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  1. koo for UNICEF but i don't understand fully what she is talking about, i just know about unicef and Africa, dear @cheerkoo could you tell us what she is talking about?? thank you
  2. @cheerkoo omg, thank you so much cheerkoo^^ yes, agree she is just slightly resembles koo, but if i see her face carefully she doesn't looks like koo that much....maybe its just her hair and facial face.... i hope they are still working together and make new songs, i really love hyesun composed piano song, it always calm my mind i'm so proud of koo, really she inspired other people!
  3. @cheerkoo i wonder, do you know who is this guy, looks like i ever seen this guy before in koo videos, but i'm kind of forget who is he, and what does this post mean?? thank you before...^^
  4. hello guys, i know you all must be busy, but if you have time could someone tell me what are they talking about in this video? thank you^^
  5. koo said in her ig caption, she was nervous, you dont need to be nervous koo, just relax, and take breath, i know you can do it, cheer up koo, keep strong!! ^^
  6. koo hyesun in award event, she looks so cute and lovely here XD I love her hair
  7. thank you so much cheerkoo^^ yeah, she did so well this year and always surprise us, i'm so proud of her i hope she will surprise us with new drama news next year, i miss her so much T.T but whatever path she choose i will always support her!!
  8. guys, do you know where i can watch koo in talkshow program "different class" in jtbc?? i know its in naver but its unavailable in my country so i can't watch it THANK YOU SO MUCH CHEERKOO :>
  9. thank you so much cheerkoo for this information i'm so proud of her
  10. koo in paris for her solo exhibition https://www.instagram.com/p/BqKTBbZBEKC/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/BqJNd6_BcG-/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KOOKOO https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp8cVvwhikR/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  12. thank you cheerkoo for the updated about goo hyesun birthday gifts, i can't wait for her birthday, i wish her the best in her life yeah, i hope that too, even pd na used koo song for his variety show, i wish someday she can works with him again.. AJH, already did his best in this drama, but i just watched two episode this drama, maybe if this drama finish i will try to to watch it again.. but btw, guys, maybe its nothing to worry about cz we have to stay positive and we already know hyesun sometimes deleted her pics in ig, but i just wonder why she deleted her and her husband 2nd anniversary too....? ~_~ i hope maybe someday she will post the new one (its alright if its not either tho) haha i wish always pray for their happy marriage thank you @Emily D.
  13. no, i'm still haven't watch njttw cz i'm waiting for that to finish, i wonder in what eps hyesun mentioned?? btw guys, hyesun birthday is just in a few days, i hope she will post something on that day, cz i miss her so much T.T
  14. no, as much as i know, i guess there is no Korean President.... hello everyone she is so beautiful in single magazine video XD i can't wait for the magazine release..
  15. hello everyone, do you already saw the news about hyesun?! she is so beautiful here, look like a dool XD
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