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  1. Two character deaths this week so far especially the death in episode 44 I'm starting to be scared for a sad ending.
  2. Last six episodes this week. Hopefully it will have a good ending. All I want is for Hongshuo and Hongyi to makeup and stay alive at the end. I'm super happy at the sweet scene they had from today's episode and the new poster the show's weibo released of the two of them.
  3. You might want to rewatch episode 1, because the basic plot of the whole drama was laid out there. The backstory was that there was a 9 headed monster, five elemental gods fought against it, and it was defeated by sealing it inside the god with the earth element. One thousand years later, all the elemental gods are reincarnated? as the main characters. I think the reincarnation of the earth god also means the return of the eight headed monster that was sealed inside, which is why the main characters need to regain their powers to defeat the monster again. @tulip06 The opening is The Millennium Covenant by Huo Zun or 千年之约 by 霍尊. I also love this song especially since it's also the Hongshuo x Hongyi couple song. All of the songs in this series are really good. Here's a list of the songs in chinese if anyone else wants to find them listed by the singer and then the name of the song: 武艺 - 遇见才知流年匆忙 (the ending song) 妙静鸥 - 花开处有你 (the song that played during Hongxuan and Jinyang's wedding) 王铮亮 - 听弦断 ( the song that played when Hongyi revealed her identity as Li Ruo) 方圆 - 梨花 (the song that played in this trailer) The series reached 2 billion views/streams?
  4. I think all the guys have awakened their powers but haven't learned how to use it. Meanwhile Hongyi still didn't awakened her powers yet. From an episode preview, either she finally got her powers in episode 36 or she got possessed.
  5. I think it's going to be only two more weeks until this show ends. I found a character relationship chart, anyone knows what it says?
  6. Anyone catched up to the latest raw episodes? I know they're supposed to be young and unexperience, but that was one of the worst plan I have ever seen. Thank goodness for the sister in law for stepping in. It's painful watching Hongshuo do so much stupid stuff, but thankfully he seems to regain some sense in the newest episode.
  7. Hongshuo x Hongyi shipper here to explain how I see Hongyi's feelings for Hongshuo. 1 Unlike Hongshuo who loves Hongyi from the beginning of the show and openly shows his care and affection for her, Hongyi's love is more subtle and develops throughout the show. At the start of the show and during the time when they lived in the the Baili household, I do think that Hongyi does view her relationship with Hongshuo as a brother/family because they are usually together most of the time and she is used to his presence. From conversations in the show, she used to follow the older brother and the father around and focused her more of her attention on them, while Hongshuo was the one following her around. Her views of him seems to be stuck as the young boy he was when they first met and the younger brother who follows her around. Then when they went to Li City, Hongyi started to noticed how mature Hongshuo was as well as noticed that him as a man instead of as boy. This is especially evident when Hongshuo gave her the obsidian stone and stood close behind her. At first she didn't notice his presence, then she became self conscious and nervous when she noticed how close together they were. At Li City, she continued to interact and observe different part of him that she didn't noticed before or had never saw before since they weren't always together like usual.Their relationship during this period in public were also different since most people didn't know Hongyi's real identity. She might have develop feelings that were more than family at this time. When she had to leave Li City, Hongxuan noticed that she was constantly talking about Hongshuo which showed how much she unconsciously was thinking more about him. This separation caused Hongyi to realize how much she missed Hongshuo as shown when she hugged him after they reunite at the Baili household and at Ye Feng's tent. Episode 24 is when she just started to accept Hongshuo's feelings for her and her feelilngs for Hongshuo as romantic. Then she remembers her memories and her feelings are on paused as she's still conflicted though she definitely still cares about him. 2 Hongyi care's a lot about family (probably since she lost her real parents) so when Hongshuo implies romantic love she tries to deflect that he's talking about sibling/family love or implies that it's just a joke. 3 Hongyi is a bit of a tsundere and her action speaks louder than her words. For example, when Hongshuo is leaving for Li City she acts nonchalant as though she doesn't care that he's leaving. However, we and Hongshuo learned that she followed him. Another example is in episode 24, where she drinked poison for Hongshuo and was willing to die with him, but won't admit to worrying about him. People who think Hongyi only views her relationship with Hongshuo as a brother/family takes her words too seriously and upfront while not paying to her body language and actions that often contradicts her words. In the newest episodes they are in an angsty period, but I can't wait to see how their relationship will further develop and hope it will end happily. Sorry to all Ye Feng and Hongyi shippers but here's a funny comment I saw about the two of them. They're both adult age and probably at most ten years apart in the drama but visually they do kinda appear like this.
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