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  1. no special episode whatsoever . just saw sbs korea's schedule for today. http://m.sbs.co.kr/main/tvPlan.do?div=m_scheduler
  2. @m-sq thank you! Yes! She was lovely in OMG. YSJ turned me into a fan with this drama. Will really miss this drama when it ends. The use of the music with the scenes were really fitting, especially the one they used when the pamphlets were being distributed. Got goosebumps there. Staying away from spoilers would require too much endurance on my part. I admire your patience. I agree with an earlier posting, I felt like we've been shortchanged with the cut on episodes. @meechuttso thanks for the warm welcome!
  3. hello everyone. had been a silent lurker here for a while. I'm a fan of SHS since her Oh My Ghost days and new fan of YSJ. anyone who knows the list of classical music used in this drama? thanks in advance!
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