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  1. I still remember that day when GTY was drove out of his home and all of theses people think that they win against him.looking so lonely that i hoped to see the eps fast to see how he`ll get his revenge. Now.He has some real friends by his side ,that want to speak out for him and to remove these false accusation of him.i like how CB wanted to speak in the court but GTY shut him up to move on with his plan and hitting him.And also it was the reason of how he wanted to protect ML and her Sheng family by not telling the truth out there.It was a lovely conversation between each of them, and Here`s ML Tries her all what she got to help Her GTY.that scene in ep 71.even i don`t get what they were talking about.Was moved by it.That Finally GTY .You had some real persons by your side and even your lovely ML out there for you. Ep69 made me sure that GTY and the Emperor had some plans going on with them.and here i think that the Emperor was so stupid just setting there.what a great move to deceive the ED. ML finally let it go and go all the way for GTY.doesn`t care for the surrounding.making GTY happy and also me
  2. That scene was really cute.He wants to see his child so bad and everytime he moves closer .she moves away his hand.His smile was like Finally I get you He was so happy teasing her when she was so jealous. So we can say that Minglan heart has already changed towards him? since the grandma poisoning sorted out .she has changed towards him.also feeling jealous of that prostitute Wei ---------- In ep 73 tv version.as for my understanding .Did GTY moved away CB from his way to not be in that court with him?because if he let him be.only CB will defend him?.I hope as some friends say here.I hope that this was planned by GTY to move on with what he has planned to do.
  3. That`s indeed a lot for 14 eps to cover but I think they will cover them.In the mv trailer most of these shown in it.So the upcoming eps going to to be so great cuz after the poisoning is sorted out .Ml heart will finally open towards GTY.when she gives birth.it shows that she totally changed towards GTY.so i think it worth the waiting for it.Can`t wait to see jealousy ML. Also i think that the prison eps will show how ML cares and tries her best to help GTY.Hope that the two of them will be done sorting their feeling for each other to make each of them have the trust they want in their partner.especially ML.there`s a lot of things that will happened that will change her heart. And the most awaiting part is the fall of that stupid stepmother
  4. Finally its here.I love happy camp.it`s hilarious.Hope this ep will get subbed. Do you know when it`ll be aired?902? I do think Hejiong ask FSF about Zhao liying.He will be teased everywhere he go I thinks FSF answer was something like " the biggest thing she said to me was..and it was cut off..Hope to know too
  5. After Ep 49 Minglan indeed do care for GTY.She is doing her wife role really well.she doesn`t falter in helping GTY with anything cuz that`s the wife role she is supposed to do.but when it come to her heart and feeling towards GTY.She isn`t fully understand what he needs from her.what he needs is to change her look into her heart and to fully accept him.Time for sure is what they need for each other.But For GTY.He is still getting hurt by her.as for ep 49.when she had no problem with him sleeping the night with MN.she may thought that`s the easy solution for now as he isn`t losing anything by it.But not for him.He was very hurt by that.Even i was shocked by u Minglan.isn`t there a little consider to his feeling a little.but i can feel that he still waits for her to open her heart.cuz every time GTY try and move closer to her heart.she always change the subject and u can see the hurt face of him. and that`s will later shown in their fight cuz of QH.Hope that she`ll understand a little bit.we have to wait to see that happened.I hope everything will be clear to her by then so I really can`t wait to see that scene. Also asking to meet QH in her home.like what.even Xiaotao was shocked.so it`s right for GTY to be mad.mad isn`t enough actually. And That MN.woah.let me give u a slap first .So sorry for GTY.after waiting for these years.he find that chang`er is dead.It hurts him as he doesn`t want to believe it.Hope to see u suffer more crazy MN.
  6. I feel that too. she always try to hide her true feeling.her really honest feeling that she want to tell to GTY.that`s why she always agree to a lot of things that goes around him.don`t want to make things more complicated.that`s shown exactly is her conversations.it made him doubt that she can`t trust him. well.to think about it.it makes right that GTY will be mad and fight with her about that as it shown in the trailers. Can`t wait till when she totally open her heart to him.Feel like GTY what he needs more is real love not care.he deserve some.
  7. That`s right.But why can`t she fully trust him.I think she cant compare GTY with her father.they`re totally different!!!.but also in her head she didn`t know any men expect her father so she is like that with GTY.she like that he cares for his children that`s why she said i hoped my father with like you!! I think that she is afraid that one day GTY will have a concubine and that`s why she can`t fully give her heart and open her heart to him yet.right? she`s afraid of being disappointment and having pain when that day come..right?
  8. so you mean.they`ll frame GTY and remove him from his position as a right-hand man of the emperor,well.if that happened.I hate that.they always try and frame him and making everything difficult for him.but from some trailers.I guess GTY will make his revenge.isn`t it? .So does that explain this scene in this trailer when he walks with normal soldiers to war. or is it another thing?
  9. wow.you guys are great.just this thread is moving like fire..i want to catch up so fast. Just finished ep 36 with subs.TOTALLY LOVED IT. wow GTY totally slapped his stepmother and brother as they deserved .just can`t wait for what will happened to them from now on. also.is there any link where i can watch ep 40 and 41 the webrip version.not the TV version?
  10. awww.So sweet.Glad that she is fine now.FSF for sure is so caring .and as the article you posted say the director knows that they were already a couple.maybe the whole cast know also at that time,but they did great in public eyes not to be noticed.Hope there`s moreeeee of their BTS. if you know more.share it.ALWAYS want to know about them.cuz my chinese is zero what scandal?u mean his past dating?
  11. That`s right. every time he hints to her about that.it shows that he actually cares for her even before that. if he wasn`t he won`t go have a talk wit QH about ML.I think that`s really shows he doesn`t anyone to speak badly about her from the point on. also from the trailers out there.it shows the Minglan loves him.waiting for him to return from war and running towards him..from the spoilers from the novel.it says that Minglan cares about him and wants to be only a good wife. but loves him very late.don`t know how it`ll be in the drama.but i think it`ll be worth waiting for
  12. Did anyone notice Gu tingye in ep 25 suddenly have a bread .when he was talking with his daughter he doesn`t have one.then suddenly at the fight scene he have it.or was it the lightning Still at ep 28.Glad the Ml finally let go of QH.let`s move forward then. i really love the conversation between GTY and ML . it shows how understating the two of them will be.can`t wait to see their develop of their relationship in the upcoming eps. also in ep28 GTY said "In all matters, look ahead.light yourself a good future.was he hinting to the marriage?
  13. yup.FSF acting is really great. i really love his acting .he never fails to impress me in all of his dramas.great actor indeed. about the lighting i really wonder why he uses only candles to be the official light in most of the scenes.i thinks sometimes their faces always seems dark.first time to watch this kind of feeling
  14. I always love your replies.Do you speak Chinese btw? and i`d like to see these interviews you talk about.if you don`t mind can you post the links with some translation?
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