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  1. I was just stalking Hyungsik and I just discovered that he had got hot kissing scenes in his musicals. I don't know I feel so uncomfortable watching him in it Now I understand why he is called a master of kiss, his kisses are too hot. Have anyone seen it, it's like he can carry any hot scenes pretty well even in future I think.. I hope he get to show his skill with bo young in future
  2. Hello anybody here ,I have been a visitor of this thread for almost a month. I was actually little late to discover this couple, coz I have seen SWDBS late this year, but am so glad that I found this couple. I have already seen Pby earlier but haven't heard of Park Hyungsik, even though I have watched him in heirs. But I instantly fell for him in the first episode itself and I slowly I began to love bo young too. Later that I began watching her to know how cute she was. Her voice, her face, her tiny figure makes her so lovable. I was a Jung yonghwa and shinhye shipper from 2015,but Now I have less hope in that ship. I thought I will be never shipping a couple after them but puppy couple just crushed my beliefs, I just love them so much. May be its not possible to see them together again recently but still I hope so. Their chemistry is just fire. I am not just expecting so much like they end up together coz it will give me disappointment only. So I just hope they keep their friendship and it will be a bonus if they take that friendship to next level.
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