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  1. Actually, it is interesting in final episode he was using right, but then when he was holding knife and walk towards scar face he put it in hís left hand. Also, Kim Nam Gil himself uses his right hand to type stuff on phone and push heart when live. Maybe he's ambidextrous or uses one hand for certain things. I do everything with my right hand, but hold chopsticks or eat with left.
  2. haha sounds like an expensive cast. Although, maybe it'll turn out to be good bromance. Chief Kim can do some of the thinking since Hae Il is more action person.
  3. Haha my Chinese friend translate it pretty literal too. Maybe it's something for undercover. Maybe it'll go full circle and he'll follow father Lee's advice and finally get treatment so the wound will heal correctly. I'm just saying after all this he'll definitely need therapy.
  4. @gm4queen you're right they are cute too. The balloon so innocent and pure looking. He has to bend down so much to kiss her though.
  5. hihi @gm4queen I suspect the one to the right smiling so happily at the fact.
  6. @gm4queen yes definitely from lie to me. it's one of my first kdramas. Thanks for sharing.
  7. love this candid picture..so cute @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @gm4queen @Heidi Seow
  8. We've been on roller coaster and maybe back to other extreme in finale Side note he's really enjoying that meat. Got to have energy to catch the bad guys.
  9. Ok, now that I actually watch the ep with sub. I really wish that his alliance with Hwang was a bit longer so that he can eliminate one enemy instead of having 2 at the same time. I mean it must be the shortest official alliance ever with nothing really happening or beneficial. Now with only 2 eps left I wonder if that would cost Hae Il something else.
  10. Hihi sometime I have some mixed feeling when watching the show. While I get sometime it's for comedy effect, but some stuff seems out of place or could be written a bit better. Hwang needs to have a new label instead of evil since we say scar face is true evil. Be cool to have soon to be reform, grey character or something. What do you guys think would be more fitting? Hard to match when we see him visit his always to be "sister" in jail and the scene after where he denies working with prosecutor Park. I do hope he wasn't really behind father's Lee death. The scene with SS practicing his martial arts was cool, but anyone notice it was a playground. I just can imagine him scaring some kid or both kid/parent being out there shirtless like that. They can have him all serious and then have comedy of such a scene after. I can't help rofl laughing with the can camera setup on a tree. I know our bad guys aren't bright, but that is another level. I also crackup at the fiery lunchbox. I guess that can always be his side business with SS if things don't work out with priesthood too. Sometimes I wish they make more use of Hae Il's experience in NIS or special force beside his fighting skills. If he didn't barge in there without a plan, I know we wouldn't get the cool fighting scene with duo. It just would be nice to see him maybe putting blanks in scar face gun while he was pass out too, or have something to jam the jamming signal stufff on truck or stop it from working in the first place. Just something to demonstrate he was once a top former agent. Show not over yet so maybe we'll still have a chance.
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