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  1. Thanks for that. Sorry to ask how do you search for translation? I am quite new one this forum and I can’t see a search function. I just couldnt go through 557 pages of messages
  2. Hi all, it has been a few weeks since this drama ended and I am still checking this forum daily... still not ready to let go... can you guys recommend some FJ and DJ Fanfiction? Also where can I get Tangqi’s epilogues of the story (I have the ebook) but trying to get the later epilogues she wrote recently and I can’t find them. thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, I am on ep 53 (Wetv vip) and I am so reluctant to watch further. I have seen the raw and can understand Chinese. Part of me don’t want this to end... anyone else feed the same? I think I asked before and not sure the answer, where can I find the epilogues for 1-5? I have read #6 and I have tried strolling in this forum but couldn’t find it. Can someone be so kind to forward or tag me ? Thank you I’m advance. Last question... sorry if this was discussed before... why is the book called Pillow Book? I have seen FJ leaning on DJ like a pillow in numerous of the scenes... that can’t be the reason for the reference right? There must be more to the meaning behind the Title? Finally, thank you for all the laughs and great conversations. Over the last few months, I feel like we gotten to be friends and this is such a great diversion from all the crazy. I am based in Sydney, Australia and it is getting intense over there. Social distanting ourselves and it is so great we have ELOD to fall on.
  4. Thank you @Yori Ten and @Ninky for sourcing and translating this. Could you advise where we can access epilogues #1 to #5 ?
  5. I find DJ’s one eye look soooo very amusing. Who else think so? It takes skill doing the one eye move
  6. @Yori Ten Halo , which scene was this “the Holy Blue Sea, there was a line in there that hinted how exploratory Dong Hua was and how she couldn't get out of bed several days in a row. At first I thought it was a hint at pregnancy and then I analysed a bit more and realised what was really going on...and then of course that dancing scene...” ? I think we might have missed it? Which episode? or was it in the book? Pg ?
  7. This is cute. Why would LS be BGG’s brother? Hehehe kidding right? Omg from mom’s side, LS won’t be BGG, third Grandpa... it would be inlaw something since they are only related through YeHua’s side as DH and LS are not related ? Maybe I am reading too much into this
  8. This scene is so hilarious!!!! Omg DJ must have been utterly frustrated waiting for FJ constructing the sword. Omg!!!
  9. Sorry am I suppose to delete the above while replying? I can’t seem to be able to do that. this scene is epic
  10. Can’t wait for tonight vip episodes . Noticed DJ often say “come here” 过来 ... and a lot of Chinese Drama , the guy would say that to the girl... and FJ (and other female characters) will obediently do it... is this a cultural acceptable thing? I think with western culture, the girl would be thinking, you come here instead.