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  1. hi, thank you for the correction, perhaps I misread the translation, anyway do you read the Chinese novel version? That’s cool,,I wish there would be English translation very soon, I can’t find it even in Amazon ,, that’s s depressing
  2. hi, I think I heard the emperor said Shaoning is the 5th child and NingYan is 4th child, so Shaoning literally NingYi big sis, so we miss prince number 8 and 9. ^^
  3. ^^ That 7th prince is no fun indeed, but I notice, from the first time he enters the court , he’s paying attention, he is low key observing NingYi.
  4. Hi, thank you for starting this topic, I found #trop drama fully inadvertently, never seen trailers or news about it ,whatsoever. I was just skimming Netflix and found #trop title and thumbnail gave sort of dark cues and looked intriguing. Then that’s that, it’s now one of favorites. I’ve read many comments about #trop, mostly about slow paced at beginning, but in my humble opinion, it is how the script wants to introduce our main leads, NingYi and ZhiWei. The cues are too strong, first impression their characters are gravely tricky and complex. Both NingYi and Zhiwei simply child prodigy, they scheme things at their very young age. NingYi acts a strategist at the age of 8. While Zhiwei if you all notice in episode 2, she fakes her tears in front of many people so that her family allowed to stay in her uncle house, she’s just 8 yo too I guess. I truly love these sort of equal male and female leads. It reminds me one of my favorites manga characters Tsukushi and Domyoji from Hana Yori dango. So, at the end of day, #trop drama is a hq content. Some fans probably dislike the sad ending, some fans are ok, I guess I’m the second one. As for me, usually I have second male lead syndrome, when the story has many love interests, but ChenKun just awes me from episode 1 to 70. Probably because he has more scenes than the other competitors or he’s just too hot to handle ^^ (squeal). NiNi also cool, she’s lovely and cute, she’s no Barbie girl look, but she has a fresh look, and she portrays Zhiwei very well. Ps: im still waiting English translation for the novel,,,patiently ^^
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