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  1. Yep, with modern reproductive technologies, shouldn’t be a problem at all! But I think the elders’ concerns would be a DIL over 35 means decreased fertility, increased risks of birth complications, and limited reproductive years. Also in the case of our OTP, SH would likely have to wait until she’s even older because JH has little means to support a family at the moment. In real life, even Song Joongki’s dad said that while he supported his son’s choice of a wife, he was disappointed she’s older. I remember being sad for SHK, that even though she’s considered a national goddess, her age was still inevitably a factor. @ihyw Are there any Asian celebrity couples where the woman is significantly older and it has worked out? The only one I can think of is Faye Wong and Nicolas Tse, but I’m not sure I want our OTP to follow their sample. I think it would be lovely to see the writer find a realistic way to work out the cultural conflicts, to have the couple break through societal norms and have their love prevail on their own terms.
  2. I find the samples you listed really interesting, because they actually also support why a conservative society would oppose SH and JH’s relationship. None of the couples listed produced any children during their marriage. And if there are children, they are either from the woman’s previous relationship or adopted. Of course NOT saying a marriage must yield biological children to have purpose and meaning! But I can see how “continuing the bloodline” would be a vital consideration for elders in the family, especially in a socially conservative society. In case anyone misunderstands, I have nothing against noona romances. (My husband is in fact younger than I am.) But I can see why the peripheral characters in this drama might frown upon SH & JH’s budding relationship. I am especially interested to see the reaction of JH’s mom.
  3. Main reason I want SH to ruuuuun, if not into JH’s arms then at least remain in her own. I wouldn’t wish a MIL like that on anyone. Then again, I wouldn’t wish SH’s mom as MIL on anyone either, especially someone as sweet as JH. So I guess one-half of our OTP will always be doomed to have an insufferable MIL
  4. Kim Jin Hyuk can’t figure out how to tie a tie, but instinctively knows how to style a scarf perfectly on a girl I admit I only watched this drama because of Park Bo Gum. I have never been too impressed with Song Hye Kyo’s acting (her expression seems more or less the same to me in every drama). But in this show, she is impressing me more than PBG (not that he’s doing a bad job, but she is given more emotional scenes to work with). I love the quiet, dignified strength that she lends her character. Thought this would be your traditional melodrama, was not expecting the reverse Cinderella plot and the surprisingly strong heroine who is rediscovering her spunk and her backbone.
  5. Regarding the last scene in ep 5... I’ve seen some translation as JH suggesting a “pre-relationship,” a “something relationship,” or a “fling.” Can someone fluent in Korean explain to me what is the nature of the relationship that he is suggesting? Like, is this type of arrangement supposed to be exclusive? (I’m guessing not exclusive, because then it isn’t that different from being bf/gf...). Or more like, a friends with skinship benefits and no commitment type of thing? The translation as “fling” really changes the meaning of that scene for me somehow. Makes it seem as though they don’t intent for the relationship to last long anyway :/
  6. Canon in D Major by Pachelbel I used that song at my wedding so I especially loved that scene :)
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