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  1. I understand Woo Joo ' Dad situation .He is only Neurosurgeon Attending in the hospital at that time Unfortunately ,although he intended to do surgery on Hyena ,the VIP 's patient was coming . KJS who is his superior ordered WJ 's dad to operate VIP patient before Hyena and transfer her to the other hospital . WJ' dad couldn't ignore or refuse his superior 's order WJ' dad tried to contact his neurosurgeon 's friend but they held the retirement party something like that ...that's mean the doctors must be drunk and couldn't do surgery (according to KJS) so There 're only Neurosurgeon Woo Joo 'dad left .that 's why they must transfer Hyena to the other hospital . Moreover ,Both Hyena and VIP patient came in the hospital at bad 's condition which same-same situation .That' s the only way you must decide who should prioritize to operate first .KJS definitely choosed to operate VIP .WJ 'dad insist to operate Hyena first but he definitely couldn't refuse his superior 's order . WJ' s dad tried to do his best ,unfortunately Hyena died I think this series want to reflect the hospital 's reality about VIP patient will become first in emergency situation .It's Irony ............... For EP16 .I really like the scene which Kijoon destroyed his dad 's Pyramid is the best ,lol Oh Prof.Cha you are very obsessed with that Pyramid Finally we knew that Coach Kim is the one behind Hyena 's murder and she planned to kill her and made WJ to the scapegoat at first .It actually accords to her plan . There's only 4 eps left .I doubt YS's mom will expose Hyena and Coach Kim 's clip because it will effect YS surely I wonder how lond it take YS relise Coach Kim is the evil ...
  2. I don't think they skip the story to after Entrance examination . it 's like they just go on to the 12 th grade Woo Joo is 19 y/o in the latest ep . In Character relationship 's chart ,WJ is 17 y/o ,he is in 10th grade .We know so far that in this episode they had already skipped to 2nd semester of 11th grade. so there 's reasonable that WJ will turn 19 in 12th grade About WJ 's We all Lie 's theory .In my opinion ,I don't think WJ enters "We all Lie" club SKY Castle must be the normal family whose raise their child appropriately to compare to the other family in CASTLE which treat their child inappropriately . We know so far Normal Family is WJ 's family which really warm to each other He definitely had problems in the past (Elementary school) but he and his family could get though that problems and live happily nowadays . Maybe we will see more information about WJ and his family on the next EP If WJ has hidely Major Depressive Disorder or Bipolar ,It will be really shocked me ,lol His character is really bright and model character in the story. About Cha 's family . Songhye is the best protective mom .She try to understand her children and protect them at the same time .I hope Prof Cha . will know what 's his mistake that make Seri went to far and change his Studying 's method to Twin
  3. From preview EP15 ,Hyena still eat dinner with Yeseo 's family .I doubt She really dead or just imagination ? but i think that scene is Flashback If Hyena is really dead , I'm really sure it's Yeseo who kill Hyena. Definitely ,Coach Kim provokes Yeseo to get rid of Hyena and make it like an accident or Hyena 's suicide. Coach Kim did that before when she killed her husband and claimed it was accident .
  4. Although ,i love the plot about Seri is the double face who is Harvard Student that works hard and play hard .. but there's possibility that Seri lies She talked about Harvard 's library which open 24 hours right ?? Excatly , There's no any Harvard Library which open 24 hours including Widener Library that she mentioned . I guess Hyena know that Se Ri lies ..Hyena 's reaction is like what? no... I doubt Seri actually goes to Harvard but she might dropped out or not regist ? like Yong Jae 's case
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