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[Drama 2016] Shopping King Louie 쇼핑왕 루이

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Guest phi3nk



Shopping King Louie



  • Title: 쇼핑왕 루이 / Syopingwang Rui
  • Genre: Melodrama, comedy
  • Episodes: TBA
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2016-Sep-21 to 2016-???-??
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
  • Language : Korean


This drama about an amnesiac and an heir to a company. A romantic drama about King Louie and Ko Bok Sil. Luois was a man who would buy anything and everything with money until he met Ko Bok Sil, an angel with no wings and experiences love he can't buy with money.


Production Credits

cr : wiki.d-addicts , hancinema , asianwiki



Don't post any requests for subs!

Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. 


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Guest phi3nk

Seo In-guk confirms lead role in ‘Shopping King Louie’


Actor-singer Seo In-guk will be taking a lead role in MBC’s “Shopping King Louie”, according to Daily Sports. 

His agency Jellyfish Entertainment revealed Wednesday that it was in the final stages of negotiating terms and conditions. 

Seo will play Kim Ji-sung, the only grandson of an extremely successful and wealthy business mogul. His character tragically loses both parents in an accident, leading to him growing up in America by himself. 

Actress Nam Ji-hyun and actor Yoon Sang-hyun are also reportedly in negotiations for roles in “Shopping King Louie.” However, their roles have not been confirmed yet. 

Seo is currently playing Yang Jung-do on the OCN drama “38 Task Force,” which is expected to end in August. 

“Shopping King Louie” is expected to begin airing in September. 

cr : http://kpopherald.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=201606291730516004483_2



Seo In-guk to star in MBC "Shopping King Louis"

Singer and actor Seo In-guk is starring in the new MBC drama "Shopping King Louis".

Apparently he's in the final stages of negotiations.

"Shopping King Louis" is a romantic comedy drama about shopping King Louis and Ko Bok-sil. Louis was a man who would buy anything and everything with money until he met Ko Bok-il, an angel with no wings and experiences love he can't buy with money.

Seo In-guk takes on the role of Louis or Kang Ji-seong.

The drama is directed by Lee Sang-yeob-I and "Shopping King Louis" will be broadcast in September after "W".

Meanwhile, Seo In-guk is currently in the OCN drama "38 Revenue Collection Unit" as a genius con man with looks and talent.

cr : http://www.hancinema.net/seo-in-guk-to-star-in-mbc-shopping-king-louis-96135.html


Oh Dae Hwan Will Star in New Upcoming MBC Drama

From enemies to besties: Seo In-gook may have gotten him to cough up billions of won in Police Unit 38, but Oh Dae-hwan will play Seo’s neighbor hyung/good buddy inupcoming drama Shopping King Louie. Somewhat hilariously, his character’s name is Jo In-sung, and the descriptions poke fun that “his appearance doesn’t match his name.” He’s currently unemployed and looking for a job, but his radar for finding people to mooch off of is finely tuned — he’ll zero in on his rooftop neighbor Seo and mentor him on adjusting to life in the city. MBC’s youthful rom-com will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning in September.

cr : http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/07/news-bites-july-8-2016/


Yoon Sang Hyun and Nam Ji Hyun also in talks for 'Shopping King Louie'

Previously, it was revealed that Seo In Guk might be joining a new romantic comedy series entitled 'Shopping King Louie'!  It turns out that actors Yoon Sang Hyun andNam Ji Hyun may also be acting in the drama.

Recently, reps from MBC stated that the three of them received offers for the drama, but they were still in negotiations. Hopefully, the drama will be able to give good news soon!

In that vein, Nam Ji Hyun's agency, Soop Entertainment, stated that she was positively reviewing her appearance in the series!

src : http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/07/yoon-sang-hyun-and-nam-ji-hyun-also-in-talks-for-shopping-king-louie

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I hope Nam Ji Hyun will take the drama as her new project!I want to see her in a new drama soon,and I hope it's going to be this drama,cous I think she will look cute with SIG as a couple!and I can't wait till the drama start...


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Nam Ji Hyun is such a cutie so I really hope she accept this role since it seem to be made for her. She have this cute innocent pumpkin looking girly image lol and she def will fit this role. And with the awesome Seo In Guk, this is gonna be the BOMB!!!

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Guest phi3nk

Seo In-gook up for MBC rom-com Shopping King Louie


Hee, Shopping King Louie is the new drama that initially courted Yook Sung-jae to headline, and I find it funny that they’ve now cast Seo In-gook (Police Unit 38) in the role, since Yook Sung-jae’s drama debut in Answer Me 1994 had everyone calling him Little Seo In-gook. The director clearly has a type in mind, which is certainly fine by me, since that means I get to see Seo In-gook twice in dramaland this year.

The new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama is described as an upbeat rom-com about surviving in the city. It comes from PD Lee Sang-yub of Mr. Back, King’s Daughter Soo Baek-hyang, and Light and Shadow and new writer Oh Ji-young. Seo In-gook is up for the title role, and Nam Ji-hyun (What’s With This Family) and Yoon Sang-hyun (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) are up to co-star. All three actors are in final negotiations, so it looks like a pretty done deal.


The drama is a youth romance about an amnesiac chaebol heir. The hero is the last surviving grand-heir to a chaebol chairman, and he grows up alone and adrift in America after losing his parents in an accident during his childhood. He’s described as “a flower boy youth in a greenhouse,” which I think is meant to emphasize his utter loneliness, a void he fills by shopping. Lol, like retail therapy?

He somehow ends up going from California (agh, don’t be like Heirs, don’t be like Heirs…) to Seoul, and loses his memories. He meets Nam Ji-hyun, a sweet country bumpkin who’s quick on her feet and internet-illiterate, and the drama is about their eventful survival in the city, and his journey to reclaim his identity. I wonder if it’ll be a little like Beautiful Gong Shim, which is a lighthearted version of a similar setup.

Yoon Sang-hyun has been cast as Seo In-gook’s rival, a department director in the chaebol conglomerate who will also have a loveline with Nam Ji-hyun. I don’t know that I’ll really buy that loveline, but at least it’s a secondary one if she’s paired with Seo In-gook. I like all three actors in light comedy and can see it being an addictive story with all the birth secret amnesia tropes but without the heavy melodrama, so it seems like something to look forward to.

Shopping King Louie will follow W—Two Worlds on Wednesdays and Thursdays this September.

cr : http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/06/seo-in-gook-up-for-mbc-rom-com-shopping-king-louie/


Ahn So-hee offered leading role in MBC’s Shopping King Louie


Former Wonder Girl idol Ahn So-hee (Heart to Heart) may be joining the cast of upcoming MBC rom-com Shopping King Louie, which is currently finalizing terms withSeo In-gook (Police Unit 38) to star. She’s been offered a leading role in it, and while her reps were quick to counter reports that she had signed on, she is reportedly considering the drama.


The drama centers around a chaebol heir (Seo In-gook) who grew up in America and uses shopping to ease his loneliness. Not something I’d know about, nope. He somehow loses his memory and ends up in Seoul, where he meets a sweet country girl, and together they figure out how to make their way in the city, while he also seeks to recover his lost identity. While once he could buy anything he wanted with money, upon meeting the “angel without her wings,” he finds a love that cannot be bought.

Ahn So-hee is described as a lead, but I don’t believe she’s THE lead, because she’ll play the hero’s fiancee who has a one-sided love for him. (I’m guessing they were engaged pre-amnesia?) Nam Ji-hyun (What’s With This Family) is up to play the lovable country girl with whom the hero falls in love, which is great since she was always so compelling in her child actress days (Queen Seon-deok, Will It Snow For Christmas, Angel Eyes) and I love watching child stars grow up into strong adult leads. She’ll also have a secondary loveline with Yoon Sang-hyun (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki), the hero’s rival.

Shopping King Louie is set to follow dimension-bending fantasy drama W and premieres in September.

cr : http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/07/ahn-so-hee-offered-leading-role-in-mbcs-shopping-king-louie/


But it's look like SoHee has turn down her offer in this drama.

Seo In Guk, Nam Ji Hyun, Yoon Sang Hyun, And Im Se Mi Cast As Shopping Kings For New MBC Drama


Seo In Guk, Nam Ji Hyun, Yoon Sang Hyun, And Im Se Mi Cast As Shopping Kings For New MBC Drama

Seo In Guk, Nam Ji Hyun, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Im Se Mi have been confirmed as the cast for MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Shopping King Louie” (tentative title).

Seo In Guk has been cast as the titular Louie who is described as a handsome but lonely character who grew up in Europe. Nam Ji Hyun will be acting as country bumpkin Go Bok Shil who is full of fresh energy and optimism. This will be Nam Ji Hyun’s first lead role in a mini-series.

Joining the leads are Yoon Sang Hyun and Im Se Mi. Yoon Sang Hyun will portray Cha Joong Won who is the charismatic director of an online shopping mall. Im Se Mi will act as Baek Ma Ri who is smart, competent, humble, and has a sweet temper to boot.

“Shopping King Louie” is a romantic comedy centered on the survival of Louie and Go Bok Shil as they tackle Seoul’s shopping industry. Apparently, Louie is an amnesiac and Go Bok Shil is computer illiterate. Sounds like the unlikely pair will have to overcome many obstacles to become shopping kings.

Writer Oh Ji Young and PD Lee Sang Yeob of “Mister Baek” will be leading the drama.

“Shopping King Louie” will air in September following the end of “W.”

Are you interested in this drama?



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Guest phi3nk

This is such underdog drama. The basic story is old and cliche. Like everyone said it's nothing new and slightly uninteresting. But we're talking about SIG here. He's solid actor and can make something turn to be different and awesome (HKOS). Probably he sees something interesting in his character here or the story is quite unique. And other actors here are good and promising. Maybe they're not popular like the other competitors there, but sometimes good drama we got from small actors with fabulous acting, directing, and storyline.

So bring it on, yayyy!!!!

@mikmik and @pangia hope we can spazz, discuss and throw bunches of goodies here... :grin:

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@phi3nk Oh def will be spazzing here as well. I don't know, I'm a bit of a romantic/cheesy type of person and can easily fall for plot line like this lol. So I'm going to enjoy this a lot and plus SIG, you just can't miss any drama that he is in because he just bring on the charismatic to the drama!!!

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Whoa, I didn't know there's already a thread for this drama. Hi, everyone!

To be honest, in terms of the plot, yes it sounds nothing new. But I still have hope in this drama because of the casts. Who knows, eventhough at first the plots sounds cliche but we get a nice surprise along the way. I believe in Seo Inguk. I've already learned to trust him ever since he was announced to act as a high schooler again in HSK two years ago. At first I was so worried that it would make him typecasted since he was already play a high schooler twice in Reply 1997 and No Breathing, but then he proved me wrong. He was awesome in it and the drama gained him new fans, so I believe in him and I'm sure there's something more to this drama that interested him.

Plus, I'm so happy that finally, after a looong waiting, Nam Ji Hyun will play a female lead! She's my most favourite young actress. I became her fan since Queen Seondeok era back in 2009. I was so impressed by her acting as young Deokman, so much that I was upset when Deokman grew up hehehe. Then I kept follow her career, while wishing and hoping that she will get her much deserved leading role in a primetime drama (not only the younger versions of the female lead). She finally get it, and another awesome thing is, her male lead is Seo Inguk, my number one bias. This is like a present to me.

I also like Yoon Sang Hyun, and although I'm not familiar with Im Se Mi but I believe she's a good actress, seeing how most people react positively to the casting. Please be good, drama. Crossing my fingers... :)

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Guest phi3nk

'Shopping King Louie' confirms star-studded lineup


MBC's 'Shopping King Louie' has now finalized its lineup!

Previously, there were talks that Sohee might be the leading lady opposite Seo In Guk, but it appears she has ultimately decided not to join. In conclusion, MBC announced that the final lineup consists of Seo In Guk, Yoon Sang Hyun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Lim Se Mi. Now they can begin full-scale preparations for the production.

Seo In Guk plays Louie, who was raised in Europe by himself for a lonely life. Nam Ji Hyun plays Go Bok Shil, the icon of positivity with her refreshing energy. The secondary male lead is played by Yoon Sang Hyun, the head of an online shopping mall named Cha Joong Won, who boasts great charisma. The other actress, Lim Se Mi, plays Baek Ma Ri, a perfect woman with a soft heart and humility despite her great intelligence. 

The drama will follow 'W' in September.

cr : http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/07/shopping-king-louie-confirms-star-studded-lineup



There are rumor spreading around that the script reading will be done in next week.

@popscreen7 congrats, your ultimate biases will come to your screen soon. Such precious gift.

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@popscreen7 Same here, really excited for both to act together. NJH is good actress and SIG is just amazing. They will be phenomenal. But regarding the story I feel like at this stage it may sound plain and nothing new but that is like with some drama where they don't provide enough details but rather shock the audience with the plot. Anything with SIG is good enough for me plus I love him in comedy roles. 

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@popscreen7 @pangia same here as well!can't wait for NJH and SIG to act together,or to see them as couple!they both are such an amazing actors,so I'm totally sure they are not going to lat me down!anything with SIG is fabulous!he can make me laugh-and I'm not such a comedian drama favor-and it say much to me,he can make me shiver with emotions with his acting,and he look so damn good-and let's not forget I fall first for his voice!-and he steal the screen with his act,so basically it make him one of my favorite actors!:heart:

and NJH...I have so much to say about that beautiful girl,so I short it and just say...she is the bast young actress ever!when I first saw her in the drama WISFC in 2009,she play there the young version of the main actress,along KSH.(whom I fall in love with his act as well,and I wish that someday they play together again!)and she was amazing,I felt disappointment when they change to the grow version,think then I just keep following her and her acting project!she act amazing so I always hoped she have more dramas and movies,anything! but not as the child version...so I'm so happy she get to be as the main actress this time,and not just she get the lead,she play along side SIG-oppa who is so good himself so I have a lot of expectation in that drama!:wub:

and I'm sure it going to be amazing if SIG took it as his next project!

and for YSH-oppa I LOVE HIM!!!he so handsome and his acting is astonishing and hilarious!he one of my beloved actors!Oska-oppa!he's great!and ISM is so cute and good actress so I'm happy she part of the drama!

I LOVE THE CAST!!!so for now I only can say FIGHTING! and I hope to see news about SKL soon!:D

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OMG! I love Nam Ji Hyun! And I can see that Seo In Guk will make fantastic pair with her.

The story sounds a little ordinary for K-drama though. I also heard Ko Bok Sil is somewhat of a country bumpkin, similarly to Ji Hyun's role in her previous drama.
I certainly hope that she isn't typecast but I can't deny that she's amusing in such role.

I like the rest of the cast too and will definitely watch this after W!

@popscreen7 Same goes for me! I think many viewers know her through QSD! I was totally drawn by her performance there.
This is likely to be her first lead role in weekday drama. She isn't the most successful child-actress-turned-actress but she's one of the best. Wish her (and the rest too) the best!

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@stargazer187 SIG is the one that loses his memory and I think his name is Kang Ji Sung but since he love to shop a lot, therefor the nickname Shopping King Louie. 

A little treat for us who is waiting for this drama. I'm just a little more pump up because I love SIG in romantic comedy ever since his HSKOS. I know I made is more like a melodrama but hopefully my following cross over of them will be more to the orig. plot. Oh and btw if anyone know or done any fanart of them, please share here. I love to see those. Thanks.


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The filming begins...

Edit: Looks like the owner delete the photo... I give another link

I know the hashtag said it was 38 Task Force but it's actually the filming for Shopping King Louie because for sure, the girl is Nam Ji Hyun. Oh my, oh my... never did I imagine my two biases will be standing face to face next to each other
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Guest phi3nk

@popscreen7 woowwww.... SIG so busy. I've seen some photos he's in the airport shooting of Squad 38 this morning. While another member of squad attending the premiere of Train to Busan which MDS starred in it, but he's busy here with his schedule in another drama. He has goooood stamina, kkekke....

@pangia thanks for the vid. How I wish the video is a bit longer. Haha... Sorry i'm greedy here. Coz they both seems suitable as a couple. 

Another photo 


If they already started shooting, is it mean they already have script reading?

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@phi3nk lol. Sorry I was too excited that is why its so short but I promise to make a longer one :D  but OMO they are already filming already!? that is fast wow. SIG is sure bus busy so I hope he get some rest too but it means more cute btw scene for these two together. WHOOT!! whoot!

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@phi3nk thanks for the photo!you are great,you make the whit lil more bearable,even thought I still can't wait!:vicx:

and can it be they making a promo or something like it?coz I didn't see any script reading,so can it be some kind of the drama opening version?or was there a script reading?

@pangia thanks for the MV you are amazing!even thought the drama didn't start yet,my whole body ad shiver when I watch the FMV,you make me even more impatient for the real thing,and so excited to see them act together,and have scenes together! anyway I can't wait to see more of your works on that couple!but like @phi3nk I wish it was lil longer...but I love it you are super daebake!:wub:

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Guest phi3nk

Hey guys, don't forget to send the request form in Viki and DF. 

Here's the link

viki : https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/z1ovcsxe011lqq2/

DF : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12O_ZOMCU4C-siqwMbv8WpbTnefMB2pBsXwWGw50WxgQ/viewform

Hope they'll get the license.


and hooraayyy.... finally there is a DC account for this drama. Take a look in http://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/lists/?id=shoppingkinglouie

It's still bare tho... kkkeke,,,, seems they're just opening this account today. 

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