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  1. I'm lurking on naver, because I want to know where the drama take place and is shot. Maybe Mukyeong is an imaginary town ? Traduction is Mugyeong, then it's say Mungyeong on a map. On this blog we see the ticket : https://blog.naver.com/petity84/222029025542 Seoul : 19h45 Mukyeong : 21h35 On the ticket it say 무경 and Mukyeong. But auto translation of this is Mugyeong. If I translante Mungyeong, it give 문경. (so, not the same) Time travel is 1h55. It look quite fast. Travel would be : 254 km with TKX fast train. Then 60km with Mugunghwa slow train. Average : 320 km for 2 hours, make it 160km/h. As most of the travel is on TKX, it look credible. But passengers need to take another train in Gimcheon. It add waiting time. Search 무경 on naver don't have results, except related to the drama. There is also the Ilsung station. It make 일성. I tried without success to find that on a map. (it's related to a company name) There is some way to know more : use naver map (it's like google earth, and it should be streetview). Auto-trad this korean blog : https://blog.naver.com/locotics/222030093909 On this, the guy really want to know where the drama is shot, look like it's the good blog to read! It's say where are some shot locations, stations, railway. Maybe this blogger or another one will give additionnal information in others articles, I didn't checked for now. Now, it need to locate these location on a map, as well. The blog don't say if Mukyeong town exist. Here the auto-translation of this blog, with many screenshot of drama and real places : Additional info from traduction of a commentator : The teaser video appeared to have been filmed at Bangok Station. My current conclusion is the use a town named "Mukyeong" but it's fictional. However, it's inspired by Mungyeong real town because all fit (abandonned station, tunnel). You can also check on the blog that one of the shoting scene is on Mungyeong old line.
  2. From : https://theraillife.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/south-korea-korail/ You could be forgiven for thinking this sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book; Mugunghwa trains are named after the hibiscus syriacus which is the national flower of South Korea. Mugunghwa trains are the slowest long distance trains and can be sub-categorised as locomotive hauled and DMU. Reserved economy seating and standing room tickets are sold and most trains have some sort of catering car available, selling light snacks and drinks. A 7400 class locomotive leads a Mugunghwa train through Doksan station Locomotive hauled Mugunghwa trains are led by a variety of locomotives; the most common being the 7300/7400 class diesel-electric locomotives, made in South Korea under licence from EMD (a copy of the EMD GT26CW-2). There are also the 8200 class electric locomotive, based on the Siemens Eurosprinter (model ES64F) and assembled by Hyundai-Rotem and the streamlined 7000 class diesel. These trains are slow and basic, but comfortable, and most have a cafe car, complete with video games and karaoke booths!
  3. Yes. I'm currently watching ep4, and we see a very long building in a shot. Look like the big blue building I spoted in Mungyeong town. On another shot (street view), the building look more like Jeomchon one. So, I don't know how the drama make this. As Mukyong is an abandoned station today since 1995, it's possible they take Jeomchon, because they need light, people, etc. I suppose, like in many country, train station look like a bit the same sometimes. What we know in the drama : The train come from Gimcheon, because some passengers have a ticket from Seoul. The train go out of a tunnel. I'm not sure the exact point the train change parallel worlds. In one shoot, look like when the train go out of the tunnel. On some others shoots, look like the train appears out of a blue fog. Then, the train go into the crime zone, and sometimes stop here because of signals. Look like it's a zone "in-between", because the signals can't light if it's abandonned. So it's like it's signals from the other world. We don't know if passengers on the train can phone to someone here. For sure, passengers don't know they have changed worlds, they have no reason to suspect this. Maybe the railway look the same here, in the other world (but I wonder about the grass on the railway, as it's abandonned in one world and not the other). Then, the train quit the crime zone, and a few kilometers later, arrive in Mungyeong station. It means there is also a dimensionnal travel between Crime Zone and Mungyeong. In short, what we see is : Train in B worlds - Tunnel - Train enter A world - Signals light - Crime zone (stop here sometimes) - Train enter B worlds - Train arrive Mungyeong station. I need some help from people who rewatched episode and is more attentive than me for confirming this, and give more information.
  4. I'm not 100% sure of all this. Maybe the drama cheat, also. It's possible they take Jeomchon station and say it's Mungyeong ?! But Jeomchon is normaly desserved today. The blue building in Mungyeong look like freight station. We need photos of these places. Also, I detected the north exit of the tunnel, but then the railway is very difficult to track. If you go south of Mungyeong, you end to loose track of the railway between this point and the tunnel north exit. Also, I don't understand why there is a part of the Jeomchon town called Mungyeong. So, I'm just opening some questions here. I don't remember all location in the drama, about the ticket. One of the victims have a Seoul - Mungyeong ticket. So it need a change in Gimcheon. Seoul - Busan is TKX fast train, and Gimcheon - Jeomchon a normal train like we see in the drama. In the drama, they say Mungyeong station is terminus, final destination. It make sens, the line stop here. If you follow the line, you see the real end of the railway a bit further north, in Gyochon. But I didnt see any station here.
  5. I'm researching where exactly the train line goes. I'd like to find photos of the area, or aerial photos. To go from Seoul to Mungyeong by train, it's like this: Take the Gyeongbu line connecting Seoul to Busan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyeongbu_Line Direction south-east, 254 km, to the Gimcheon train station. In Gimcheon, take the Gyeongbuk line, connecting Gimcheon to Yeongju. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyeongbuk_Line Head north, 60 km, to Jeomchon station. Once you get to Jeomchon station, it's the end of the line to Mungyeong, the line just go to YeongJu after that. But there used to be a railroad track from Jeomchon to Mungyeong, further north. That railroad was closed in 1995. It's that railroad track that the drama is talking about, for sure!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mungyeong Part of this road has been converted into a tourist attraction. "Rail Bike". https://www.tripadvisor.fr/Attractions-g2024849-Activities-Mungyeong_Gyeongsangbuk_do.html http://www.mgtpcr.or.kr/web/page.do?menuIdx=377 It will also be noted that on the Gyeongbuk line, many other stations have been closed. This line is used for freight, and Mungyeong was a city that used the coal industry in the past. I don't know what the situation is today, but I guess the railway was closed when that industry was no longer active, or less active. Today, Mungyeong is served only by bus or highway. To find the railway line, I found this site by chance: https://www.rome2rio.com/fr/map/Everland/Mungyeong#r/Train Here, it is very convenient, you can see the whole network and the changes of correspondence, from Seoul to Jeomchon. Note the town of Mungyeong, located north of Jeomchon. You can zoom on the map on the Jeomchon station, up to the level of the station. There are a large number of yard tracks. One notices that the railway continues northward, and there is very quickly a biffurcation. One of the tracks goes east, the continuation of the Gyeongbuk line, going toward Yeongju. The other track goes north, it is this track that you have to follow to go to Mungyeong! The track will go up to the north, then go west, and then north. During all this section, the railway follows the contour of the river. The track then passes through the town of Mungyeong, and then will arrive further north to a final terminus in the town of Gyochon. To see more, I launched Google Earth : https://earth.google.com/web/search/Mungyeong+/@36.59709991,128.19038747,84.51323855a,8833.87313582d,35y,-7.61234083h,15.40456264t,0r/data=CnUaSxJFCiUweDM1NjQ1ZDFlZDRmNzcyN2I6MHhiZjU1OTUwNTlhNjdhNmMzGdNOzeUGS0JAIYAfHz76BWBAKgpNdW5neWVvbmcgGAEgASImCiQJH_B71zcJK0ARVJs47eJWHkAZOlmVqzKuNEAhmP8fuwCiH0A Here, the problem is that when you hit Mungyeong, you're actually hitting Jeomchon town. It seems there's a neighborhood called Mungyeong to the southwest in Jeomchon. It doesn't look like the town of Mungyeong, which I found on the previous map. To follow the railroad, I'll look at the map and find the Jeomchon train station, follow the river that goes north, which the railroad runs along. https://earth.google.com/web/search/Mungyeong+/@36.59509043,128.20320921,74.80412862a,530.29040119d,35y,-7.61285699h,15.38475304t,0r/data=CnUaSxJFCiUweDM1NjQ1ZDFlZDRmNzcyN2I6MHhiZjU1OTUwNTlhNjdhNmMzGdNOzeUGS0JAIYAfHz76BWBAKgpNdW5neWVvbmcgGAEgASImCiQJH_B71zcJK0ARVJs47eJWHkAZOlmVqzKuNEAhmP8fuwCiH0A Seen from above, the shape of the building in Jeomchon looks like the one in the drama, but alas, there is no street view to confirm. It is necessary to check if there is a similar building in the city of Mungyeong. On Google Earth, you can follow the track, when it branches off to the west, you can see a small town northeast of Sin-Ji, there are old buildings stuck to the railway, certainly an old station. https://earth.google.com/web/search/Mungyeong+/@36.64182452,128.17103601,102.37607379a,2083.12623709d,35y,-7.64121547h,15.38845757t,0r/data=CnUaSxJFCiUweDM1NjQ1ZDFlZDRmNzcyN2I6MHhiZjU1OTUwNTlhNjdhNmMzGdNOzeUGS0JAIYAfHz76BWBAKgpNdW5neWVvbmcgGAEgASImCiQJH_B71zcJK0ARVJs47eJWHkAZOlmVqzKuNEAhmP8fuwCiH0A North of SinJi, there is a marshalling yard, then watch out, the track disappears! There is certainly a long tunnel, which runs along the river. One notices a wooded hill. More to the west, Following the railway becomes quite complicated, but you just have to follow the river, the railway is always south of the river. For a while, it is impossible to see precisely because the railway seems to be stuck to a road. Further north, we find the railroad track, north of Glumori. There is even a train parked on a yard track. https://earth.google.com/web/search/Mungyeong+/@36.65524501,128.14179375,98.21777739a,1119.87883612d,35y,-7.65912463h,15.38615959t,0r/data=CnUaSxJFCiUweDM1NjQ1ZDFlZDRmNzcyN2I6MHhiZjU1OTUwNTlhNjdhNmMzGdNOzeUGS0JAIYAfHz76BWBAKgpNdW5neWVvbmcgGAEgASImCiQJH_B71zcJK0ARVJs47eJWHkAZOlmVqzKuNEAhmP8fuwCiH0A In Jinam, the railway is divided in two, one track goes west, the other track goes north, the northern track is the one to follow. https://earth.google.com/web/search/Mungyeong+/@36.65796398,128.12743115,117.32820747a,1913.79069617d,35y,-7.6641934h,15.38805359t,0r/data=CnUaSxJFCiUweDM1NjQ1ZDFlZDRmNzcyN2I6MHhiZjU1OTUwNTlhNjdhNmMzGdNOzeUGS0JAIYAfHz76BWBAKgpNdW5neWVvbmcgGAEgASImCiQJH_B71zcJK0ARVJs47eJWHkAZOlmVqzKuNEAhmP8fuwCiH0A The road is easy to follow, it goes under a highway, then over the river on a bridge. Immediately after, it goes into a tunnel, passing under the fortress of Gomosanseong. Go up north, you arrive at OEEO 5, west of MungyeongGC. https://earth.google.com/web/search/Mungyeong+/@36.69621683,128.12738117,141.48515974a,744.24453602d,35y,-7.66560887h,15.38526344t,-0r/data=CnUaSxJFCiUweDM1NjQ1ZDFlZDRmNzcyN2I6MHhiZjU1OTUwNTlhNjdhNmMzGdNOzeUGS0JAIYAfHz76BWBAKgpNdW5neWVvbmcgGAEgASImCiQJH_B71zcJK0ARVJs47eJWHkAZOlmVqzKuNEAhmP8fuwCiH0A You see a marshalling yard, a freight car area, and a very long building with a blue roof. This could be the famous drama station! Then the track continues and actually arrives at its terminus in Gyochon. However, I can't locate the area with the drama yard track, which should be further south. Conclusion: the scene where the train exits the tunnel in the drama, it is certainly the northern exit of the tunnel passing under the fortress of Gomosanseong. Between this tunnel exit and the blue building, there is normally the strange area of the drama, where the assassin throws bodies. The blue building is most likely the Mungyeong railway station.
  6. Just wait a little while. Maybe the script will get published? It'll be in Korean, and hard to translate. Machine translation is very imprecise. I'd be curious to take a look at it. Some specific scenes, like the one where the characters arrive in the in-between world for the first time. This was rendered in a way that is not very understandable. I'd like to see if it was clear in the script, and if it was badly done in the editing. My impression is that the script will be faithful to the drama. Maybe a few deleted scenes or shortened dialogue from time to time. But the writer is influential, so I think her script will have been respected.
  7. Interesting. But if you did that, would you change any parameters, or would you take season 1 into account 100%? I say this because to write a season 2, you would need to have a perfect understanding of season 1, or at least rule out a relevant and logical explanation for each phenomenon. However, this task is certainly very difficult. You have to lay everything down flat: what are the precise rules used. Not easy for time travel, for memory stories. There are still a lot of things for which I haven't seen any explanation anywhere, like the timestop after Lee Gon left the palace after his first time travel, with round trips. I remember that timestop persists in one world and in the other world there is none. Whatever it is explained, there are ways to contradict, to be contradicted, etc... I notice anomalies for some of the explanations given, while at last we think we're getting to the point. I gave up on the subject because it's endless, and the flaws in the narration of the drama didn't allow me to appreciate it, which deprives me of any motivation. At a certain point, all this junk started to disappear naturally from my memory. Too much has never been shown, and there is no solid base to rely on except for speculation. I don't even know what explanation the screenwriter has, whether she unintentionally left plot-hole, and whether it's the spectators who fill in the holes. Anyway, if you're writing a season 2, are you just going to start from the existing? And so at least find explanations that make everything that has been seen coherent, taking care not to generate new inconsistencies in the process? There, on a drama like that, I wouldn't even take the risk of going into it, even if I liked drama. Besides, the subtlety of the process might not be perceived, because people watching the drama have difficulty understanding it. But it would be an opportunity to explain things and start again on a healthy basis. I doubt that you will be able to contact KES. But if you do manage to contact KES, please consider contacting me to explain the process. I don't want to write to her, but it would give me a chance to find out how to contact someone else.
  8. Poor things. I really can't do anything for you right now, you need to go through withdrawal. Drama much stronger than that will do the trick. But how are you going to cut the cord? When I saw my favourite work several years ago, I was able to do so. And I saw two great dramas after that. Not as good in comparison, but enough to make a step between two rewatches. Was it luck, or was it talent? Are you so weak ? I say this while remaining humble and modest.
  9. It's not clear if the whole flute give immortality to owner. Or even if it's owner and people with him.
  10. They don't spend a year in the in-between worlds. For example, they visit Venice for six months in 1876. Followed six months in Miami in 1982.
  11. No, it's logical. Saturday 10:00 a.m., they're going away for the weekend. They spend one year like that elsewhere. Saturday 10:01 a.m., they come back from the weekend.
  12. Baaaah... I just take what the drama show (for once it show something, lol). Tae Eul isn't the Queen. She can't be for a random bad reason, like there is also Luna in the world. But who gives a hell of a damn deep down? Every celebrity has look-alikes. So it could be ok, but look like a plot-hole is better. Or maybe Tae Eul is one of those independent young women who prefers to keep her life as a cop in her own world. It's probably more fun than being queen... Now, the King could be even more irresponsible and stop to be the King. And settle down. But let's say, he try to be a bit responsible, so he stay the King. So, here, my solution for that.
  13. The characters use a divine object for a motive as futile as space-time tourism. They're not a step away from an extra irresponsibility. There's no way Tae Eul will accept Lee Gon banging a concubine. So Lee Gon is going to get Tae Eul pregnant using his second flute. The child will be entrusted to the concubine, and the king will make believe it's their child. Then Tae Eul and Lee Gon will take their kid on their space-time excursions. All's well that ends well.
  14. It's a problem. This king won't have an heir, since Tae Eul is not queen. Or he will make this with a royal concubine ?
  15. I remember that, but I'm still not sure. Maybe there is an hidden clue somehere. There is picture of the king in a museum, like if he was the last king, so monarchy no longer exist.
  16. There's one thing I haven't been paying attention to. Or maybe I missed something. In the end, is he still king, or is he just a tourist until he gets old?
  17. Me, it was the whole episode... My seat was on the edge of myself. (sorry, I can't resist to say this kind of stupidity, but it relate well my disapointment)
  18. Waaaaah, first post was heavy parody, I never writed it so it will become truth! But I was surprised that some points where true. Action end at some point, mmmh, 10-12 minute maybe. It's quite sluggish, you get boring scenes with Shin-Jay and his mother. You get new stuff without explanation. And you don't get answers about many stuff. I didn't predicted return of useless characters (old prince) or so many plot-holes, and I feel sorry because I could, as episode 14 and 15 already reached the limits about logical flaws.
  19. Aaaaaah, you want proof, isn't it ? It was my 2 only post about ending. About "gods ending"... There is also a little plot-hole in my version, but you can solve it easely : put Tae Eul blood on flute. Or you can just do it like this : Tae Eul and Lee Gon go in the past 3h before, and take another flute for Tae Eul. I avoided the plot-hole "go back in time before the flut split" you see in the drama, so of course, I can't predict something based on plot-hole and breaking logical rules the drama set.
  20. I'm just here to say hello !!! I'm glad about 2 things: - My comic post about ending was partialy right, and a lot of (funny) things happened. - My other post about ending was right too, final answer was : Gods of space time ! (it's just I did it without the plot-holes of the drama, lol !) So finaly, I don't have to say "Im a loser".
  21. The truth episode is coming up. Episode 16 ! Something that's both ultra-sluggish and ultra messy. - No answer to anything, on the contrary, new weird and confusing stuff. - No explanation for who built the pillars or the flute, it's like that! I predict five minutes of action, then nothing. - Jo-Yeong is badly injured, so we won't see him afterwards and don't know if he survives or dies. - The two main characters are separated and looking for each other. - They're both losing their memories. - They meet on the esplanade once again, but no one hugs... - They are separated forever afterwards, and regain their memories after that. - During the whole episode, they cry and are desperate, depressed. Characters in a total blur. - The story of Lady Noh's past in North Korea has no impact, besides we forget to talk about it. - We don't see the Yoyo Kid again, who disappears completely without us ever knowing anything or what. - The PM Koo is totally forgotten and doesn't appear in the episode. An unfortunate technical incident. - Luna doesn't appear in the episode either, we can assume everything. But a very thin clue, such as a crumpled envelope on the floor with a hospital logo, will allow the most valiant spectators to guess that she died of cancer. Other spectators disagree and claim that Luna has travelled 1000 years back in time. She retired and built a hotel: the famous Hotel Del Luna. - Nari appear in the PPL bar, but no Eun-Sup. As he already said goodbye to Jo-Yeong, he did the job he was asked to do in the drama. - In the end, Shin-Jay didn't go into the past. So there will be a lot of scenes dedicated to him alone and to his mothers, for nothing. Well, not 100% nothing, they will eat a lot of chicken. - Lee Lim is even more foolish. This time, it's the Lee Lim of the future killing the Lee Lim of the past. With a cliché effect but illogical, it leads to his disappearance, even if he comes from another timeline, but who cares? - Maximus dies of old age. New characters never seen before, such as - a royal grandfather half mad, - a mysterious notary with yellow hairs introduced by secretary Moo, - a character who may also travel back in time, with another mysterious object that we never see hidden in a golf club. This character will make disturbing allusions and maybe it is actually an already existing character, but this will never be shown or explained. Nobody know if it's a man or a woman and he/she wear giant sunglasses. Dozens of new questions without clues or meaning will invade the episode. - a timestop of timestop, - a yellow three in a pink field in a glass snow bottle. - a new world both night and day with golf balls everywhere. There will be a very slow motion scene in which a voice-over will recite a 5-minute poem. Only 2.71828% of the audience will remain awake after that. The last scene will be strange and dreamlike, or nightmarelike who know ? - We will see Tae Eul and Lee Gon together, suddenly, out of nowhere, when they were separated forever before. - But we will have no context, and their dialogue will be enigmatic, hermetic, indecipherable. - We won't know when and where they are, nor will we know if they are the same people who were in the drama. - Nor will we know whether they will become happy or not, because they are neither sad nor happy. - They are just looking into the distance, huddling together, and there is a lot of wind. No conclusion can be given to anything! I hope that the drama will not disappoint me, and will propose an ending episode of this kind!
  22. No, I was talking about the palace attack scene. (I just made correction in my post, because obviously it was not enough clear).
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