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  1. @Nanana85 me too, I finally pick up interest to watch one on-going drama, it is Priest (OCN drama, exorcism thriller). But well, its not like TBI where I would live streaming, then watch raw, then watch with sub, then re-watching, then checking clips on youtube and naver and watching behind the scenes... I'm back to just watching the episode once like normal and I still not interest to watch other romcom.. TBI syndrome still going strong for me.
  2. thank you seems like I will doing another round of re-watching TBI this weekend, I really miss Century Couple...
  3. @justright this is the videos that I submitted, few of them (especially the three videos of making films) was being sub/corrected by others too Now that I look back, seems like I favor kiss scenes more? ahahaha... just saw Gaon chart, and yes K.Will is #10 at digital chart for week 48, 2018. the only OST at top10 wow. http://www.gaonchart.co.kr/main/section/chart/online.gaon @BlissfulMoments yes yes, The OST The BGM of Beauty Inside are all good though. I'm thankful that people enjoyed the sub
  4. I'm guilty as charged I mean, the first time I watch it live I really lost count of how much they have ppoppo lol. was having a severe withdrawal from the finale week of TBI and need to do something to cope out with that empty feeling, I'm sure everyone here feel the same. I just can't hold myself back to not insert my fangirl heart watching Segye n Dojae I'm glad you find them entertaining. it takes about 2-3 days for JTBC to put up the cc subtitles after being submitted... I'm still listening to the osts too.. Btw Kwill "beautiful moment" still charting quite high in melon music.. The last time I saw it was #10 wow. For an ost to hold it place that long in melon chart wow..
  5. is this suppose to be confessing time again now @justright? because I have something to confess too, @BlissfulMoments that "internal screaming" person was me btw you watch every short clips repeatedly? and play it throughout the night... wow.. I remember that the first long passionate kiss without bts was being delete by JTBC an hour or two and being re-Upload.so actually the first hour view got delete too... still the shaving kiss is the sweet one
  6. This compilation clips "refreshing" savageness of Segye, Dojae and Sara hit 2.1 M views in 2 weeks, wow... usually for a 11 minutes long video compilation, it's kinda hard to reach million views..
  7. thank you for the translation @xxPeepsxx wow... they add 1 additional bonus, so there will be more content that what they originally plan @BlissfulMoments @pamela572 I don't think there's any, because it didn't being mentioned yet.
  8. on the other hand, Beauty Inside still at #1 for VOD (Video On Demand) drama category in week 4th of November Even after season finale, Beauty Inside still hold its place. Seems like I'm not the only one who have a hard time movin' on, huh? Cable TV VOD announced the ranking of November week 4th Movie and Broadcasting program VOD consist of 14 cable TVs with 7,5 Million subscribers (one world = Han Segye; page automatic translator ) credit
  9. check this link https://upm.search.naver.com/ContentsRcmd/Drama/P/Recommend?themeId=3041416 you can vote if you have naver account it is under the label of "시즌2가나왔으면하는드라마" more than 5k people vote for Beauty Inside drama to have season 2.. it's #1 drama that people wants the season 2 to come out..
  10. @shjfan23 you're welcome, and yes you should really start it's crazy hahaha, there's this one phrase from AJH in NJTTW this season and become really popular " this phrase often being top comment on Beauty Inside Naver TV videos, like this one "Michin a~ molla" I usually spent my Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for NJTTW and Beauty Inside, now beauty inside ends.. and NJTTW will end next week, I'm so when the bgm or ost is being played in variety show, that's just showing how popular the drama is.. so proud of Beauty Inside
  11. yes yes, agree.. though I don't think vacation reward will be announce this late. but I hope the casts plan to go on trip together next year will be go through As for the premier of mama fairy, I think the previous drama success is kind of boosting the rating too because 100 days my prince getting about 10% rating at the end of the episode run. And mama fairy is adopt from popular webtoon too. I don't know about the ratings now though but the last time I saw, the rating is not as high as the premiere. I just watch 1 episode though so I don't think i can elaborate. yes yes, excatly, I'm glad that SHJ accept the role of HSG because there will be no other can top her as Segye, about the award, that was from DCInside beauty inside gallery If I'm not mistaken, all 6 of them got one, and even the writer. No, I don't think so. Online viewing is not take into account of tv broadcasting rating. But we know that for the past two months, Beauty Inside videos is the one that was so popular on Naver, even the making always got their way to the top. this is tuesday.. and there was no Beauty Inside. There's like something missing in my heart, still no other drama can fill the void yet. I was like this when AOHY happen, when Goblin happen, and when FFMW happen hahaha. ah.. I'm New Journey To The West's fan too (ahn jae hyun variety show with Na PD) and the latest episode I hear 4 background song of Beauty Inside on NJTTW, I can recognize it right away. I love it...Beauty Inside is really popular. even Kwill "beautiful moment" ost still charting quite high for weeks
  12. @justright and All soompiers that is still lurking in this thread THIS IS THE FIRST MONDAY WITHOUT TBI I miss Segye and Dojae so much. and Woomi, and Sara, and Eunho, and Junghwan...all of them... Before I forget, I have something to confess, I was on OHYA ship way way back before on 2016, in my old account here But I quit before it's sinking because on some point after the drama end there was a feeling it wasn't meant to be. No biggie that just part of how life is, nonetheless SHJ still rock as an actress and I admire her a lot as individual, but of course as kdramalover, I have many favorites actress and actor (mostly actress though). Back to TBI, SHJ and LMK chemistry is so sizzling and it's tempting me everyday to ship I'm not gonna lie,lol! I dunno much about how LMK in behind the scene drama before because I never really shipping him, I love his drama and movie a lot but I never watch the behind the scene video. But for SHJ, in my opinion she is always this friendly and nice to everyone. She is like a vitamin , LMK on the other hand I love that he is comfortable and have fun around her and also so sweet too. what I'm saying is, for me words like hope and expectation is always there, before any of them known to be taken. About the rating, I dunno if this will shed some light but the previous drama (Life) was broadcasting on 11 pm (it was airing after all the representative of monday-tuesday drama on nation TV like SBS, MBC, and KBS airing time, not in the same slot), while TBI broadcast in near the same slot as other dramas on nation TV channel (nation TV drama broadcast at 10 pm, TBI at 9.30 pm) so what I'm saying is, it's tougher because TBI was in for the competition (the first for JTBC). Consider this new time slot for JTBC monday-tuesday, TBI in my opinion was doing great. They started with not so bad rating (2,8%) for cable channel and going up from there and by the end of episode it scored double rating and the highest rating during airing time even reach 7%. As their buzzworthy ranking is always on top10 too from the start, and eventually become #1 in the last 3 weeks, so I'm sure the sponsor is happy, because the drama was being hype up higher and higher as time goes by rather than being died down. SHJ and LMK is such an ideal duo for RomCom, whoever cast them together for TBI is a genius I would like to give him/her an award last but not least, there will always a different idea and POV, but we are feeling the same after all, that we in this together even after the drama end because we love the drama and the casts and this is all such a happy memories for us
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