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  1. I think so too.. that was really romantic and intimate.. ZOOMING IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATE. thank youu... me to me too.. and I agree this one is much better muahahahahaha
  2. He left it before the surgery. He told her to stay alive and wait there because he will be certainly back. yes thank God. And the writer really...I was gonna flip the table when Dojae said wanna eat ramyeon (it's the 3rd time this line wanna eat ramyeon), I was speechless when they really just eat ramyeon on his house lol... but then Dojae tease Segye when Segye said she thought something else happen when he ask him to eat ramyeon, then my expection going up from there and we finally got that cute bed scene 15+ rated ahahahaha good good.. At least we can assume it really is happen. ahahaha me too... omomo, and that kiss on the couch 2.0 is really... Dojae is agressive, i'm blushing.... If i'm not mistaken, he put the " wearing red dress" again on the last clause.. ahahah. he said that women in red dress is his ideal type. omomomo Dojaee....
  3. YUPS... oh well.. the bed scene is funny tho, I swear I thought after that passionate kissing they run to the bed with giggling breaking the character ahahahaha... keeping it 15+ rated.. it's okay it's okay... yes, it's smooth, I mean after what he's going through it will be no sense if she push him away again. Especially after she confess how regretful she is with her decision to leaving him. watching it, when she rush to hug him after he said "don't ever think to run away again" in front of the bookstore, I'm thinking how much she is missing him, maybe she thought she was dreaming when he stand in front of him saying " so this is how you looks like", afraid that he will disappear again.
  4. yes, and he finally told segye about the surgery (it was 5% probability 10 years ago, but when he went through the surgery, the probability is 20%). She said he is crazy, how could he doing surgery with that kind of probability. But she said that she regrets her choice of leaving him alone. regretting her decision. KYAAAAAAAA SEO DO JAE BECOME CEO NOW. SEGYE ASK WHAT HE WANTS AS PRESENT AND HE SAID "WANNA EAT RAMYEON AT MY HOUSE?" KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm Going CRAZYYYYYYY.... Writernim........ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA but but but.. they really just eat ramyeon????????? alelelelele... oh no...no.. it's not end yet... omomomo... brush teeth.. that's right... and then... run to bed. okay. okay. let's said it's been done.
  5. @superfangermany_stv thank you so much. I was watching the previous (Jung Yonghwa) just fine without any buffering, now that it's the time to watch Beauty Inside, it's buffering so bad
  6. That's... the same yellow bookstore from Goblin, the feels Miracle reunion! It's happy ending! That's what we all deserve! Beauty Inside #1 Lee Minki #1 Seo Hyunjin #2 credit
  7. @Yasaman Asghari It's been so long since the last time I could live watching too because the streaming link I know can't be use anymore. I hope if anyone know the streaming link that work, they could DM us.. (edit: just saw someone already did) @farishta the end is near and it's been a lovely journey. We've been rooting for a happy ending, though they only live on dramaland, but we root for them as if they live in the world we know, simply because we love the characters dearly. Their imperfections and their cruel fate is part of that too. It's not something that make us satisfied and sometimes make us irritate as hell seeing them suffer, but it is what it is. Actually, I feel like no matter what, whether we can or cannot understand the character, their actions etc, it's just different form of us rooting for their happy ending. At the end of the day, we are all here to see the happy ending we deserve.
  8. Hi there,.. I'm sorry I'm cutting your post As for the question, how our heroine will feel If she knows about it, I'm pretty sure (judging by her personality) she will become more devastated if she knows the extreme length Dojae willingly take. But consider this, the thing is, is she even knows about that 5% probability? I do not think so because all this time she never knew such procedure exist, all this time before the revelation of the past she never even pressed the idea about him to be cure instead she wholeheartedly accepted him as he is accepted her, two nice and kind but mess people . Dojae, just like how Segye choose to left Dojae alone by her own, choose to undergo the surgery by his own too. I suspect Dojae does not even tell Segye the details about his surgery, about that 5%, because she won't be able to face it. She already almost kill him once will she really let him to go risking his life twice? But just like she didn't know that Dojae was her saviour back then, if she doesn't know about the consequence of Dojae's choice, if she doesn't know how far Dojae's willing to put his life in line once again, if that is all Dojae's choice all alone and keeping her in the dark about the 5%, is it Segye to be blame? If Dojae is in 95% category of the unlucky one, that's a really sad love.. Segye won't be able to live through that. She will never be able to handle it. "She just happily embrace him, saying - you fought hard, good job? And not a fleeting terrifying afterthought about what she could done with her decision, what consequences there might be?" I dunno about this.. I mean we haven't see how the event really take place in episode 15 n 16. Like I said I'm thinking if she knew the consequence of Dojae choice before Dojae actually doing it, she will stop him or she will actually choose to die because she can't handle being the reason for him risking his life again. But to someone whose as crazy n sincere as Dojae to find a way for her to come back to him, if we are Segye, will we push him away again after the miracle happen? both Dojae and Segye questioning what is that they do so wrong to be punished like that..Dojae asking if God really exist is it okay to hate Him... If the miracle isn't even on Dojae's 5% side, it will be so depressing. This is just my thoughts, based on my own assumptions and the preview.. As for now I'd really like to be as positive as possible, I've said before that watching Beauty Inside I have the nostalgic feeling like watching "Goblin". I see how the both writer view about the Almighty, about cruel fate, about sad love is kind of same (well, I guess Im Meari being the assistant writer on Goblin is kind of explaining why). I remember the scene in Goblin, the Almighty said, "fate is the question that I ask, you should find your own answer" if the Almighty asking the question through that cruel ill-fate for them, is it wrong for Segye and Dojae to answer it with the kind of choice they make?
  9. @justright I agree that they could achieved the happiness despite their conditions, if only there's no such ill-fate from their back story... if only that wasn't Segye that he saved, if only Segye wasn't going to be hit by car, if only they just have to love each other without such cruel initial meeting fate.. Both Segye and Dojae will embrace each other condition and be each other strength. Dojae can't do anything about Segye's guilty feeling, can't change the fact of him struggling to live for the past 10 years, can't change what already happen in the past, it's 0% probability. the only thing he can do is to try changing how he live in the future, to hang on that 5% probability to heal. That 5% probability is much more realistic for him than the 0%, because no matter how he can't lose her in his life, so he would rather die trying than just die.
  10. okay now... with all this heavy feeling lift on my chest after seeing preview episode 15, off me go to watch full episode sub of episode 14... I think, despite him heal from his condition, he still has that skill of 10 years to be observant of people, may I add it will be just the same as a habit for him because he's been practically doing it for a long time. And with that necklace he gave her, he said that so he can recognize her with it. And my I add, his heart recognize her just like when she change into new-Segye grandpa..
  11. Supposedly yes, because he said "so this is how you looks like" I'm very emotional, Dojae knows where she is, only to left a letters telling her he can't even remember her face so he choose this way and will be back (is he talking about his surgery?) and said no matter how, she must stay alive. So, Segye try to live, because of that words he said. That kiss on the bathroom in front of where the bed is, such a big tease, Im Meari writernim... I'm gonna trust you on this one, please don't disappointing me for this last time... Hahahaha.
  12. @Nanana85 ah, seems like that. But then again, when there's a not much outdoor scenes then maybe there's just many indoor scenes then I don't think it's bad either, I mean... maybe they shoot many indoor scene that the viewer (read : me) want so bad hahahahaha...
  13. @shjfan23 I dunno whether they celebrate western thanskgiving in SK, but they did already celebrate Korean's Thanksgiving (chuseok) this year on September. Yes indeed I thought so too, they need to build the anticipation and keep the hype. Wishing for them to stay healthy till the end. Live-shooting must be tiring especially with so much emotional scene. But since we know how lively and happy the shooting from the behind the scene, it's reassuring me too because they shoot in good shooting environment.
  14. Maybe the preview out tomorrow just like last week? But then again, I haven't really re-watch episode 14 with subs. Every other episode I at least watch for 3 times, but I still can't handle to watch episode 14 again. The making today is fun, but I'm still craving for more Segi couple behind the scene. Will JTBC give us more consider next week will be the last episode? Or maybe they save it for Bluray/DVD directory cut.
  15. Hi @samaf hope you find strength and cheer up, I might not be able to know how it really feels like, but I understand your feeling and wishing for the best for you. @kopifan I love your POV. I want to watch the next episode as soon as possible and have the happy ending we all deserve, but I don't want the next week to come too because that will be the end... I dunno which one I should really feel right now..
  16. @shjfan23 @Nanana85 ah.. you are right, there goes my expectation. I didnt realize it. oh about spoiler, I actually saw one on from Beauty Inside DC gall
  17. Ah.. That's the comments translation from trending article last night... Wish they can translate the one from today trending article too because of the slightly change views right after watching vs the day after drama broadcasting, it is so interesting.. Ah.. I love WM too.. She is an amazing friend, worth to beg to be together your whole life @Nanana85That was interesting, that update from the little girl.. Confirming LMK SHJ AJH and LDH in one frame for next episode, I guess?!
  18. I understand Segye point of view but my heart break a million pieces for Dojae, it's like there's no right answer for all of this, it's such a cruel fate. I can understand people who resent her choice, and I can understand people who has sympathy for her too I'm thinking, if she stayed despite all of her guilty feeling, can she really handle it to see Dojae continue struggle because of his condition fully knowing that it's something that happens as the consequence of saving her? Can she continue living her life? with the kind of personality like her who can't stand people being in pitiful situation, on top of knowing it was something happens as exchange of saving her own life. She is broken. She might kill herself out of guilt. But on the other hand she should have take responsibility and live with Dojae forever, she should never leave Dojae, but what if she herself can't live with being herself anymore? For Dojae, Would it be better to have Segye beside him dying with guilty feeling day by day? Or would it be better to let her go to at least knowing she live (barely)? I think there is no right answer either. He loves her, he wants her, he never despise or blame her for anything, but will it be okay for him to see Segye dying inside? But he still can't continue his life without her, she made him feel normal, she made his life happy, she's the only one different in his constant world where everything he looks is the same. If she left him, how will he survive? Why is this supposedly Romcom have this kind of situation in the first place, I should have more careful fully knowing that Im Meari writer-nim is one of assistant writer in Goblin, I should have known better to be careful with all the fluff and romance knowing from the start that their initial meeting is cruel fate. I feel like a fool, but I still love Beauty inside the way it is just like Goblin.
  19. I find it amazing that the top comment from yesterday night rending article is differ from today trending article. Last night, everyone was so baffled about Segye left Dojae, enrage and mad at Segye's selfishness. But today trending article is quite different because the top comment start to admit how they understand why Segye left despite the action is still consider selfish.
  20. @nisfii thank you he posted it right after the ending, might be to comfort the viewers after painful episode. Yes, I think when I watched Dojae's cry was far more painful and it did hit me so hard then when I watch Sehee's cry. They omit different feelings, Sehee's cry was due to his regret to let his love left him and he miss her, Dojae's cry was far more painful and helpless since his love leave him with no choice despite him holding on to her and now she left but he can't even picture her on his mind even if he miss her so much. It was good to saw Sehee break his stoic persona, but it is so painful to see dojae break down in tears hopelessly. @shjfan23 exactly. It was so quiet, only the sound of cry, it's even more painful because it's so raw.
  21. I don't want to watch the sub for episode 14 now. It was a torture when I watched it raw I don't want to go through that torture again before next episode On another note, there are 2 trending article on top 10 news which many people read now about Beauty Inside, the first one talking about Lee Minki amazing performance play dojae's emotional explosion after Segye left and The other one, about Segye whose love dojae so much but choose to leave him. The making is good, but not good enough to contain my sorrow I need more happy pills
  22. actually I'm sure viewers will be happy either way even if both of them remain the same as long as it's a happy ending. Beside, no matter what road the writer takes I'm sure there's always pros and cons, not everyone wants the same thing. I hope the writer stays true to her vision too despite her effort to satisfying the viewers. Though I must say, even if one or both of them really being cure in the end then it's okay too (for me), the message have been engrave thorough the series that they actually falling in love with each other even before all that, dojae already showing his part of how he will still love her no matter what state she is in and Segye actually fall for him because he is the only one who will call her "Segye" in every state she is (beside her 2 bestfriend). But yeah, a happy ending not necessarily mean they have to be cure. As long as they are being happily together, I'm sure that's what all of us want to see.
  23. This give me some kind of deja vu, hahaha.. thank you About whether Dojae's and Segye's condition being cure or not, I'm fine either way I just want a very happy ending for them together. But I've been thinking, since this drama is basically live-shooting now that they near the end, there's big possibility that the drama always reflect on the comment they got. Actually I've been seeing many top comments that wants Segi couple to have a happy ending, wishing that Dojae's and Segye's condition to be cure. So I think if they really go that road then it may be partly the feedback from what knets wants. It's the perk of non pre-produced drama, that they actually can give what their viewers wants the most. I mean, it's so suddenly happen that there's a way to cure Dojae, after 14 episode, after it's being mentioned a few times how it can't be cure and dojae have to accept it. Ah well it's kinda smooth tho because 5% probability for succeed with death as the worst possible outcome is justify how they said there's no cure. it's the same as wishing for miracle.
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