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  1. I seriously never fangirl this bad over just hand holding in kdramaland. KS and MR are hitting me right in the feels! They are just awkwardly cute! This has got to be the most relaxing and stress free episode I saw of this drama so far. I need the next episode soon! One a side note, love KS and WY bromance. Was scared it would all go south. Thankfully both are mature and level headed putting aside KS's cute petty traits. Hopefully they'll wrap up SA in the next ep. Just waiting for Eun or anyone who is catching on to expose her.
  2. Hi, new to the forum. I could be wrong on this but maybe it was when they were locked in the room and he said he didn't like /or interested in pretty girls. Since SA is considered pretty and knowing how MR thinks that could be him telling her 'he isn't interested in SA'. Thoughts?
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