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  1. I really love Fluttering Warning's ost 1-7. Has been listening a lot of dem lately. Patiently waiting for our YEH's next project. GOD Bless YEH!
  2. After watching d ost "Because I like you", i just realised how much i love our otp. D remaining episodes let them be an uplifting ones n more fluttering moments between our otp. They'r d Best n i love them so much.
  3. What i like about YEH is she dares to be different even if it means at times she needs to be ugly for certain scene, for e.g. sad scene, etc. She always changes herself or style like a chameleon. Everyone has a choice whether to watch dis drama or not. If you feel you cannot stand the actor or actress, just quit watching. Do you know her long earrings are now a trend everywhere? I will always support FW and the whole casts. As a whole, they work as a team. GOD Bless FW!
  4. Why do we need to care so much about what others think of YEH. To me she's so beautiful in every way, inside & outside. As for ep 10 of FW, the direction of the story may go this way for a reason. Wait till we see ep 11 to see how things unfold. Don't let negativity bothers us fans. As i mentioned before YEH is not altogether perfect but her imperfection is the one that makes me able to identify with her and love her. GOD grants her success in everything that she does. GOD Bless FW too!
  5. I've been waiting for days for ep 8 eng sub. My country cannot access viki. Just realised that AsianFall alrdy got ep 8 subbed. In case, any of you are interested.
  6. @asteria1003 Ya, the ost sounded like YEH's voice, like in "My fair lady". Could it really be her? As you said, it cold be my wishful thinking.
  7. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. But in episode 8, I truly like it that the OTP get back early rather than the prolong heartache. The most beautiful part of this show is when the OTP spend their time together. Their smiles can lit up the whole city. Can truly feel their love and closeness evnthru my screen. I know the angst are coming and looking forward to see how they overcome it together.
  8. If anyone knows where I can watch ep8 with eng sub, pls do share. Really2x love this show. GOD Bless all the team members!
  9. Eversince Goong days n all her other drama projects, YEH has been receiving backlash from antis but she still stand firm and relevant till these days. She is a wonderful person as we all know. Thus, as an ardent fan of hers, i will continue to support her in all her endeavour. The showbiz world is real and there is a lot politics/ backstabbing going on. Only GOD knows! GOD Bless YEH always!
  10. I've watched all the episodes with eng sub at kseries.net.
  11. I've also rewatched the previous episodes with eng sub and in certain scenes, i really feel her because it also speaks of her life indirectly. Eventhough i've watched the episodes several times, i still shed tears at the same scene. I like her acting a lot together with all the casts. Can feel their closeness and bonding. Hwaiting YEH & team n GOD Bless u all!
  12. I've watched ep 4 four times but too bad on most websites, the english sub are incomplete. Would have loved to understand fully what our main leads are conversing. OMG...Really2x love this show. Seeing our main leads interaction really make me smile. Looking forward to livestream next week.
  13. So glad to be able to watch YEH acting again. Normally, i'll watch Fluttering Warning twice to better understand the show and i can really feel her acting. Her style is so different and i really like her sense of uniqueness. Overall, the casts are also good. The clothes are all so beautiful and so is her acting. GOD Bless this drama and the whole team members.
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