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  1. Hi frozentundra, I tried to contact scriptwriter Song Jae-Jung, but was unsuccessful. I don't know what I can do right now. I have a completely written script of 68 episodes of about 20 minutes each. Every scene, every dialogue. http://w4worlds.eklablog.com/ This could be condensed into a drama of 24 one-hour episodes. The only defect is that it is not 100% screenplay compliant. There are probably some adjustments to be made to some parts to adapt to the Korean mentality. But apart from that, it is the perfect scenario for season 2, even more intense than season 1. It looks like a drama that SJJ would have written herself. The first 34 episodes are translated into English. I wrote a short 7-page synopsis in English, and a standard 48-page synopsis. Everything is ready to present it. Although I first wrote this for an amateur project, the result is conclusive. So I would at least like to propose it, because if it is valid, it would be a huge waste to not propose it. With no way to get a contact, I'm stuck here.
  2. W four worlds PITCH Hello everyone!!!!! Although it has been a short time since last time, my work pace is so intense that a week is like two months. I re-evaluated the priorities, and realized that the synopsis was more important than the episode summary. A synopsis is of an impossible difficulty to produce. Even if you remove everything but the main plot, it's too long. The problem is that the plot of the drama "W four world" is progressing at a mad pace. I'm not talking about side events, but about the main plot. I removed almost everything peripheral from the synopsis. I hope to finish it around 90,000 characters, about a 20x compression of the main script, which would be a tremendous success for me (maybe not for a professional). But 34 hours of drama in one document is incredibly difficult. For the moment, I am moving towards a synopsis which is the equivalent of 3 or 4 episodes of the drama, in terms of volume of text. Currently, I am writing events that correspond to episode 56, which is not far from the end of the drama. So I worked like a dead donkey for 4 days, without doing anything else, and almost without sleeping. This synopsis is very important. I assume that professionals rarely have the time to read an entire script. It is best to present them with a synopsis, which summarizes the plot. I still don't know how to contact Song Jae-Jung, and I reiterate my request for help. There is another document that is important, the pitch. This is also difficult to produce. I wrote and rewrote the pitch over 100 times! I think I have found the final version, which I am delivering here, in SPOILER. Be ready....
  3. Hello, everyone! Since last time, I have continued to work on W four worlds (aka W two worlds season 2). I have established a list of priorities. To begin with, I finished episode 4 as a photo-drama. http://w4worlds.fr/html/W_Saison2_Script04_US.html Episode 4 is certainly the best of the 4 episodes already published, and then I have the impression that each new episode is better than the previous one, until the final episode, which is the best of all! The time and energy spent on this photo-drama is not wasted, as it is a very good demonstration. For now, my priority is the script itself, and the means to present it: Pitch, simplified synopsis, episodes synopsis, character sheets, important facts sheets. Anything that will make this drama easily understandable to a production line capable of filming it! I'm currently writing the synopsis per episode, and I'm on episode 20. This synopsis includes about 25 lines per episode (3000 characters). And summarizes an episode in compression x10 minimum.
  4. Hello, Today, Wednesday, August 13, 2019, something fabulous has just happened. I finished writing W season 2, W four worlds! W four worlds is a drama of 68 half-hour episodes. It's not a fan fiction, it's written like a real script! I'm still on the shock of writing the last episode today, which is sensational. A last episode that makes me cry myself, even though I wrote it. It took me a year and a half to write the whole drama. I am sure today that the story is equal to the original drama. Moreover, it is above all, and most importantly, at the height of a real season 2, which must be even more powerful than season 1. W's universe is fully deployed in season 2, which includes a lot of new features. It is at the point where this season 2 completes the universe of W, and constitutes its true full universe. If you liked the drama W, you can consider that season 2 will hold you even more! Especially since it is written in the same style as season 1, even if I didn't try to copy the style of Song Jae-Jung. Of course, there is still work to be done: - corrections here and there. - alterations (already identified in my logbook). Then, the first priority will be to develop a simplified photo-drama. This means, only one image per character, but allowing to have the entire drama readable in this format. The drama will then be readable by beta-readers. Preferably speaking French, as full translation is not yet a priority. There are about 200 different characters with at least one line of dialogue, from extras appearing in only one scene to main roles. So I have to create 200 images for the simplified photo-drama. It sounds like a lot, but it's really not much. The work done on the first 3 episodes in full drama-photo version is much more substantial. Now, there is something else that will become an increasing priority.... How can I make sure that this drama reaches the right people, and why not, have a chance to be filmed? Passing it on to a Korean producer is not the best solution at the moment, because the drama is not written in Korean, and it does not meet the writing standards of a Korean script. Even if it is written very close to a scenario, there are some clumsiness (including an inaccurate breakdown of the sequences). My idea is to be able to pass it on to the scriptwriter Song Jae-Jung. She would be able, if the project interests her, to make it even better. And even without aiming as far as the actual shooting of the drama script, I think that sending her this story would be a gift she deserves, for the gift she gave us when she wrote W. I have no idea how I could contact her, and I don't speak Korean. If anyone who comes to this forum could help with this, it would be welcome. If you are interested in the content of the drama and want to read the first 3 episodes as a full drama-photo (the best possible quality), you can consult this blog : http://w4worlds.eklablog.com/ You can also leave your comments for each episode, without fear of spoiling the others. Here, the main picture of the drama :
  5. Hi Asiaren, I'm working on Season 2 of the drama. Actualy, my main goal is to finish it, and send it to Song Jae-Jong writer (if I succed to find how, and where she is). It's quite a serious project. Writed mostly like a TV script (however, this is not totaly a TV script if you look at real format of korean TV scripts. Well, it's quite subtil, but if you read original W tv script, you will understand what I mean.) So it's half story, half Tv script. But pace is as quick as a Tv script. Meaning it's 3x more quick than a book about descriptions and events.
  6. Hi Packmule3, nice to see you again! I'll comment on your blog instead of here. I hope you can have sufficient image quality if you are travelling. And above all a good sound quality, because W's background music are exceptional. The same team composed these, as well as "Signal", "Save-Me" and "Memorys of alhambra". I'm currently in writing pose after finishing episode 61, a very long 20 episodes rush written in less than three months! I need a little rest before I finish. The desire and inspiration must be there! So I watch dramas to recharge my batteries, and I'm on the back foot of Empress Ki, a drama that's in my Top 5 now. I will avoid giving spoilers, useless to hope, Professor Park (mule3)
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