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  1. Here's some spoiler based on the novel, but we know some parts are made different in the series. Anyway I just want to share it. Don't read if you don't like spoiler guys :D. Sorry for my bad grammar and hope you guys enjoy the spoiler 555
  2. Hello About what Type said to Ae, I found someone translate it on twitter
  3. I read it somewhere that the reason why Pete doesn't want Tin to know about Trump is because he is afraid Tin will find out that he's gay and feel disguted by him (according to the novel). About Ae and Chompoo I agree 100% with you. I mean Ae likes Pete and he knows that Pete feels insecure about Chompoo but why the hell he asked Chompoo to teach him. I hope your guess will be right about this matter :D
  4. Hello guys, I'm new here. I love this series so much like seriously everyday I'm waiting for the next episode by watching it again from the first ep . LBC is my entire life right now 555. Oh btw there's someone who shared the ending of LBC's novel and I want to share it too Massive spoiler!! Don't read it if you dont like spoiler guys I'm sorry for my bad grammar, english is not my main language. Let's keep support all LBC actors and director!! Thank you guys
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