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  1. Hi, it's been so long to hear from you guys. There's rumor that The Tomb Note Return will be airing in this August. Can't wait for his Wu Xie. Here's a beautiful video clip from Orange_JULoooong's weibo https://m.weibo.cn/6600691271/4403147793973909
  2. My True Friend weibo said that it's going to air this Sunday, May 19!!!!!!!! Jing Ran's really coming !!!!!!!!
  3. Truly sorry for not checking carefully before posting the link here. The download links still work but sadly the videos have bad quality and no Engsub. Watching raw video seems to be the only choice now. Sorry again for the absurd link.
  4. Check this link http://fastdrama.me/love-for-three-lifetimes
  5. @Leigh PerryHe doesn't die in As Flowers Fade and Fly Across The Sky. I think the ending is just a screenwriter's bad job, ignore it and enjoy the show. I want to share this clip with you all. This is Chi Rui in Love for Three Lifetimes, the coolest in all of ZYL's characters and my favorite one. This drama has many things to be criticized in my opinion, but Chi Rui is just so good!!!
  6. Have you watched The Princess Is Back (Royal Sister Returns)? You can search it on YouTube. This is an unbearably dramatic TV series, lol. At least, ZYL's character has a happy ending. Or you can try As Flowers Fade And Fly Across The Sky. I think this is your only choice if you're looking for a bright and funny character from ZYL . This drama also has a terrible screenplay (for my taste) , and he just plays a subordinate role, but I can look at his handsome face and forget all about the script, lol.
  7. I just want to share this video. He walks in like a big boss and then.... gets lost hahaha. So cute!!!!
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