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  1. Just watched ep 1 and I'm already completed onboard and intrigued. The thrilling second half more than made up for the rather slow first half and answered a few of the questions that were asked. As expected, there were many beautiful shots of Granada and the animation with the sword fighting was great. The funniest bits were Hyun Bin swinging his AR sword in the bathroom while a guy was peeing behind lol and him having to go back to the bar everytime he died to get his sword back. Also, why was the toilet clogging scene so long?
  2. I haven't posted in these forums for years, but after a show like that I'll come out of hiding Where do I start? That was mind-blowing, captivating, depressing yet still so beautiful. What a way to finish things, both Moo-young and Jin-kang die painfully but they die together and they love each other. I liked the honest conversation they had although I thought the reason he broke up with her was because he thought they were siblings, rather than JinGook killing his dad? I think most of us expected a sad ending, that's been the overall tone and feel of the drama. We were all guessing whether or not they would be siblings but we forgot to ask for a less sad ending lol. I felt that there was a high chance one or both of Jin-kang and Moo-young would die and Se-ran dying isn't all that surprising. As soon as Moo-young killed her I knew there was no way they could have a happy ending for a murderer. In the end things are quite open-ended and we're left asking what's next. Will JinGook live the rest of his life in sadness and guilt? Will he finally date Tak? Will evil secretary get caught? And what ever happenes to Moo-young's court case lol? Overall I loved this show and the main couple's chemistry was sizzling, both in their intimate and non-intimate moments. It will be hard to move on from this show
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