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  1. Usually korean male celebrities are more popular globally specially those who are good looking, the so called "oppas". So we can say that PSJ is a bit more popular (fan girls are more avid than fan boys hahaha) than PMY. Korean actresses are recognize more in asia. For the A-list, yes PSJ and PMY are both A-listers, they belong to that category already. For PMY not being in variety shows, I think it is just what she prefers but this past 2 years she tried MEC and Busted, maybe she is more open now.
  2. KBS award is bias, they only recognize their popular dramas, even if it is not a good one lol. I agree with you on the genre, she should have considered a non romcom.
  3. @Cheryl295 We don't even know if he is still busy or not. PSJ doesn't have a calender like namoo. And what makes you think that they haven't spent time together, they live 200m of each other for all we know maybe they live together. (delu) Guys just don't think too much, only PPC knows what is going on, we are all just spectators. Enjoy what you know and feast on what you see. Don't be too serious about shipping.
  4. Being on vacation with her mother and PSJ being in Korea doesn't mean PPC are not together or not serious about their relationship. I take vacations with my parents and siblings without my husband, that doesn't mean anything. I also let my husband travel with his parents or with his brother, and we are still in in love and very much together. I think that is how commited and secured couples are. For PSJ being with another woman lol, I don't think he is that stupid to date in daylight. And guys he has dated before and has never been caught lol. Just enjoy the ship guys do not think too much. just wait and see.
  5. I'm with you, I feel the same about our PPC. What else can we ask, PMY has given us more than enough hint about her personnal life. And PSJ totally different from before, that is a man in love. I am glad that we share the same sentiment. And guys also this is a Park Park Couple ship do not compare them with any other ship please. They are different individuals with differents approach with how they handle their life. Just ship them because you feel that there is relationship or possible relationship. Not because they remind you of other people. Park Park till the end.
  6. hey guys, let's bury that Apan controversy. On a lighter note what if PMY needed the help of PSJ in making the fig jam that is why they skipped Apan. lol just enjoy shipping guys.
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