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  1. Reading all your messages makes me misses them so badly. When am i gonna see them together? (Crying me) lets pray that both of them will win an award and their respective agencies will allow them both to show up
  2. I read a post on twitter that even before WWWSK were cast out there was already a post in Naver that PSJ is dating PMY, is this true?
  3. Guys how to post pictures here? I have a picture here that needs to be clarified PS it will make you giggle
  4. I dont have knowledge about their culture but there is something about them. Base from what I read with the previous post and from what I observe, their careers are much more important than their lovelife. Fans want to see them together but both are doing their best to avoid each other. Lets just not expect anything from them
  5. Hello guys, its my first time here. I enjoyed reading all your sentiments and concerns. Im just a new fan of PPC since WWWSK ended couple of months ago. I look forward to know about them through you.
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