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  1. @nohamahamoud2002The Jury is still out. Present conjecture is maybe he is Secretary Ku's son seeing the level of 'devotedness' of the guy to DIL Madam. I kinda like SJ though and would wish that he has the comfort of being legitimate at least.
  2. Hahaha. Don't hold your breath. I doubt they will get smarter in this drama. I have resigned myself to reading the development on the forum and consider the drama a descent into clown circus
  3. Really. All the puppy eyes from the guy and she is clueless. Quite annoying to watch. That SJ mom is one blood thirsty vampire. My suspicion is that she has something to do with the loss of memory of TP's adoptive aunt seeing the level of terror she displayed each time her memory is probed. But my concern is that Yu jung/ TP identified YJ bodyguard/driver/the man who knows where the bodies were buried from the picture submitted for investigation while the . I am just curious why none of them had made any connection about the guy.
  4. That would work for me. From the onset, I kept calling him the choir boy. That face really look like that of a choir boy
  5. Going through your comment again reminded me of how he totally neglected baby Minwo while married to TP. Only TP showed the baby parental love before YJ adopted him. What an evil woman. She doesn't deserve another pregnancy!
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