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  1. Have you seen the entire interview ig sonyejin.love posted (the newest one)? I downloaded the link this owner provided and it feels strange when yejin said "There's a man inside me" .. she said too many strange things ....
  2. My wish too for them in the same drama for a long time now..I mean why not? How come they never casted them in a drama before. I just don't understand. If I'm rich enough, I will invest in a production for them to be in the same drama
  3. Yejin is really a ninja..how did she hide from all the reporters waiting for her at the airport? I wonder if she came home the same time as hb. .. hb was covering up for her while he showed his face at the airport and yj took the back route? Did someone say she went home 1 day after hb?
  4. Kng-syj were in drama Shark. The ending was tragic that’s why many viewers didn’t like it. I personally love it. The chemistry of the leads was awesome. Everyone said SYJ-hi’s chemistry was the best but I don’t agree. She had good chemistry with every costars. With Hae in, I think more viewers like it because of the sweet love story that easily connected with them. I thought the kisses between SYJ-hi were a bit awkward. The kisses with kng were so natural. My personal opinion of couse
  5. Nothing yet..I'm checking everyday about Pirates 2. KNG looks sad lately..he doesn't tease his costars as he did with syj before. He used to be so funny during interviews but I watched his recent interview about his new movie with bestie um ji won, he looked a bit sad. The FMV above is lovable. I remember this video owner made a similar video about syj-hi
  6. They knew Yejin returned to sk around 1-29 or 1-30 because bestie Gong said Yejin attended her new movie vip premiere. In the latest post, they were talking about how hb and yj look a little chubby, probably because of several trips to grocery shopping (lol). They also discussed only 5 people in the picture (posted on bestie Gong 's ig but there were many glasses on the table...just for 5 (?)... It's quite interesting how people pay so much attention on small details
  7. In US, unless it's religious beliefs, people don't wear masks or cover their faces in public. So I don't know if this fact will make a difference on the discussion about them not covering their faces.
  8. Cr: Binnie Jinnie New year we are Asian will talk about horoscopes. Those who read horoscopes usually ask about love line or marriage date. There are many people curious about 2 hot people hb-yj's zodiac. I'm a fan of both, and yj's fan since her debut. Even though they denied dating rumors, and this is my private channel, but if they happen to watch this clip, I say their zodiac signs are matching very well. Hyun Bin was born on September 25, 1982, which is the date of the Horse, the month of the Rooster, and the year of the Dog. Son Ye Jin was born on January 11, 1982, which is the date of the Horse, the month of the Ox, and the year of the Rooster. They are the same age, but according to the Chinese calendar, 1 is the year of the Dog and 1 is the year of Rooster. So they are extremely well-matched. If they are not lovers right now, it's really good if hb pursues yj. They will compliment each other well and very precious to each other. Lady Samsil predicted in 2020 these two zodiac signs would get married. If they get married earlier, it's possible they will break up. So getting married late will be better. If the dating goes well this year, they can get married next year. Many knetz said they make a beautiful couple and support them. Right now both of them said they are not in that relationship which is causing a lot of disappointment. I support them together, beautiful and talented couple. It's great if they are really dating. I may make Son Ye Jin uncomfortable for saying this --> if she's not dating, she will become like one of us (fortune tellers) . She is beautiful, good at acting, and her energy is strong. If her dating is going well, her tension will be loosened a bit. It will be amazing if both come together, lady Samsil said, and even better if they get married and have wonderful children. Then the fortune teller talked about the idol couple just recently revealed by Dispatch after only 1 month dating KA and JE. He said people will throw rocks at him for saying this --> he predicted they will have to break up. They will not last long together as a couple according to their zodiac signs. You probably know the answer by now. In conclusion, this fortune teller is really supporting hb-yj. Last time there was another fortune teller said they will get married per their zodiac signs. Another one this time. They both have their own private channel so they must be 2 different fortune tellers The writer said their faces match well and their zodiac signs also match well...hb-yj...what you think
  9. I'm not sure when they started to be friends but they talked about each other a lot since 2012 on different TV channels. They even wore matching shoes and dresses. I'll translate the horoscope part later because the terms are quite difficult. I'm not used to all the terms for the animals and stars in horoscopes but I'll try my best
  10. Cr: Binnie Jinnie **Skip the greetings part** Not only people saw Yejjn and Hyunbin in US at the beginning of January like the news were talking about, some actually also saw them in SK around November 2018. Then the supermarket pictures revealed. At that time, reporters believed they will admit dating because of the pictures, but they still denied firmly. The reporters have tried to find out why they were in US but their agencies only stated personal trip. They also asked about the relationship of the acquaintances who were with them but only got the silence from their agencies. The reporters are very suspicious based on these vague responses. Some said it would be better to meet the acquaintances at the restaurant rather than at the supermarket. So their conclusion is leaning more towards the two people went to supermarket to get daily supplies + snacks + cooking ingredients for both, rather than for a whole group. Hong Seok-chon (a bald guy who has wide relations) said celebrities usually meet their friends through SNS communication. So this can possibly happen, especially they went to the supermarket without covering their face. Aren't they too confidence (not afraid to be exposed if someone see them together )? Another reporter said maybe because this is not the first time and they probably came to the same supermarket several times with no obvious threats so they felt somewhat comfortable without using masks. One female dancer or singer said she also met her colleague in US. They also met their acquaintances and all of them went to eat and then to the supermarket just like yj-hb's case. Both weren't dating. Another female reporter responded based on her personal experience. If 2 famous celebrities who already had dating rumor had their pictures taken together outside the country like that, the chances of them dating is really high. Then she talked about how everyone supports them being together as a couple. Then they talked about the movie "Negotiation". Yj-hb are enemies in the movie but they look very close during the promotion period. The reporters also mentioned that during an interview last year, YJ honestly said I'm not always working without dating. Her ideal type is someone who she's comfortable with, reliable, and gives her good attention, also someone who is hard working, enthusiastic, and take good care of himself. In conclusion, this is yj-hb's privacy so even if they are dating or not, they are currently denying so we just have to believe that. The celebrities say it's possible for friends to meet abroad in the supermarket. On the other hand, the reporters are not convinced and continued to keep their suspicious. The writer's opinion : Hong Seok Chon said 2 celebrity friends from the same city can communicate through SNS to meet outside of the country is possible ~ this part doesn't make sense because hb doesn't have SNS, it's even more impossible for hb to find where yj is through the 1st dating rumor and then met her there with a few acquaintances to talk about the "nonsense" dating rumor about them.....etc...
  11. |News| 201•02•04 Gong Hyo Jin Shares How A Conversation With Son Ye Jin Changed Her Life Gong Hyo Jin shared an interesting anecdote about how a conversation with fellow actress Son Ye Jin completely changed her approach to her career. Gong Hyo Jin is celebrating her 20th debut anniversary this year, having kicked off her career with “Whispering Corridors 2” in 1999. Despite already having a long and illustrious career under her belt, Gong Hyo Jin candidly confessed that she’s still had moments when she wasn’t sure about her future as an actress. She stated that in these moments, she often turned to her fellow actresses to share her concerns. One story she highlighted was a conversation she had with Son Ye Jin, who she described as someone who inspires her to rethink her mindset about a lot of things. Gong Hyo Jin said, “It was about eight or nine years ago. I told her that I didn’t think I’ll be able to be an actress for a long time. She replied back, ‘I’m going to keep doing this till I’m a grandma,’ and ‘There’s no job like this. No one can tell us to retire.'” Gong Hyo Jin explained, “That’s when I realized something. I loved this job so much but I was so scared of the loneliness I’d feel if the public turned their back on me that I was already preparing to let it go. But here Son Ye Jin was, working hard to do her best till the end.” She said that single conversation with Son Ye Jin completely changed how she approached her job, and that she worked hard to fix her mindset of running away before she got hurt. She smiled as she said, “I finally realized what I was doing. I really wanted to take all the interviews I did back then and erase them. What is my mindset now? I want to spend my entire life as an actress.” Source (1)
  12. @cybertron hehehe.. saw your post earlier but didn’t get a chance to translate for you. It seems like someone on IG did
  13. There’s a recent story about SK singer HyunA who had a dating rumor with another singer E’dawn from Kpop boyband pentagon. Their agencies strongly denied the dating rumor but HyunA thought she needs to be honest to her fans so she admitted on her personal SNS. Both got contracts terminated from their agencies. Source (1) They just recently got contract with PSY’s agency. I cannot understand why dating is given celebrities such a hard time like that
  14. Great quote! sk keeps posting the same story about them. Sometimes I feel like ads or PR If all 3 attend Baeksang..it would cause commotion I cannot imagine it
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