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  1. @Heidi Seow Wow Little Forest beat ROS. I wonder if it's because it is newer. I Live Alone kind of hit or miss so interesting number 1.
  2. first the bracelet now the flower. Poor seojin, but at lease she is a kid with loyalty wink @Lawyerh. Lol and is there a story behind new profile pic?
  3. Yea talk about lost in translation. I think it was more she had 4 wishes and he can use it on brother, her friend.. Although, it was still pretty bad when he straight out say her soul was worthless so minus points for that. I'm mad, but there are many stories like that. You save your close ones first, make the bad guy think you surrender, then find solution as you go. As long as it was always in the plan to save her somehow it would of been more easily forgivable.
  4. @Lawyerh hihi I had the ice cream maker toy as a kid like mouse said. However, we teach kids to do it at school all the time for experiment. Their problem is proportion or science. Should take 5-10 minutes at most with plastic bags.
  5. When we pick partners who have professions related to the public, it is somewhat expected that we are pretty much sharing our partner. However, like you said I thought it was extreme to have no news at all. I don't think his actions are being inconsistent with his character though. Usually, when he is leaving out information: 1. protecting someone, 2. taking the punishment Example) The whole euthanization thing, no matter how good his intention was it is still debatable and has some consequences toward others (pain to nurse). This is why he didn't tell anyone and just go to prison. Even though in his mind, he knew he did it for relationship with SY, but he also cause her pain so he wasn't making an excuse. He just let her decide so in that sense he's giving the power back to her. Also, he was on his way back to her anyway. There might of been a chance he would of came clean. I guess we won't know. I'm just going to be happy that things work out.
  6. lol yea add on I would of pick this very moment
  7. Lets not forget Perfume. 1:28
  8. I'm with @Lawyerh can be independent woman, but always swoon by knight in shining armor ordeal.
  9. @triplem Yea, i was hoping the devil's plan backfire. In turning HR back, maybe then he will realize it's not so bad living as SDC. Although, I know many 66 years old, and they don't look like SDC either so I feel like they overdid it with aging especially if we look at LCR. Maybe the story will turn into saving the Devil as well since he also has a lesson to learn. Since the story of Devil also kind of different, it would be interesting if HR also was his reason for his fall from grace and he is a newly turned Devil. This would also explain his lack of knowledge and relationship with HR. I just fine his argument that all humans are evil weird since his thing is about punishment to evil and sparing good to begin with.
  10. Haha yea I was thinking same about never seeing that brand. I think it's great because usually when there's older kids and little ones people tend to focus on the younger ones and sg manage to have good balance. This was especially sweet.
  11. @Lawyerh Funny I was thinking of you during mask scene. Did it have same effect as bb cream or just funny to you? @Joonminshipper Brooke still caught both Yi Han and LSJ's attention when she came though. Plums are easier to prepare than squid
  12. The Devil's way of giving HR an incentive or strengthen his resolve in honoring the contract. Reminding him of what is at stake and one of the reasons why he sign it in the first place.
  13. Exactly, he risk dying sooner just to stay being a doctor so it's definitely an important part of his life. I never thought the future with her is totally out of the question. He just need time to set some stuff straight or figure things out.
  14. Yea, I get where you are coming from. It would be nice if things were clear cut, but that might make drama shorter too or literally take the "drama" out. It's just like you said how can she not fall for him when he's handsome and romeo-like. The reverse can be true. In the beginning, he said she would wear herself out trying so hard. He was literal and try to put up walls. It's easier said than done to be so cold to someone that is literally chasing you at times especially when you're in a weaken state and things just keep getting worse. Even if he was to put it like that, I'm not sure it would stop her either to tell you the truth. She'll probably see it like us that he's trying to protect her like she's been doing. I think frostfire describe it very well. Lets just hope writer give us a good lesson learn and satisfying conclusion.
  15. There's another thing to point out. I do believe that being with a sick person has more to it than just only pain and sorrow. However, SY wasn't talking about lets be together and whatever happens happen. Everything she was telling him, especially in the last episode was more on healthier side. Not doubting that she can be there for him, but she's projecting out that expectation/hope/wish. Being someone in SY's shoes or pretty similar except for the fact that guy never told anyone he was sick. The only person that knew was his family, and I think it is probably because it is unavoidable. While, I think it is sad, I can't fault a guy for being "nice" or just a decent person with manners. I knew what I was getting into and I didn't really have any expectation because he never mention/promise anything. I was just there if he needed support. I think that choice is sad, but free will. SY volunteer and maybe it's a hope, but whether it is reciprocated or how is a different matter. Some of the things that were mentioned about him stringing her along like: 1. Picking on her in prison-I thought there was a good post on that early on. He had to act a certain way to be heard. Actually, he mess with all the medical officers before so that's nothing new. He cares for the patient. Calling her was easier then repeating the situation to someone else. 2. Following her in the rain-She happen to cross his path first. He already spotted her not being alright at the stairs. After being the person that got her to confront the situation with her father, she got slapped. He might feel partly guilty. She almost left country once because of it who knows what she would do next. Even as a colleague I would check up on her. 3. Busting in to save her during breakout episode-Well she was stuck in there with Mr. sometime misdiagnose. I don't even trust the usual doctors there. I don't know I just felt it's all legitimate reasons to care for someone. Stringing her along to me would be more like asking her to go out to the movies or vacation, and asking her about hypothetical scenarios/future. Even in dating, the beginning stages is testing the waters and seeing if you fit well into each other lives before you move on to the next phase. So instead of seeing it as him running away, I just interpret more as he's trying to be realistic/honest. All that said, I still root for them being there for each other.
  16. Yea, I care for SY too, and I guess more disappointed at CYH choices. It was just alarming how it was starting to sound like from Romeo to straight out jerk or just plain selftish with CYH from the comments. However, there were times when I felt he needed to be comforted, but took care of her first. Like she said, she rather him say it was painful and that he's hurt. He never dealt or express how he felt so he hasn't even dealt with his own emotions properly. For someone, that took care of himself so well all this time, but started to become reckless with his health-this might be the reason. I don't fault SY for that because then she got his back later. Some of SY stuff is starting to get better like her sister was even helping to hook them up from preview. Her mom even came to the rescue with GS. CYH stuff is rolling in nonstop and so fresh so that's why I'm trying to wait and see. I just felt like we lost sight of what made this couple great. They help each other be better, and maybe this is another demonstration of that. I'm hoping that the writer will continue with this streak anyway.
  17. Yea, for me it's understandable. First of all, he still have to go through an interview so it's not even finalize. Maybe it was a rumor, and then people found out by accident as in most kdramas, but possible he still intended her to be the first to know on list. I don't expect him to act normal. It's amazing he's even as collected as he is where most people would literally fall apart. He's been through so much back to back. The sickness that he is hiding for the longest time is reveal, he just have a new sickness that can stop him from being a doctor from what little remaining time he has left, his patient was murder by cherubim, and there's Gi Seok. Give the guy some time to process and a break. I understand the part about being a Guardian and wanting to share the pain as a close love one. This doesn't necessarily make the patient more comfortable in seeing their loved ones hurt. Before there was a post about him not doing his routine checkup because he wants to feel normal. Since she found out about him being sick, she has been very overprotective/worry as he mentioned. It's cute and all, but once again he's reminded maybe even more so that he's sick. He's a scientist and she literally wrote don't be sick so it wasn't any surprise to me that he's even more determine to check Cleveland out. To me it's more about increasing the probability vs some fairy tale. It's not like he's going to meet or date anyone.
  18. Well technically Ryu already has HR's soul so that would not be a good deal for him. Also, in the grand scheme of things, his father said he doesn't win simply by taking souls. It has to be Ha Rip as someone mentioned before because there might be a loophole since what he did really was for his son. Sure he had other selfish wishes, but that was the deciding factor. HR intentionally taking IG's soul, then would negate this sacrificial act. Also, since IG is falling for him. HR might also be the only one that can corrupt the first grade soul. Ryu's point was to always show how horrible humans are.
  19. Well with that I'm hoping there is some kind of twist because we know the Devil don't know all. He tells part truths or leave stuff out sometime too. What if Luka wasn't meant to die or still could survive regardless. Also, sometime sacrifice is the greatest act and maybe that act is the key in HR saving himself. The devil also has his own lessons to learn. 1. He was not abandoned. 2. Humans are more complicated than he thinks and once he learned this he will start to suffer. (Maybe he'll also have a change of heart)
  20. hihi @Lawyerh you notice those last few pics he's with Brooke. I knew it from first time they lay eyes on each other since first ep. The connection is strong .
  21. YG and HR are perfect mirror of each other on different side of the spectrum. You can see it in the story, but also through the song that she transform from his. Where he started chasing a painful dream she doesn't see hers as sadness at all. I think the story is depicted beautifully with their connection too because her dream kind of revolves or includes him. He was her refuge first and now she can be his. So in view of the big picture from many angles I am not upset with the story thus far. I know HR's plans lately have some people disappointed and booing. However, when the time comes and he actually sees YG being hurt or bully, he genuinely reacts both in past and present. I crack up so much about how he worries so much about what she thinks of him at her place too. Btw the person that thinks he is HR"s son seem the most innocent to me. I don't count amnesiac man yet because he might be human.
  22. Yea, I think it's very much needed. Speaking of personal experience. My nephews and nieces are too attached to electrical devices (ipad, cellphones, switch). I'm just amaze when I see how these kids haven't complain one bit or missing any of those things. I'm also not surprise that Seung Gi is good with kids. In Hwayugi even though he has no scenes with baby, he was the one holding/calming the baby. Kids also love him in 1N2D. He said he can play with them all day, but taking care of them is different. That's why I was also proud with the milk thing. Yea, Lee Seo Jin also cute with the twins in ep 2. Twins are endearing too with their sweet singing and seem well behave or orderly with brushing etc. I think they match with his energy because instead of being crazy running around constantly, they can sit in room and play too so not as tiring.
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