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  1. Hahaha! Just got back from Las Vegas my friend! Lol. I just went back reading the novel because I realized I skipped too much! Hahaha
  2. Demn, right! Hahahha. Im so done with all those type of kissing scene. Hahahha. I mean, it feels like hypocracy if they did that. Lol! I mean, common! Hahahha. Excuse my words! Lol
  3. Honestly, I said before that I'm not watching Season 2 if DW will be the next NQ. I said that thinking that it was the productions decision to change actors. Upon hearing that CFY voluntarily exempt himself as NQ in Season 2 changes my whole perspective. If CFY is the one who abandon the role of NQ, then we all don't have the right to judge the person who pick up what was thrown away. After all, we all love NQ character and we want him to continue living in the drama. So DW has my support on this one.
  4. So, just curious, since this is the discussion of EN 2, I'm assuming we can't discuss the novel here? And going forward, novel discussion will still be in the other forum re: EN Yoda Translation?
  5. Oh trust me, DW doesn't need to make SYR comfortable/relax when that part comes. Hahahha. Our girl is a good kisser. Lol! Have you seen her drama Time Teaches Me To Love? Demn! Respect! That girl can kiss! Hahhahaha. And I know DW can kiss too! Like, they actually move their lips so their kissing scene is something to look forward too! Hahahaha
  6. Hmmm.. I'm starting to see this forum as becoming battle ground of fandoms. Tsk. It is just a sore in the eyes seeing fans fight or bashing each other. Well, I'm not here for the actors. Im here for the stories. As long as actors execute their parts well, they will gain my respect. It doesn't matter who they are. With that being said, I hope we all can continue the discussion without throwing some tantrum or outburst but rather, be civil with our actions, much more of the things that we are going to say.
  7. True, true. I remember the scene in the woods. Hahaha. She tried to recruit him as Demon Sect disciple. Haha.. Okay, I'm definitely watching Season 2 because that is where the love story ignited. Lol. And of course, DW is older enough to execute those lovey dovey moments especially the kissing scene so it's not gonna be awkward. Lol She got starstruck! Lol
  8. @n3bula @epinklyn @angelangie Yes, she is the Demon Sect Leader! The 23 years Cicada! Did you remember that fight on the lake between NQ and XH? And when that mum monk wanted to interrup the fight but the 23 years Cicada came in to stop him. That's her!
  9. Hahahahhaa. Yes, I think I know what you're thinking. And yes. That's who she is!
  10. I know who she is. Do you really wanted to know? OMG! I was mind blown when I unfolded her identity.
  11. I'll takr.it back. It was not 7th sister but 3rd sister. Do.you really wanna be spoiled of her true identity? I
  12. Awwww...of course @n3bula my friend. I got you. Anything you wanted to know about the novel. And you're right, each and everyone's understanding differs so better to talk it out in the open. Yeah. They live opposite to each other. While the Generals entire household was massacred, the scholars wife gave birth to SS.
  13. We had it in DM because we don't want to to spoil the drama to people who doesn't like spoiler. You know. Lol I was planning of 're reading the novel as well to get a better understanding but got caught up with works and something else.
  14. Hahahha. I would love to discuss the book with you all. Add @n3bula here. She always wanted to be spoiled.
  15. A true respect for a fine lady. Oppressive but not possessive.
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