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  1. Does anybody have the translation for the preview? Where did DR's stepmum get that money? I like that she gave it back and threw it in MIL's face. Maybe stepmum can be a better mum niw and stand up for DR like she never did before.
  2. I hate it when DR wears that apron around. Back to square one, indeed. DR is a housewife.
  3. In my opinion its ok for DR and WDR to divorce. Their relationship brings no growth or depth to the caracters. DR deserves to grow, continue her studied, have a job, meet people. Not just go to the market, cook, clean and serve. Oh, yes, and if on good terms with MIL, have her nails done and a facial. She is not happy in that house and doesn't develop as a person.
  4. I really like this drama and I love themain couple. But I still believe UEE is too thin and looks unhealthy. I know it's everybody's right to be as this or as fat as they please, but she just looks unhealthy and this promotes a dangerous model for young people. I know koreans have a thing for being thin. I know in fashion shows in France, they have prohibited models with a BMI lower than a certain number. Maybe korean industry should be more responsible.
  5. That's the part I want to see. Wouldn't want the drama to go in the direction of the previous kbs drama My Golden Life, where there was so much suffering for the main couple.
  6. Like telling her to rush to the restaurant to bring him an envelope, knowing she wouldn't come otherwise. And she seems to be telling him to stop. But he is ignoring that. I know it should be a nice pretty love story there, but she seems uninterested.
  7. It is me or, there is something wrong in the way Director Wang is courting DR. Abusing his power, his status as her boss. The actor is doing a great job playing a very respectful, cute and polite man, but I still have the feeling there is some harrassing in there.
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