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  1. ep6 is so good. so many funny scenes. no dragging...pls keep it up for ep7 and the rest. im rooting for kim kim x ok nam
  2. yes the editing is bad like out of place. and the knetz comment the scenes with professor are so boring and why the female professor keep appearing and they turned the channel. this is what i feel. first 30 minutes, only few minutes of chaewon. how is this so bad. the director is Kim Yun Cheol. He got best director for his last work. He is also the hit maker of My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I think the problem is the scriptwriter and the editing. i hope tonite ep4 will have some improvement.
  3. i think because the plot is slow. im watching raw but i feel so boring at the first 20 minutes...and too many scenes with that female professor..idk but somehow its lacking..ep1 was so much fun, ep2 was okay but slow too but ep3 aishhh how to save the show..its declining so much eventhou only at ep3. btw Happy Birtday to MOON CHAE WON today. Happy birthday mama fairy..whatever the rating ill stay tune till the end.
  4. ep3 is quite slow. nothing much happening. too many screen time for the side characters. i want to see more chaewon but she always appears longer towards the end. hopefully the rating not going down.
  5. guys, everytime tvn update about mama fairy, dont forget to comment or like the post so that tvn knows this drama has many fans and people enjoy every scenes. about that bts, we should comment on that too. i hope tvn will fairly promote continuously like how they keep giving updates during 100days prince. huhu
  6. just curious, anyone who already read the webtoon.. Does Sun Ok Nam have kissing scenes with Kim Geum too ?
  7. i love ep 1 so much. but for ep2 the first half is quite slow. the best part was towards the ending. about yoon hyun min acting, he seems a bit overacting but does the character in webtoon like that ? i didnt manage to finish the webtoon before but they already locked the rest of the chapter. i hope they dont change the storyline for the husband. i want this drama to be successful. Im a big fan of Chaewon unnie and this drama should make her name big again in dramaland. please dont be like Cheese In The Trap. hopefully netizen stay for ep3 and the rest. rating please increase to 6% next week juseyo.
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