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  1. @LuMNaL I did watched it. And he looked so heartbroken. I find it interesting that her stepsister feels like she is a outsider and doesn’t belong in the family. Since they are one. Well at some point she did think that. I just watched ep 32 the terrible girlfriend did something bad. I just don’t know what exactly happened and her crocodile tears didn’t help.
  2. @LuMNaL I suspected it was something like that I just wanted to be sure. He should have just told them. It will blow up on his face. I don’t think he ever loved her. Her face annoys me a lot.
  3. @LuMNaL Could you send me message about it? Because I think that episode didn’t have English sub. So I am but confused.
  4. I don’t like step bros girlfriend. I think she will scam the money or something bad
  5. I saw a snippet regarding this show whilst browsing my YouTube. And my intrest piqued. I just had to check it out. Honestly those first two episodes were super intriguing and lured me in. I find it interesting that TOP lady is trying everything to get rid of the main girl. I am suspecting she has hand in that murder of her mother. She better not stay long in that jail or I will riot.
  6. Why does the aunt hate our leading girl so much? Also what where the books that her sleezy hubby was burning? Also I am scared that Dan will be fired because of that voice thingy that she was listening to.
  7. @ktcjdrama Yes I was wondering also about the voices. Shouldn’t he be able to recognise by that alone whom is talking to him? He seems so cute like a puppy. I am feeling iffy about DJ. He better be a real friend. Also why Dom think V park is her secretary incognito literally? He better not fire her.
  8. @lu09 Thank you for explaining that makes more sense now. But they seem to treat him like crap. @blademan So basically he is a step son. They acting like he owes them something..
  9. @Auntie Mame The other director seems shady suddenly. It’s weird that he was with the attacker. The height difference is so adorbs. I totally agree with you about the changing faces thingy.
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