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  1. For the info the legend of Fei won 3 tencent awards being most commercially valuable, audience favourites and best episode.
  2. She looks fresher and younger, full of vitality. I think for June, she will concentrate on having a good rest while choosing good scripts and maybe settling her own personal issues, especially she has just divorced. She told the fans during longines event yesterday that this 3 events had been pushed by her several times.
  3. She took her time to peruse scripts carefully and leisurely. When her fan asked about her new project she replied that she will work and take rest, to ensure that she has a quality life.
  4. I would love to watch her action film. Hope she will pick up a good production. She looks good in her new selfie.
  5. It's quite a feat to be able to hook the attention of audience in less than 30 minutes drama. This drama, in term of a story is just a simple plot, but because of strong casts, it left a strong impression on the viewers. She needs this strong momentum to embark on her journey to be an impressive actress.
  6. She is always a good actress. Portrays her characters very well. She got good reviews & the rating was very high. She needs good scripts to shine What happened before was, she signed for good stories, but they got butchered by greedy & unscrupulous producers (as happened in Fei & glamorous time).
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble. Just got news that Happiness will be on air on October this year.
  8. Well, it's just announced to be broadcasted on 27/5 at 7.30 pm.
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