and shy. Which fits where they are right now. They've only just started "officially" dating....then had first hugs. And now first kisses. 


    My guess is episode 9 will give us more romantic and sweet moments for our couple while episode 10 will push forward the stalker storyline. In my point of view, I don't even mind the stalker part because clearly our lawyer is going to be there for her the whole time and protect her. That equals amazing protective scenes.


    I think the more "internal" drama for the pairing will be when he finds out that she is working to try out for a role? I had assumed that he knew that....but I guess he didn't. I'd imagine he'd be hurt that she didn't tell him. Either way, that's not big enough to separate them, in my opinion. Because he knew she'd work there for only 3 months and that she is an actress....what difference does it make if she is preparing for a tv role, that's her job....


    I think the only big drama could be with YS pushing KJR away to protect him from the stalker dude. But there is no way he'd leave her unprotected....

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  9. Poor Jung Rok in this promo! He is trying to take care of YS, but the other guys are simply faster! He was getting the handkerchief out of his pocket to give it to her after she sneezed....but too slow. Then, he was in the middle of taking his coat off to offer it to her. AGAIN, not quick enough....and finally he wanted to give her some food....but of course the other guys were all over it first! The guy is definitely TRYING his best here! I love his effort! I need their kiss ASAP! THIS WEEK please....



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  10. Yay! There is a thread for these two! JOINING IN!


    As for the ratings, I think they are fine for a cable show network. Keep in mind, ratings are lower for cable rather than public channels. AND they had tough competition from Empress and Live or Die. Both getting higher than 10%. And I've seen cable show ratings be 1% or 2%. So if TYH stays in 4%, that's considered solid....


    Let's see how next week goes! Fingers crossed!


    By the way, I'm LOVING all the nicknames for the pairing. Especially POCKETS. I mentioned in TYH thread that I would love that ship name without knowing it was already discussed here. LOL! NICE!!!! 


    I mean, ointment is fine and all. But I think pockets is much better because that scene was so rare. I haven't seen it in recent K-Dramas. 


    Post It Couple is cute too! 


    So my question is, are the actors aware of ointment couple ship name??? Already???

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  11. Hi guys! :) I've heard Empress fans were looking for something LIGHTER and sweeter for their watch list after the series just ended....


    My recommendation is Touch Your Heart. Lots of heart, romance, comedy, and sweetness all around. Plus, the lead actors have insane amount of chemistry to satisfy shipper fans. And there is a "stalker" type of story happening too....for those who love drama/obstacles but so far it's not heavy with it. The show is very FEEL GOOD to make you smile and bring happiness. 




    SPOILER fan videos for the fans that are curious.



    Have a nice day!!!!!! And I hope I didn't intrude! I've just seen comments on instagram and different forums of Empress fans asking for tv show recommendations! And many were asking for light romantic comedies without much angst!!! 


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  12. 19 hours ago, mouse007 said:


    @fitzsimmons sorry to cut your post but I just wanted to highlight the above since I agree with all your points especially these ones. I also do not like the Yeorum. I was more annoyed than feel sympathy for her. I didn’t like how she told JR that he can’t take the case because she has a lot at stake and she can’t lose it. If she was confident in her abilities as a prosecutor and wanted to prove herself, then she shouldn’t be trying to sway circumstances to her favour and rather she should be facing the challenge head on even if it was against JR. 


    As for YS, I love her more and more with each episode. Although she started off as being naive and helpless, we can see in each episode that she’s actually warm-hearted, sweet and thoughtful. What I love about her is that despite the fact that she was once a famous celebrity, she doesn’t look down on other people. We see her comfort and reach out to clients. She touches them, hugs them and tries to understand the situation from their perspective. 


    And JR, I love that the real reason he chose to become a lawyer was so that he could stand beside those who feel like they are alone and helpless. Despite his outward appearance of being too serious and somewhat cold, he is actually a very caring person. I loved that scene where he drank soju after the difficult case in episode 6. Although he won the case, to him, it wasn’t worth celebrating because he understood why they did the things they did. The real culprit was the abusive husband. 


    I love that JR isn’t blind to YS’ kindness and thoughtfulness and that he is sincerely interested in her wellbeing. He always thinks of her comfort when choosing places to eat at or by avoiding taking her to places where there are lots of journalists. 


    I also think the pairing between Mama Boy lawyer and Easily smitten lawyer is much more entertaining than the 2 prosecutors. 


    And JR being jealous was THE BEST!! Even better than YS being jealous. The look on his face when he heard her say oppa! Hahaha! 


    The hand in pocket scene at the end of episode 6! Totally got me squealing over here!!





    I love your thoughts too! I think this is one of those rare times when you have such LIKABLE and EQUALLY CHARMING lead characters in a K-Drama. Some of the K-Dramas recently turned me off because I didn't like one of the lead characters, and it made it impossible for me to watch the shows. Unless, there was a secondary pairing I could watch and focus on. So for me, it's unique to find WRITERS who create lead characters in such a relatable and honest way. Where they aren't annoying or self centered or cold. 


    I'm impressed with both of these characters because of their SWEET HEARTS and kindness. Their love story feels genuine because you can see WHY they are falling for each other. It is natural and realistic. He is a kind lawyer who wants to protect and help people. She is a beautiful soul who doesn't wish any harm towards anyone else. And both are caring and taking care of EACH OTHER in an honest way. Nothing i fake or forced.


    By the way, I've seen the OINTMENT COUPLE used as a ship name for them in the behind the scenes clip. Does that mean K-fans decided on it and already the ACTORS are aware of it? I was thinking maybe POCKETS COUPLE would work best just because that hand in pocket moment was so BEAUTIFUL and rare. I can't think of any other recent K-Drama that had a hand in pocket moment. So maybe hands in pocket couple? Or even HEART couple? Or HEALING couple? 


    I don't know. What do you guys think of OINTMENT couple? And I'm just surprised by how QUICK the behind the scenes picked that up??? 


    To add, I THINK Mama's Boy will fall for Smitten Lawyer FIRST! How funny would that be and different since she is the one usually falling for all the guys first???? I can just imagine it! 

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  13. I love that there is a bet going on about the first kiss!


    I was always leaning towards episode 8. However, now I'm in between ep 8 and ep 9 because our favorite lawyer likes to take his time!!! Which is very sweet! So ahhhh....don't know when to place the bet....8 or 9.....


    Okay, I'll go with end of ep 8. I believe they were still filming ep 8 recently....which means IF there is a kiss, it won't be in the previews YET. I still STRONGLY believe TVN will promote the heck out of their FIRST KISS! So yeah, put me for ep 8!!! Ahhh....I WISH THERE WAS 8-9 option! LOL


    To add my thoughts:


    Like many other people, I also do NOT like the prosecutor lady. I think my main issue is with the actress to be honest. She just seems cold. And I can't even gather any sympathy for her character when the co-worker dude was being awful to her....that to me say it's a bit of the acting style. I know the character is supposed to be cold....but I'm sure as viewers, we are supposed to feel for her because of how her co-workers are treating her...how much pressure she is under....and her background situation. But instead, I just want to fast forward her scenes. And in ep 5, she got a good amount of focus and scenes.


    In my personal opinion, that secondary pairing wasn't needed. The writers should have just focused on MAMA's BOY and the SMITTEN lawyer lady. They are funnier and more fresh and a lot more appealing to the audience from what I'm seeing....


    As for our favorite pairing, they continue to SHINE!!!!!! I love that he put her hand in his pocket! What I love about him is that he notices what she likes or doesn't like and takes that into consideration. He has a warm and sweet heart. He is just not experienced with dating. So he is learning as he goes along. But I love that once he sees what she wants, he is more than happy to do that for her. To keep her safe and happy....


    And her reaction to him getting hurt was amazing to see. The way he saw how worried she was about him...that touched his heart for sure. And I loved that we saw the JEALOUSY in him. After she explained that it was not her boyfriend, he SMILED and was really happy to hear that. Definite romantic hint there. He is already smitten with her. Now, as the promo said, he is just taking his time and going at his pace.....which is totally fine. He adores her. No doubt about it. 


    Also, the CHEMISTRY is ON FIRE between the leads. So beautiful to watch.


    As a side mark, I continue to find the CEO HILARIOUS! All of his scenes are gold!

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  14. I really like that this is a mutual love story. Even if YS is more aware of her feelings at the moment, you can clearly see that he is falling for her too. I mean, ALL THOSE text messages at night? And the way that he smiles when he reads her messages? He doesn't seem the type to be chatty on text messages...and here he is telling her goodnight....And they see each other at work all day....and also saw each other on a Saturday. It's like they are becoming accustomed to spending every second together. I also like the flirty vibe in episode 4 from both of them. When she said that she was worried about his cut due to personal responsibility, it's so cute how he answered that text of hers. He likes being around her. He wants to know what's going on with her. Like when he noticed her reaction during the stalker case...and then did some research when his friend mentioned the scandal. 


    Both are falling for each other....but I bet it will take longer for him to realize his feelings. OR it might not. I mean, this show has been full of surprises. Like I didn't expect the stalker at the end of episode 4. I knew the scandal would come into play....but I just thought it was her ex boyfriend. Not a stalker who followed her every move...


    As for the angst, I'm not expecting "too" much of it. Writers have been nice about keeping this show a FEEL GOOD show that is light and hopeful. Even if she does push him away to protect him (if that happens), I don't think it will last long since he isn't the type to just be "eh, whatever, I'll move on then." He seems to be the guy who when genuinely falls in love, it's for real and forever. A big deal. I don't think he was in love with his female friend...I do think he had a crush on her as old press releases said....but I don't think it was love. Because he seems to be totally fine with chatting with her like an old friend. He isn't showing any romantic signs. So thankfully, there won't be a triangle here. ALSO, because I think the "sort of" love triangle will be between the secondary pairing and the female co-worker of the guy. She seemed to take a clear interest in him. 


    In terms of the shipper front, I'm loving our amazing LEAD pairing a lot. And I"m liking Mama's Boy and Apologetic Girl....Still not feeling the "secondary" pairing maybe because the actress isn't appealing to me. BUT it is still early. And I haven't seen her work before. Maybe I'll warm up when more emotional scenes start happening. Right now, she seems a bit aloof to me in scenes. 



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  15. Hi guys, I heard from another fan that we can post a comment ASKING TVN to promote Touch Your Heart on NAVER on their official instagram page. The official TVN instagram page replies to fan comments....and I've heard Memories of the Alhambra fans expressed their sadness over lack of promotion on Naver, and TVN began to finally promote it better there....




    It takes a minute to post one comment....so if everyone does it, they will hear us hopefully. I think Naver promotion will definitely HELP ratings and to spread the word. TVN is promoting all the other shows there except Touch Your Heart....which makes no sense....


    Anyway, if you have time, please post a comment on TVN instagram page to ask for Naver promotion for Touch Your Heart! 


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  16. I REALLY enjoyed episode 4 so much. Beautiful scenes and development continues!


    I think both characters are falling for each other. It's just that Yoon Seo is more aware of it while Jung Rok  is a bit awkward when it comes to the matters of dating/the heart. Even his friend was surprised to hear about the "date"...so we can see that he doesn't date. 


    With the stalker plot introduction, I think we can expect more protective and saving moments with out lead pairing. I'm looking forward to that.


    I love the emotional developments of the characters. And I'm waiting to learn more about Jung Rok's past. I think the next few episodes will give more back story on him.


    Ratings came out earlier today. And sadly, they went below 4.0. I think because it was Valentine's Day. I think many fans who are watching this series love romance and probably had plans that day to go on a date or spend time with friends. 


    Still, that makes me sad. This show is so lovely and FEEL GOOD. K fans just don't want to give it a try while international fans are excited and happily watching it. 


    TVN is a cable channel. Is their average/norm usually around 3 - 4% in ratings? Or is it higher? I know Encounter had higher ratings but it had the very famous lead actress...So I'm just wondering if 3 -4 % is considered "okay" or "low"? 


    Since there is a 16 episodes order, they won't shorten it right? That has never happened? That's honestly the only thing that I want to know. There is not much we can do about the ratings. All we can do is love the show and enjoy it. I just want to see the full 16 episodes...


    I'm from US. Usually, when shows don't do well in ratings, they cut episodes....so I don't know how it works in KDramas. I would hope the episodes order doesn't get reduced! 


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