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  1. The nominee of MBC drama awards is here... Best Couple Awards (JIS-SJS), Scene Stealer Awards (KIS), and Joon-Joon... I don't know what awards they're nominated for... I hope Terius team won it all...
  2. I think I need to share this story... She really is the best.. Another praise from SJS
  3. Is there any English sub for TBM presscon? I really want to know what they're talking about in Q&A segment...
  4. I don't care about the lead as long as not idol-actress... I'm not a fan of idol-actress... The genres need to suit me... Sometime even if the genre suits me, I'll stop watching the drama mid-way if I feel the storyline is boring... Even if the leads are top actress like Song Ji Hyo (lovely horribly) and Park Bo Young (Do Bong Soon)...
  5. I will... After I finished TBM for the 3rd time... Yeah... It's kinda sad... But please note that she is still in her 20s... So there will be more to come...
  6. I won't say that TBM changed me.. I still don't want to watch rom-com drama... I don't like if the drama's conflict only about love, women, and money... First I watched JIS is in circle... Her role is minor but leave a great impact to me... But as much as I like JIS, I don't really want to watch waikiki... Maybe later (I don't know how late though)
  7. @galaxy97 Well, I'm still haven't move on from TBM so I don't want to imagine her with anyone The thing is, I'm a bit picky about drama... If it's solely romcom genre, I'll skip that kind of drama... The genre I like is crime, ghost, mystery, thriller, or something like that... If there is romcom added to that genre then i don't mind.... Usually I don't really care the romance in the drama I watched... I don't know what happened this time that I become interest in Bon-Aerin relationship Maybe they deliver it so well or maybe there're kids involved... I'm really hooked with their loveline to the point I wanted them to end up in real life too... And what's your friend's ig? Is she/he posted the translation on ig?
  8. Jung In Sun for AAA's red carpet with TBM ost!!! So beautiful.. Edit : here you go
  9. Maybe interview for Japan's broadcast (only SJS and JIS)... Or maybe they'll just release the prescon in Japanese sub...
  10. I need a proper translation.. Google translate makes me confuse...
  11. I only vote for Terius... Actually Terius is still on No.1 until yesterday... That SBS drama just came out of nowhere and steal the 1st place...
  12. https://www.soompi.com/article/1269241wpp/jung-sun-talks-wanting-mother-characters-terius-behind-waikiki New article.. She said 'meeting someone new' That was Kim Bon.. But the writer decided to hold that one... https://www.koreandrama.org/the-best-korean-drama-of-2018/ Please vote for Terius everyday... It only takes 30 secs to do it...
  13. That's an ultra rare picture... I barely see any from mbc official account.. Luckily they release more of their bts footage...
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