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  1. Yeah, I'm on my 5th viewing too, though sometimes it's hard to watch since it makes me sad. Found some fun YZ/DL things on YT if anyone is interested: Who's The Keyman - a celebrity detective show, (I think the first two episodes are subbed), apparently a spin off of Who's the Murderer - which is also pretty fun. also:
  2. Also wanted to add: Thanks so much for the discourse guys! It's been so enjoyable to listen to your thoughts, as well as sort out how I feel/think about it all of this. Cheers
  3. Yup! Thank you for again putting into words something that I felt, but had trouble putting down on paper...er ..screen. I still feel that "Eye for a eye.." quote is pretty efficient in telling how I feel about revenge. Like Moon immortal says - "what's the good of killing for revenge?..." and "what's good if you die? [sic] the dead can't come back" YES!
  4. I do think a battle was expected from XF. Considering all that RY has done to XF (responsible for his, his parents deaths; Trying to kill XF when XF was mourning his parents, and lying about it - saying it was XF trying to rebel; casting him out of heaven realm, revoking his immortality etc) However, as XF also destroyed half his power and had the ice thing attacking him , he'd try to avoid the war as much as he could, but I still maintain that RY has to be stopped and nothing can stop him except XF at this time. I don't see how these two could ever reach a peace treaty, with everything that's happened. And... If we look back to the politics of the drama, and the history of the demon realm, and it's factions - Remember how much the previous Heavenly Emperor has done to "keep the peace" - but at cost to the demon realm? He keeps it destabilized so it's easier to control. When RY comes into power all of the realms are a bit unstabilized for a period of time as everyone tries to gain their footing and places. Bird realm, who was allied with Heaven is now allied with Demon realm, Flower realm is now allied with Heaven with the upcoming wedding of RY & JM (before RY decides to genocide them) We also see RY side with Gucheng, after his failed attempt with Biancheng. RY wants XF dead and JM by his side no matter the cost to anyone. If we take a look at RY's words to XF, he completely dehumanizes demons when he outright states: "You have rebelled against the natural order of fate, came back to to life and become a demon. As Heavenly Emperor I need to comply with destiny and Rid the World of Demons and Monsters" He's completely beyond mad at this point. It's not just recent events (read: JM), war has been brewing between realms for a long time coming, due to the growing unrest of the demon realm, which often bears the brunt of political scheming. It could parallel as countries allied to one another, but as power structures change - allies changes, and war is inevitable regardless, because of unrest. Or even better, China itself with it's different states and an Emperor. I also would like it if war could be avoided at all costs. However, there are times you must fight for your right to existence, otherwise genocidal maniacs will be free to murder. I hate fighting, but I can't say I'm a pacifist - there are times you have to fight for others and yourself because you're left with no other choice. (I'm also thinking about the French revolution here.) XF is fighting to stay alive because RY wants him dead. He's also fighting for the Flower Realm, the Demon Realm and JM I mainly skimmed the book - it mostly just made me uncomfortable. I get that, and to a point, agree. But imho, people are infinitely complicated. Everyone has a backstory, and history behind them, including the culture where we grow up. Especially in masculine dominated societies, like pretty much everywhere on earth. It's pretty difficult to go beyond that. We see from the start that XF is very protective of himself - probably because of his overprotective and doting mother. I will not condone all of his actions at all - (as I do think he went overboard more than once.) But his actions are totally in line with his character. If we look at the hurt caused by JM we see this: 1) She accuses him of murdering her parents = she doesn't trust in him 2) She sets up a plot to avenge her parents (after seeing dream beasts 'doctored' dreams) So she writes a love poem and tell him it's about him, (which sends him to the moon.) She also tells him they can't be together (which he's already accepted, anyways), and she gives him a lock of her hair, knowing full well he will put it in (that place that they keep their life source) This grants her access to his life. Remember the story Moon wrote? About the mortal who kills their beloved by stabbing them in the toe (where their essence was kept - That was the parallel.) I don't think JM full intended to kill XF in cold blood, but was for sure egged on by RY's words, seeing XF use glass fire, and the 'ghosts' of her parents, 3) She literally stabs him in the back 4) He asks her why - she reiterates that he killed her father - so she still did not trust that he would never do such a thing 5) She tells him she NEVER loved him as he lay dying 6) RY tells him that that JM and RY love each other dearly and that they plotted to kill him I don't know - That's not just killing him, that is quite a lot to process - How could he not believe RY when #2 is pretty damning evidence? It looks very premeditated. JM was a person he trusted implicitly and I think him trying to distance himself from her in the way he can to protect himself is completely understandable. (for the most part!) I totally agree that it's not cool to project onto others & hurting them in the process. But on the flip side, I wholly understand where XF is coming from. He wants to believe JM, but he's afraid of being hurt/used (and even killed!) again. He tries to distance himself again and again and begin anew - but JM keeps coming back. So he's left with 1) either she's spying on him for RY, or 2) She's telling the truth He begins to falter, but more or less is egged on by/manipulated by SH. All the while, he's hating himself for still feeling the way he does about JM, and feels guilty as well - since what if she IS telling the truth? My biggest qualm with his actions was the scene where he forces himself on her and calls out SH's name. Like she was trying to push him away, yet he still didn't stop until he said SH's name. That was very uncomfortable and I'm glad there was not a "mutual cultivation" scene there - though XF hints that it did happen there in the last episode, and that makes me feel very uncomfortable, personally. That whole scene bothered me much more than him dragging her to battle or attacking her with fire. As I said, I don't condone all of his actions, but how is he to trust JM's words so easily? He does, albeit slowly, and with the help of LY and Moon. It's just such a big wound and it's not easy to get over such a big betrayal, all things considered. He has no idea that RY is the mastermind until the wedding & especially during the war. I also agree that he did not need to put JM through pain, but XF's mind really doesn't work that way. He's not trying to hurt her as much as he is trying to protect himself. Like I said earlier - I would have loved to have seen that hugging scene, (when tear JM came back for a moment) right after the wedding, (probably since when I saw that scene on a preview, I expected it to be after the wedding) But I definitely understand why it wasn't that way in the drama. In this scene, I don't condone his rough words to her at all, but at the same time I get that he's very emotional and not dealing with it well - which is to me, all too human, even if "problematic" and hurtful. It feels more real, especially knowing his character is very internal and guarded. I also think DL was absolutely fantastic in the role - he caught my eye in Sweet Dreams as a very naturalistic performer. He brought a lot of humanity to the XF character, who to me is a very internal dude, if that makes sense - I don't think I can imagine anyone else doing the role as well as he did. I'll still die on the hill that is I think XF is actually a well written character and no one can change my mind on that lol! I'm glad you are inspired to write! If you want to share, I'll definitely read!
  5. These two have been answered , so I won't answer these! (: It's a (brotherly) term of endearment, as far as I understand Yes. You got it! It's speculated that since XF had the petal in his first soul, it affected him thus. XF considers it real, even though it was supposed to be fake(but everything changed). They did their bows and the REAL stone lit up, meaning the couple was "meant to be". SH came at the end of the the ceremony. Oh gosh I hear you. This is one of my problems with shipping culture in general. I mean sure, I'll support couples who are well written and mutually attracted to each other - but pairing someone with A. someone that character is not interested in, B. someone who is obsessive/abusive, C. both or the dreaded D. in which we don't even want to go - (because oh go why do people do this it's not ok ever)The weird ships that shouldn't exist in the first place. is all just very uncomfortable and wrong to me There are some dramas when I want to throw both male lead characters out into a dumpster since they're written so awful &/or irredeemable, I don't even know how anyone gets behind those relationships. Another thing that bugs me is the flack JM gets for "being dumb" She's shown as resourceful and well read from the start. Naive, yes, since she's been locked in one area with no outside contact for 5000 years, yes. But ignorance is not stupidity. I could go on about how intelligence and how I think that we all have our on ways of thinking and that IQ is mainly a sham, but I'll spare everyone my rantings about this topic, lol.
  6. (I can't seem to log on and soompi won't let me ask for a password reset, so I logged on with google) I agree - because the novel was originally in JM's perspective, that's not going to translate super well into a drama format, imho anyways. Through the book you're looking through JM's eyes, but film has a god's eye view, so to speak. (though I do remember hearing there was a Russian film that did a first person pov, but I never saw it.) When the camera comes away from JM's pov, they were able to incorporate all the puzzle pieces and they all pay off neatly. I did feel pity for RY at the start, but as soon as he started to manipulate and use people, especially JM, essentially objectifying her - that all went out the window. YY/PCJ has a similar story an does not do what Night did. XF similarly lost a lot and did not do what Night did. I totally agree he chose his own downfall, and it all starts with him manipulating people, (and as others have said here) by his own self victimization) He doesn't even see who's been there for him all along, he just has this tunnel vision, ultimately leading to his becoming this utter monstrosity. As for redemption/forgiveness for this character - If I was JM, Night is a person I would never trust again - maybe forgive, but never trust. There's no way. He's violated her far too much for that. Though I do think forgiveness directly lies on the person/people who have been wronged - it's up to them if they can or cannot forgive the person who wronged them. It has nothing to do with the violator, as they were the instigator. I dunno, personally, I can't root for Night, since my thoughts are just with the people he's brought harm to. SH was an interesting character for me. There are far too many dramas with the richard simmons girl trope, usually a concubine, who really have no motive to be awful other than wanting the dude who's not interested in her. SH at least subverts this at least a little by being the Queen of her tribe and her motive was never just XF, it's also power. She ends up killing her father in Mortal realm, and then ends up regretting it - since he's the only person who has truly cared for her. Like it's SH, not RY who doesn't have anybody. That single line of her experiencing her regret over murdering that person explains her motivations of manipulating everyone around her. In the drama (as she's dying in XF's arms) there's a flashback to the High Immortal (Water's master - can't remember her name) who says "Where there is love, there is grief/fear" and JM says (back to the present, dying in XF's arms) "If you hold love in your heart, why be afraid of grief and fear?" That's probably the closest of her saying she would be in pain for love, imo I love how the second trailer is all comedy, as opposed to the first one is so dramatic - really HSALF is a wild ride from start to finish. It is deep - it really highlights how XF's mind works - and how RY's does. How love works, but cannot be forced or manipulated. XF loves JM for who she is, and Night just likes how she makes him feel. (to illustrate, when XF dies, and JM is in mourning - RY tells her he wants her to go back to who she was before. Which really, such a terrible thing to ask of someone) As I think @missnymeria pointed out, brilliantly, XF has no other choice. RY has hit the point of no return to get JM back, no matter the cost - he's about to genocide flower realm, and will do whatever it takes to acquire JM. If XF didn't bring JM, there's not only a chance for RY to kidnap her, but also the fact he will blame the demon realm for "holding her as a hostage" or something - more lies. I definitely agree that it is still sad, even through the happy ending.
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