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  1. KJK will became MC for The Call Season 2 (airing July 5th). So far, the latest news about SJH : - she is already finished filming movie "Daughter" - she will attend for KBEE 2019 at Thailand.
  2. Old Moment. RM FM 2014. Look carefully... KJK teasing SJH & then SJH teasing back to KJK (She is looking KJK without talking). LOL And LKS as as third wheel ...
  3. I don't have any information about this ... I want him became a customer (someday) Hihihii And yes what if they not in relationship then why they try so hard to have a distance by this years ? why not start have a distance from a few years ago which is the rumor about them became booming at that year. CMIIW, this is the 2nd time KJK SJH it's to obvious they're sometimes spend time together in "secret home" or at least they had video call. Before this, when KJK said I saw SJH try so hard dance TT by Twice. I want to add this from CLIV . LOL . Mianhae . @elzy
  4. I want to re-post what you had been post it. BRTC Official IG post it. KJK will attend in this event
  5. I was read & so touched my heart when I read it. See guys ? They never ever changes . Never
  6. RM Eps 452 - Opening : - Bus Scene before 1st Game & 1st Game : - Bus Scene before 2nd Game & 2nd Game : - 3rd Game : - 4th & 5th Game : 1. It's a dud. - 6th Game : - Last Game : IMO for this eps, I can feel RM family vibe & the power of RM family.
  7. Yes, RM with fan meet in Indonesia August 17 2019 (the same day with Indonesia independence day). Just announce thats. No details for that informations.
  8. Oh, 1 more... Don't became a possessive shippers, please . KJK & SJH have right to have a friends, co-worker, doing skin ship, like & comment in SNS, talking, etc with opposite sex gender. They also human like us. Seriously, in real life, even married couple also doing like that & doesn't means have a feel / start to falling in love with her / him. We still doing like that even we uncomfortable / didn't like them or we will ruin a lot of relationship with a lot of people because our attitude it's not good & too much possessive. married couple will divorce as soon as possible what if didn't have tolerated about it. Back to : matured people keyword. What if SA is dating in real life, they jealous each other because their job & it's kinda normal but they always tolerated about it, so they didn't ruin their relationship. Trust me, what if they're dating in real life, it means they will marriage soon. I didn't have right to saying this, because sometimes, no, often, too much delulu & to much about this & that but I always learn from sunbaenim who always became my role model. Hard ? yes, it's take a time, I always believe I can do it. So, I believed also, we all sa shippers can do it also ...
  9. Wow. I'm so busy today for my personal activity, so when the notification from SA Soompi forums today I just read some paragraph but now I read all. Hmm ... 1. Did you remember moderator from SA Soompi Forums write in here like this : Don't reply from haters what if haters write in here. So, I think SA shippers didn't need to reply anything for haters. I didn't blame & pointer SA shippers about this case. I appreciate it & I want to say thank you about it but haters gonna be hate, it useless to explain this & that, they still in their track, like us as SA shippers, we still in our track until SA announce it someday with towards each other or not. So, please, just report it. They will gone when we report it as soon as possible. The more we reply haters the more haters will be happy because it means it will be have effect for us. 2. Did you know why haters come & comment in here ? Because we as SA shippers & as SA themself are famous. The more famous the more people will pay attention the more haters the more fans. As I know, since the beginning, SA shippers are mature. Mature for everything. That's a reason, I always said : I'm glad became SA shippers, I learn a lot from here, I can be more mature people as a person in real life. So, please for all of SA shippers in here, please be mature, still in our track, mature. The more we are mature, the more haters will feel & think this shippers different level for arguing & comment. 3. I know, we all human, it's kinda normal for doubt, sad, etc but we all must remember what if we all write for our doubt, sad etc in here, haters will read it, they will happy because it means we afraid about it & it's too obvious, they will be the happiest person. You won't right to judge by haters like that ? So, please, what if you sad, doubt, etc, just send a message towards SA shippers, it really help you, guys. I did it. I did it almost everyday, not always about doubt, sad, etc but including happy moments, cute & funny moments, sometimes delulu mode on as long as in our track & as long as we can balance it for the reality (not always delulu), I think it's still good enough. Express it towards SA shippers, it's really works. We can learn & have a knowledge also. 4. Welcome & happy shipping to new SA shippers & thank you for your write. I'm waiting for the next write ... 5. Thank you for whoever you're including some sunbaenim for today for giving support in here bu write what you thinking. It always make me comfortable again with this forums ... Still positive thinking & vibes. Still shipping SA until they announce it towards each other / not. Still mature shippers. Don't lose hope. Don't give up.
  10. When KJK always laugh so hard because SJH
  11. I just watching SBS Now SJH. 1. In this video, we all can watch why she is calling : Ace, sleeping beauty, miss mong / mong ji, angry bird, the luckiest member, the strongest member. 2. In this video, we all can watch how close the rest of members to sjh. their interactions, skin ship, etc. 3. In this video, we all can watch, how cute sa moments from the beginning until now. some eps is indeed sa moments. 4. Sadly, bungy jump in NZ eps didn't appear.
  12. RM eps 451 Opening : 1. This eps special to celebrate the great teacher of Korea (May 15). They opening in separate place. 2. 00:00:54 - 00:00:59 : PD create KJK & SJH's face in 1 frame. 3. KJK & YSC singing a small part about One Man song on the mobile phone is so cute. 4. Members must choose 1 keyword who is given pd staff for taking them to the place. JSJ : war. but after he look KJK come, JSJ just running avoid KJK to another keyword. LOL. KJK, YSC, & HH : war. LKS, YJS, JSM, & JSJ : 10 dollars. SJH : science. SJH is the 1 & only member who is alone, so she get a chance card. (indeed ! the endless luckiest girl) 1st Games : 1. 10 dollars team always dirty player . LOL. JSM wins so he have a chance card . 2. Manly man for war team so cool . LOL . KJK wins so he have a chance card . 2nd Games : 1. Members must choose cold buckwheat & mixed buckwheat. 2. KJK confess want to cold buckwheat. 3. SJH come to the cold buckwheat, she is the 1st people. SJH said : KJK liked cold buckwheat noodles. While KJK talking with himself outside cold buckwheat restaurants while walking to inside, SJH hearing KJK's voice. When KJK open the door, SJH : I knew it. KJK smile shyly. SJH : You have to be the last one. KJK : Do you usually like cold buckwheat noodles ? (while the hands in the next his chair & KJK's eyes straight forward to SJH). SJH : I always eat the cold-one. 4. 00:41:29 - 00:41:31 : PD create KJK & SJH in 1 frame again. 5. KJK : Since when ? SJH copying what KJK asked. (Asked to YJS, JSJ, & JSM why come at that restaurant). 6. Since cold buckwheat team lost because a lot of members came at there, so they will get a punch in their bottom. As always, KJK wins became puncher & SJH as always wins became the endless luckiest person who isn't get a punch (incl. JSJ). 7. KJK confess to JSM : She's like a sister to me. 8. SJH looking KJK when KJK will punch JSM. SJH : I'm scared. 9. On Naver news, KJK & JSM picture show up together. In the fact, when airing, it's about JSM punch YJS but switch with KJK, YJS didn't know about this . LOL . 3rd Games : 1. KJK answer but the PD said you must answer the number & the place. KJK forget about it & SJH laugh. 2. SJH choose use the chance card when she want to answer it. KJK : It will be funny when she still didn't know the answer after she get a help. (KJK laugh when he said that, yes, KJK bickering SJH again. LOL). SJH get a help & she still didn't know like KJK said. SJH : I don't know. KJK : She doesn't know. (laugh). SJH : LKS, is this acronym is correct ? Please take a look. LKS : Ofc it's correct. SJH : Oh, I forgot. It's from the PD team. ?? : For goodness sake, SJH. SJH : I'm sorry. (laugh). Hearing this, KJK laugh so hard while cover his face with his hand. LOL. ................... LKS : JSJ incredible for getting this right & SJH is incredible for not getting this right. (KJK laugh so hard hearing this). 3. When SJH want to answer but she is raise her hand while shout loudly number 3 so cute. (she must shout loudly : answer. not number 3). LOL). After that, she is saying : number 3 but the answer not for number 3. KJk notice about it, KJK laugh so hard. KJJK : What is she saying ? LOL. 4. The next question, SJH answer again. SJH : Dog poop. ?? : It's been said. LKS : What on earth ? Is she okay ? I'm worried about her. She's repeating what she heard. KJK laugh so hard again again and again because SJH . LOL . SJH also laugh and said : I'm sorry. I was thinking only that. She try again to answer with a cute style without her knowing it & the answer is correct. 5. When SJH was eliminated by a huge cube, KJK laugh so hard again . LOL .
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