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  1. Hi!!! Glad that you join in our discussion!! I think he knows how to use those calculations, but he seldom uses them unless necessary, especially in issues related to Wan Mei. This is so precious! He intends to make revenge, so he needs to carry out his plan, to know Cha Luo, and find opportunities to defeat her. He tells Liu Guang the fact that Cha Luo is weakened by witchcraft in order to use her to weaken Cha Luo. And in the final scene, he makes a debt with Xing Feng. These are all his strategies, but he doesn’t want to involve Wan Mei in his plan, whereas Gong Zi constantly takes advantage of Wan Mei. Exactly!! Only Chang An really understands Wan Mei. And they share a same wish: they don’t want to be leader; all they want is live a simple life with each other.
  2. The guy she told Chang An is called Yan Liu. Shi Yi is her last slave. I don't think she loves Shi Yi. I find that I am influenced by you guys. Now I am totally fine with no kisses lol. I've watched some kiss scenes of Ashes of Love, which I found quite weird... And I do agree that their hugging is touching and expressive of their intense love!!
  3. The author wrote a stand-alone short story for Liu Guang. But I agree with you! I wish she had more stories. Like her story with Yan Liu. And in the drama, some scenes of she and her slave Shi Yi have been cut. A lot of scenes of minor characters have been cut, unfortunately…
  4. What other forums? A virtual voyage? 36 episodes is the shortest one in this summer. Many have 60, 70, 85…… It is okay if the story is well-delivered. But most of them insert fillers or expand the minor characters and the second main leads. 15-20 is a suitable length! But C-drama tend to be at least 30… which is annoying. In this sense, BR is not like the others. Since it is expensive to have those stars, they try to extend a drama to earn more money. Me too… I skipped too much so I couldn’t understand well. But many fans say Chang An is much more charming and ‘round’ in the novel. Hahaha I think she liked his loyalty, not him. But it’s hard to tell. I feel like that is not the true reason. She knows such an answer will persuade Cha Luo. I wish the author depicted Cha Luo more mysterious and complicated. Yes, she can be wicked. But I hope as a character she has other aspects.
  5. She admitted that it was her fault and should have given him a better story. I also checked some clips but I was not interested in the story. But still, he acted well there. Yeah, Ruyi I prefer a drama too! But I just worry that they will add unnecessary scenes to extend the drama, or expand too much on Gong Zi and other minor characters. And a movie is more condensed. They will gain more popular through movies as well! Actually I didn’t read carefully the novel because… you know… lol. She has few scenes in the novel. Hahaha I think that is a trial. She wants to test whether Chang An can resist temptation. I like her since she is pathetic. Yeah, the No-Word Edict part should be expanded. I’m moved by Xing Feng! Cha Luo… She killed my Chang An!!
  6. Yes, but Yanxi also spent a lot on costume, setting, props instead of on expensive actors. BR should have more advertising! Actually Li Yitong is not unknown. She acted The Legend of the Condor Heroes. And the producer is famous. Yeah, just that not sure whether they can gather the cast… The censorship is very strict. That’s why Wan Mei couldn’t kill in the first few missions. Actually she hardly killed anyone in the drama. It is not allowed to set the main leads as cold-hearted killer. Me tooooo! I love QU best! I particularly love his voice! I wish the author could written more dialogue for him! She responded that she should let him say more… I love to hear him speaking! Oh, he also acted My Fair Lady. But… I don’t like the leading female role so… Check out Besides Love Of The Imperial Marriage! He played a part. But his part hasn’t come out. They should have more budget in the sequel given that the drama is a success. I think it is also a good idea to shoot a movie! Although it is sold to 13 countries… is it popular? How is it received in foreign countries? Yes, in the drama, it is Gong Zi whereas in the novel, it is Chang An. I suppose it is because in the drama, Chang An has closer relationship with Liu Guang than in the novel. I mean, he also wants to help her, although his help is also for assisting Wan Mei.
  7. But the main leads are more known now. They might prefer other dramas that can profit them more. Li Yitong actually is not new. She lowered her price in order to act in the drama. So I think if the story is good, they might probably join in! The scriptwriter also feels regretful that she didn’t write a kiss scene! And she said if she could, she would give them a kiss! I hope she will do so in the sequel hahaha. The author only wrote the 1st part while the 2nd part was added by others and not recognized by her. Many readers hoped she could finish the story in the drama, but she kept the original ending…… Since she thought a explicit happy ending does not fit the melancholy tone of the drama, she set an implicit happy ending. And I guess this is also because that will leave room for a sequel. I read that the original script went that he arranged everything well before he went back to Guihua City to save Wan Mei. But it was cut and changed because of the limited budget and time. The novel shows his revenge plan. Like, he designed to alienate the relationship between Liu Guang and Cha Luo in order to weaken the latter’s might.
  8. There are many dramas in the same period, for summer holiday is a very good period to attract lots of students. Story of Yanxi Palace is the most popular one. Almost all my friends were watching it and it has aroused heated discussion throughout the holiday. Even though those who didn’t watch it knows what happened. It had over 10 billion viewers. Then Ashes of Love is another popular drama. BR doesn’t have famous actors, nor has it been advertised well. So compared to others, it does not have many viewers. But it has earned good reputation, which, however, slides a little from the middle. It is a shame that such a good drama does not win more audience. But I thank myself that I clicked on it and watched it! But still, the record of 2 billion viewers is not bad. I can tell that the producers, directors are satisfied and have profited from the production. They care more for reputation than statistics. Yeah! The most important thing is to make a good story. Yes, the writer spent 3 years revising the script, since, you know, there are many restrictions (like, the main characters must be kind, can not kill others too much…). I would love to wait, if they could produce high-quality sequel. Like we are all waiting for Sherlock. But if they change the cast, I might probably want to “kill” them!! Yeah, it is the acting that keep me watching.
  9. It was higher on Douban. But the weakened plot from the middle has harmed the score. No, it has not been confirmed yet. Someone has messaged the director on Weibo, who responded that they will definitely invest a lot of energy and effort to make a sequel. But I’m not certain of the creduality… (the speaker might have lied). I agree with you. I think they will try to keep the same cast but it is not that easy. Even without the three main leads, they will make a sequel regardless of objections from fans. Two years ago I was addicted to Remembering Lichuan. The couple had intense chemistry! Many fans as well as the team(the director, the producer, the main leads) asked for a sequel, since the ending was similarly “open” and sad. But the main leads, for some reason, could not join in (their time cannot fit in). The drama was also adapted by the same author from her novel. She wrote the sequel. But the cast has all been changed. Recently the sequel has been on but fans are all angry and unwilling to watch it. It is weird. It’s better not to have sequel than to have one with different cast. Yes!! They have to appear or I won’t watch it!
  10. So am I ! The show has finished now and I don't want it to end!! I'll be more than happy to talk about the drama with other fans. Can't agree more! That's interesting! I was wondering the accuracy of Google translation xx. Their interactions are far too few!! Many fans, including me are yearning for more scenes of them. Yes! Chang An's story should be expanded. Gong Zi's story accounts for too much portion. That's a shame. And some make amazing cuts from other dramas they starred. Have a look and you will definitely love it! https://www.bilibili.com/video/av30715235 As for the happy stories, they are written in Chinese and in the form of picture. But the author has deleted the weibo. I have saved the picture. Can you read? I'll try and translate for you guys. Here are two other stories written by the author: https://www.weibo.com/1940885260/GxNBash1C?type=comment#_rnd1536981713481 Hope that helps!
  11. hahaha We all are dying for a kiss! Since the novem is too erotic, the author avoided any erotic things in the drama. She also felt regretful for this.
  12. They indeed are running out of budget in the end and cut some scenes. But the major problem lies in the script. The writer has expanded too much on Gong Zi 's line. So some of the scenes where Chang An and Xie Ying busied in their cause are cut to preserve Gong Zi's story as they have to make no more than 36 episodes. On top of that thet are running out of time.. The director said it could have been better if they had 20 more days. But they did not plan well. They spent a month shooting the first 4 episodes.... The producer and director said they intend to make season 2. They made success in the production and might want to earn more profit. But I doubt if LI Yitong and Qu Chuxiao will join in. They will have more chances and better quality dramas to shoot, so it is not very likely that they will do. Also, if the season 2 continues to give lriority to Gong Zi, I would rather they do not join in. But I still long to see their cooperation in another drama!! They sais they want to cooperate with each other one more time:)
  13. He is a common person in the novel but noble in spirit! Indeed, the newly added identity is not suitable for him. The author added it in order to increase his portion. However I can not see much difference. His scenes are still few in the last few episodes! What BR attracts me is also its love story. Their pure love is the only light in that dark world and thus so precious and moving. But from the middle on, the story focuses on Gong Zi's revenge and dwells little on Chang An– Wan Mei, which is very frustrating! In the novel, Chang An is more resourceful, complicated as shown in his revenge plan, which is not fully elaborated in the drama and weakens his charisma. Sigh...
  14. Originally his name is no.three, which can also mean a person who intereferes with a couple, a very derogatory meaning, so... it is necessary to change his name. And he is not prince in the novel.
  15. Hey! The poem on the fan contains a hint of Anding, the place where Chang An is staying. Since Gong Zi wants to kill Chang An, Xing Feng can't tell Wan Mei the truth. But Wan Mei will find out the truth one day. At the same time, Chang An will come back to her when he has recovered! They will definitely reunite! The author has written two happy stories after the ending on Weibo (like Twitter).
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