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  1. @sadiesmith I hate that wrinkle jacket. He should wear it for jogging not movie event. Sorry not sorry..LOL
  2. @widala I've read comments about LSK's style. I do agree his sense of style is questioning because mostly the way he dressed-up was off-putting. We all know he is the type of man who dresses NOT to kill. But, at least, I hope he will become more aware about his style when he is not on-screen. He already passed his 40's so there's nothing wrong to revamp his style in order to look classy. Trust me, people love to see someone who dress nicely with good personality
  3. Oh..okay. I haven't checked it. Thank you Yes..I also don't think it won't happen. Its too much. Anyway, let's see what's coming next.
  4. @sadiesmith How about Bad Police? When will it be premiered in Korea?
  5. @widala Yeah..I'm sorry to say this (again) but I believe he only secure while being with his wife. Sometimes, I got a vibe that he drew the line with his female co-star and its becomes too strict in the end. It's weird (at least for me) 'coz one of his peer (Song Kang Ho) who is a married man with teenager kids and a lot older than him still doing romance role a couple years ago. Does he afraid he might be getting into affair with his co-star or what?! Hopefully, (like he said in Korean Popular Culture Award lately), he will be mature in mind & action in the next few years. Btw, couldn't agree more, he should be doing "that" melodrama ASAP with full romance in it (maybe pairing with much younger co-star)....bhahaha. Just kiddin, but who knows
  6. Tbh, I want to see him with his wife in a movie or drama (as leads). The experience must be totally different from doing theatre. Eventually, it feels secure between them as a married couple. As an professional actor, he should know that that they play character and never take it seriously. Apparently, he is a very sensitive man...hahaha
  7. @widalaafter read all his statement about My Ahjussi, I felt relieved somehow. I guess it's also the right time for me to bid farewell to this epic drama. Hopefully, someday we can see another meaningful drama like this with strong chemistry but no skinship Okay..last but not least, Happy Holidays, everyone!
  8. @widala Ah..I'm kinda dissapointed. I thought he talked about My Ahjussi, but it's okay. Btw, he has done filming "Parasite". Do you guys think there will be any romantic scenes between him and his co-star? Sorry..but I know most of you want to see him in a romantic role..LOLOL
  9. Hi guys..I'm a fan of My Ahjussi and in this video I found that Lee Sun Kyun mentioned about IU. Could anyone here who understand Korean translate it for me? Thank you in advance
  10. LSK mentioned IU (My Ahjussi). But, there isn't Eng Sub in this video. Anyone who understand Korea can help? Big thanks
  11. Hahaha...I also want to see him in a romantic role, but you know after married he was being uneasy acting romantic with his co-star so as an audience I can sense that. Some of his peers like Song Kang Ho even dared to do bold scenes in a movie not a long time ago, so yeah I guess he's wife not really support him on that case. You know someone once said, "Happy wife, happy life"... Btw, I knew LSK from MM. I've heard about Pasta back then, but never watched it. Post MM, I've become a fan of him and read a lot interviews about him (in English of course).
  12. @sadiesmithHmm...I guess I know why he wants to shed his "romantic guy" image. If you followed his interviews, one he did when was doing "Miss Korea", that he didn't feel comfortable with bed scene because he's a married man and perhaps he doesn't want to bother his wife/sons. He's known for very fond of his wife/family. You can see after that infamous kiss with Lee Yeon Hee in "Miss Korea", he is slowly but surely choosing role which is not prioritize "romantic" sides.
  13. @sadiesmith But, wait, If I'm not mistaken, Yoona Lim and Lee Beom Soo (Prime Minister & I) had attended award ceremony together in the past. They won "something" award (I don't clearly remember what it was). They have a large age gap yet done kissing scenes. How could they won Korean audience's heart? LOL...
  14. @sadiesmith No, I watched it as the same time as it was aired on TV. Actually, I picked MM randomly and end up falling in love with. I'm sorry to say this, but I've observed some of interviews from LSK that he stated he is usually don't treat his juniors special. Besides, he was kinda awkward in attending award ceremony with his female co-stars in the past (I assumed he is more comfortable with his wife since he's married). So, I guess this has been set up too (LSK & IU not attending any awards together or doing any photoshoot/interview post MM) to avoid unnecessary rumours and people will forget it soon after they landed with new project respectively. To be honest, have you ever watched award ceremony attending by co-stars arm-in-arm with large age gap issue in Korea? Even Mr. Sunshine co-stars also have never attended award ceremony together.
  15. @sadiesmithThanks for helping me. You're so kind. I love My Mister and curious about the interview. What attracted me to watch it were merely because of the story line and (of course) the oozing chemistry between the leads (LSK & IU). I've watched many K-Dramas and was quite taken aback by this unlikely pairing. In my opinion, if only he were single or they didn't have a large age gap issue, then maybe we would see them working together in another project (as leads).
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