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  1. omoo..omooo.. very rare to seen SJH put hand to jong kooks arm.. right?
  2. RM filming couple race again.. i cannot wait for this episode airing... look like seem SJH say to KJK :gwencana oppa...(sory just my delulu)
  3. I really love when KJK and SJH meet outside RM because their interaction more natural,caring each other.... more sweets hahaha.....
  4. seem like kjk and sjh held hands went kjk want down to stage.. really sweet lorr credit: KJKSAAA
  5. i think he want hug SJH but Haha cover on other side.... so just side hug... but its give us sweet moment for it... i am very happy and cheers for that.... welcome dear shipper... let join us as family here.... happy shipping.... we waiting for your analysis to... hehe
  6. for my behalf ... i really hate this news....
  7. just add @Regita M. P in minute :22:36 SJH try shoot water to KJK pants. in minute 1:02:16 after haha talk "those who are in love sholud go" look stand body posture SJH it seems nervous about its.. LKS ,YSJ also seems like want cut it....
  8. That day its finaly come... our hope to look SJH and KJK in stage together finally arrive huhu... that really greats for us...
  9. thank so much.. I really waiting this.... really great job.... our episode SA still continue.... please cheer even small moment...
  10. hehehe... i liked this ..... how SJH know KJK wears like that at home? you all can answer already..... my answer : because their spend a lot of time together at home....
  11. welcome to our family @Adora Dark I waiting for your next analysis about SA.. I totaly agree 1000% what @Regita M. P write... what we see on TV not same in real life...we totaly agree our SA very good chermisty.. but its no mean every episode their must do skinship its so weird....our SA still human same us... and one more thing our SA adult person their become 40++ aged.. so their relationship very matured include love.... happy shipper all.. dont always sad but always happy personaly I ship them with happines.. I dont care about what happen in TV because its variety show not drama but I always care in real life both of them.. I glad and enjoy all moment about them.... p/s : we have a lot analyst in this forum about SA... you can read slowly and enjoy its...take positive and kick negative... because we are shipper we can select anything or trust anything or kick out anything because we still shipper....
  12. agree with @Regita M. P 1000% hihihi and we know for doing that(dry hair he girlfriend) they must be long years relationship... lot of time in secrect home => really agree with that....
  13. stay tuned for this evening... credit : dreamkjk
  14. just sharing translation from haha wish to KJK in IG credit : spartarm and kjkintl
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