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  1. @ktcjdrama Yes I was wondering also about the voices. Shouldn’t he be able to recognise by that alone whom is talking to him? He seems so cute like a puppy. I am feeling iffy about DJ. He better be a real friend. Also why Dom think V park is her secretary incognito literally? He better not fire her.
  2. @lu09 Thank you for explaining that makes more sense now. But they seem to treat him like crap. @blademan So basically he is a step son. They acting like he owes them something..
  3. @Auntie Mame The other director seems shady suddenly. It’s weird that he was with the attacker. The height difference is so adorbs. I totally agree with you about the changing faces thingy.
  4. Can’t SC move out already? Also how long will the chairwoman be at the house? I just want all of the answers now.
  5. Seriously this series could end already. I am fed up to see SH and his hideous monster mother also those others..
  6. @fitzsimmons I would love if they added few more episodes. Sometimes I feel people tend to go overboard with episodes. Even if they could tell in 16-20 episodes.
  7. So I obviously I watched some snippets, but later on whilst doing my nightly skincare regime I shall watch the subbed episode. And maybe not subbed one depending if it’s out. I really want to drown the stalker rich dude. How is with me? All we need to do is sedate or drug him whatever works. Then we probably could tape him like in dexter. And burn the evidence obviously. How dare come between this sweet couple. Okay I went little bit overboard. But I am sure you all understand me.
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