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  1. I love Ashes of Love, but I might not watch season 2 at all. I usually dislike children story continuation. It just never as good as ma and pops. Now, if the focus is on RY, maybe I'll watch because his whole character is just a sad mess of tragedy from beginning to end. Would have love for him to get some happy ending. But that's just wishful thinking.
  2. Me too. One thing RotP done right is the dynamics between siblings and father and sons. It was enjoyable to watchas they go plotting behind each other's back, yet when face to face have to pretend they like each other. And even if they all know the other is acting innocent, they can't rebut it. Oh Shaoning. Even though I can't come to like her character because she gullible and doesn't seem to have a mind of her own. Like her character is programmed with only the one purpose: killing Ning You. Really almost no dimensions. But, still
  3. I ve just stumbled upon an eng sub of an interview with Chen Kun talking a bit about his character as Ning Yi and also Nini. He's so enjoyable. Ning Yi is a drama queen. Haha. And now I finally understand the razor remarks several pages back.
  4. RE: DVD I would love to buy the DVD and OST too. Hopefully with Netflix licensing it, will make the publisher more inclined to release an English sub version too. There's a couple other drama I want in DVD too. And, I also noticed that the DVD release for most other recent drama takes about 1-2 months after broadcasting the final episode. Also, I would use yesasia.com for purchasing Chinese drama (if it any version other than US) because people upscale the pricing on Amazon since the DVD is sold from the marketplace and not exactly from Amazon. Like, Ten Mile Peach Blossom DVD with eng sub (only the Malaysian version have English sub) is priced ~$80 on Amazon, but ~$50 on yesasia.com. I have also wondered if there's other site other legitimate site like yesasia.com that sells asian produced entertainment media too.
  5. At first Chen Kun wasn't exactly on my radar, but I watched anyway because he wasn't exactly not good looking. In fact, I'm just somehow drawn to strong bone structure like his and of course his mesmerizing smirk too. But, what really pulls me in is him with his long hair down. Lol. I kid you not, I mostly watch period drama and most guys cannot pull off the plain hair down look. But, Chen Kun looks amazing. It's like feminine, but very many. I can't explain, it's just pretty to look at. Lol. And with a little movement he's able to push his long hair out of his face. That's talent! It's so sad to hear how under appreciate this series is. And, the attacks on Chen and Nini. I know haters just going to hate, but sometimes it's like people don't recognize the talents of the people they have. They both did amazing, and I don't think anyone else could have done any better. Chen Kun's and Nini's dynamics is the reason I stick around until the end. Considered I'm picky when it comes to political show and can drop it at the drop of a hat if anything just doesn't sit right with me. The casts of RotP are brilliant. As for NiF, I watched the first season and remember it was enjoyable, but gosh I couldn't get past the first episode of season 2. Maybe, one day, I'll try it again. One day.
  6. No sorry. I would also like to know too. Just find it odd that they didn't include that in the ost.
  7. I'll take the other ending to this abominations ending that we got instead. Whose bright idea to think we'll get sad instead of angry. If I remember correctly didn't Ning Yi said multiple times that he'll do anything she wants? The only thing he asked was for her to convince the dacheng people to submit to tianseng so that there will be peace. Also, there's a scene Zhiwei told someone that she's the only one who can keep Ning Yi under control. But, then the next thing she went and offed herself. So, who's going to keep Ning Yi under control now? XDD I feel like she became illogical, or her character changed, after the death of her princely brother. Zhiwei was still logical when master Zong is killed, when her foster family was killed, but suddenly lose it when her strangers of a process brother is killed. Then she just completely blame Ning Yi for everything, and herself for the death of blood pogonda As for the oath, I don't think Ning Yi care a much about it. He hears it, but he won't stop just because it. I think Zhiwei wants to marry him too deep down. She just can't do it herself, but will accept it if he did it. The scene when she loses her memory, she was happy to heard that he married her, even though it wasn't really Ning Yi. Anyway, I still love the show despite the mishap of the last 10 or so episodes. /// I like the song that play when Ning Yi walked up the snowy stairs. But that song isn't on the ost. I wonder why.
  8. I approve of a second season with alternative timeline too. BUT I still want my long hair Chen Kun, so I want them during dynasty era again. And yes for happy ending damnit!! Is that too much to ask for... >____<
  9. Usually I'm one of those that'll complain or not even giving such long drama a chance. Funny that some 40-50 episodes drama makes me feel like it's too long and draggy. But, this drama, even though high in numbers, doesn't feel like it's too long or overly draggy. In fact, it needs more. Though, I did just click on it simply due to curiosity, and after a short deliberation, when I saw it on Netflix. I didn't think I'll become so invested that my weeks revolved around it and my heart got crushed because of it. Lol
  10. Minhai arc definitely suffer the political depth, but what it did good on is definitely the relationship development between Ning Yi and Zhiwei. Thus, I do agree that I enjoy that arc a lot because of the relationship development between the MCs. I don't think I'll make it past the first few episodes of not for the same reason you stated because I'm not a big fan of only political-focused drama. I hope they have a drama together again in the future. They have great chemistry. Also, I remember I've said before that it was my first time seeing Chen Kun, but I found out that's a big lie. I was looking at a YouTube video of some roles Chen Kun played as and I found out I did watch some of his movie! Not to mention those that he's the main lead in even. For example, Snow girl and dark Crystal. I blame, and still can't get over, the ugly beard. Then their the decade old Mulan movie. Probably more movie if I were to look up his filmography. Lol. But one thing for sure, Chen Kun with long hair is beautiful.
  11. The way they killed off Hua Qiong is so... wrong. I... I'm just so disappointed. She's such a strong character. She should have had a better end. The editing just make the facial hair seems like it appears overnight. Ning Yi learning he's to become emperor must have been such a shock that it causes his hormones to go out of wack overnight. Lol I love the beginning and the detailed plotting! It really fleshes out the crown prince, not just his motives but also as a person. It also helps to establish the changs side of the family. Which I find did a better job than the minhai arc, even though good, which failed to really details the scale of power the changs have over minhai. Rarely is there a drama I enjoy watching the beginning more than the end like this one. Especially political focus drama like this. Usually I find most drama is too slow and boring at the beginning, so when I rewatch I usually just start in the middle where the actions and story really pick up. But, this one is the opposite. Talking about raw, when Chen Kun let out those husky raw throaty voice during the scene when he begged his father to give him his mother... and I believe a couple more times after. In all my years of drama watching, I have not seen any actors uses that type of vocal at all. I was so impressive with Chen Kun once again. This man got my upmost respect! I finally finished and I have to say the last few episodes feels like a PowerPoint. It's was like bam, misunderstanding, bam confrontation, bam confession, bam suicide, bam I'm alone. There's little to no padding at all. No details, no depth, no afterthought. Ah, I really need that rumored 90 episodes of contents. It would've been nice to not feel like FZW suddenly lost her smart mind and is just a damsel who get tricked so easily. Guys I'm so sad there's no more to look forward to in the weeks to come. TT^TT
  12. I agree with everything, except the second point that Ning Yi craves power for the sake of power, in which I would kindly disagree. In my opinion, since young he just really wanted his dad's approval. Everything else means nothing, except the parental acceptance. But, then tragedy struck and as he learned that a prince without power is at the mercy of those with power. He begins to chase after power so that he could protect himself as well as fulfilled his dreams. He didn't want power just because he want to be a man with power. He seek power because only with power can he stand a chance of survival and justice. That, in my opinion is seeking power for the sake of himself and all the embodiment of his grand ambitions, than just wanting power for power sake. This is also why he struggles with himself regarding power, but also why he can easily give up power without a second thought. Well that's how I understand "sake of power". Simply wanting power because you can, not because you need that power. Anyway, I love the reunion scene of Ning Yi and his mom. It was so beautiful and Chen Kun's acting is phenomenal. I didn't see a grown man Ning Yi, but the 8 years old boy. That is truly amazing acting.
  13. I'm going to need rehab too. Lol. It's been a while since I was able to find a drama I enjoy very much. The fact that I have just finished Ashes of Love last week and Rises of the Phoenixes is ending this week. Double the blues to my heart since I have no other drama lined up after. <\3
  14. That's exactly what I feel about Ning Yi. He's willing to give up his ambitions for love. He had said it multiple times throughout the drama amidst all his strategizing for justice and betterment of their country and dreams. And unlike his brothers who are eagerly trying to prove their greatness, willingness, and candidacy to their father, Ning Yi on the other hand is a little rebellious in the sense that he'll do what his father wants, but at the same time threatens him at times.
  15. This drama is brilliant. The cast is brilliant. This is my first time see Chen Kun and I have to say I absolutely love how he portrait the complexity of Ning Yi character and personality. Definitely became a fan of him now. Talking about his over acting, that's exactly what caught my interest and sold me to his acting as well as the character. It was fun to watch him act the carefree fool to a smart strategist. And, see how he switch between these personality and expressions during crucial scene where he struggle to find the best solution to a problem he's suddenly found himself in. That aside. I'm currently watching this religiously on Netflix. And now that I've already finish the latest batch of released episode up to 60. I can see why people say is rushed at the end. I feel like everything being resolved in the next 10 episodes is just too quick. I wouldn't mind if it was 80 episodes just to time and flesh out more of what's to come.
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