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  1. Why does Tae Sul have his ex-girlfriend as a psychologist? I'm not a specialist in psychology, but I think the psychologist should be a neutral ground. Someone who has no emotional background for the patient, or for whom the patient has no actual past. Because of possible emotional problems during therapy. Besides I have read several comments making this criticism (but they were probably not specialists either). I don't know the answer that a professional could give on this subject, but in any case, as far as the scenario is concerned, there is an obvious answer. Tae Sul
  2. Only Tae Sul could notice the artwork and the pressurized paintcan. SO, it mean one thing. ...... ..... TADAAAAAA...... 365 was great.
  3. Many flaws/unrealistic stuff pointed out a bit everywhere on internet wasn't. A work of debunking was done here. About plane scene, DNA, drone, etc. I suppose some people don't like the drama, and it's legitimate, it's a bit much about action-blockbuster kind of content, and not looking like moderate drama. It's more the way things are shown than things themselves. As an example, the plane scene is more an intelligent one, with a single threat and a path to solve it, using thinking, many logical steps, and stuff looking real. Very good construction and chronology, no detail miss, and some inve
  4. Many new comments poped on packmule blog (bitcshoverdrama), hard to track all and copy-paste. I do it for this : We have : Control bureau have several teams. Here team °7. I suppose other teams work in others times than 2020. Why not ? So we could have : rich man is young in the future. He come back at 1970, then he's old in 2020. But maybe timetravel work only for 2020 ? I spoted that, episode 2 : 40:00, after the result of the DNA test, the psychiatrist and the manager look at each other strangely. Their expression says "Damn, he's finding out the truth".
  5. Well, I found details and writed it on the other blog... We don't know why they kill him, and want to kill the blond boy (because he made contact with Seo Hae). They says "he's contaminated". Another times they says about illegals "they are dangerous". Also, "they won't stand without a broker". I suppose when an illegal have contact with a normal being, this being is contaminated by... what ? I don't know. We will see that later. In any case, the contaminated person become dangerous, and have to be eliminated. I have in mind that Control Bureau are not so bad guys, just official
  6. DNA from ashes Documentation on this can be found very easily on the internet. It is indeed possible to find DNA in the ashes of a cremated body. However, it is a difficult process with low chances of success. The majority of the ashes are unusable because they are the residue of carbonaceous molecules. On the other hand, some DNA manages to remain in some bones and teeth. These bones and teeth are reduced to a powder during cremation (the powder being mixed with the rest of the ashes). DNA can be extracted from these samples. As our hero is a genius, I'm sure
  7. Instead of copy-paste, I made some changes. So I write it all here. Read previous message on this forum about first scene of drama, and the high probability than people here are time travel migrants. Time travel/migration thematic. Many elements revolve around this theme. - The importance of showing a suitcase with slightly cubic proportions, easy to remember. And whose utility/functioning still holds some mystery. - The fact that heroin and perhaps other people appear in places where we travel: railroads, airplanes. The theme of travel by public
  8. Hi! Oh !!! You again ? Youre doing great job with photos and evidence. Arent you sure you are not hooked too ? ^^ We are in bad condition, because now, theories and information are spread everywhere on the internet!! What to do ? Copy-paste texts ? Im going in teasing mode : Ive maybe (yeah, I will always write maybe everytimes, lol) solved the case of Scene #2 of the drama, so there is no inconsistencies like missing drone, or doing weird thing like relax and modeling while you are surrounded by 30 guys with big guns. All the
  9. Looking back at episode 1 (first scene) and relating it to the Control Office dialogues, it gives me the following plot: - The Bureau of Control really deals with immigration. But not immigration from one place to another, but from one time to another. - The people we see in the first scene come from a devastated and radioactive future. They themselves are carriers of radioactivity. This is how they are detected by the controllers. - These people have a suitcase that can withstand time travel, and they are allowed some personal belongings (but no animals).
  10. Please... NO doopleganger! It could still happens if someone encounter his younger self (if it's possible, it depends on how work time travel here). At most, in the cabin, we see wind and paper in the wind. It's maybe more a directing stuff. I watched BTS of the scene, and it look very difficult to masterize air draught here. What can you do but put a fan ? I made errors last time I described action scene on the roof on packmule blog. In fact, it's explainable why Control bureau team don't rush heroin or shoot directly. They don't want to kill her. S
  11. It happens to the plot that you are not paying enough attention to the plot! Radio call to the control tower. 16:00 - the pilot tries to call the control tower "mayday mayday", no answer. 19:00 - the pilot tries to call again, without success. 19:08 - pilot says "Electrical system failure!" I understand in this scene that the radio does not work because it depends on the electrical system. Or the pilot receives the messages in his helmet, but in this case the director would certainly play these messages, and the pilot would answer them. 19:48 - Tae Seul says to the pi
  12. I Try to read some comments here, but I feel like a red fish trying to escape from sharks. Sharks are Spoilers !
  13. I am overwhelmed by the number of mysteries and details hidden in all the scenes! And I'm already half wrong about the assumptions I made before... You can see on the BTS all the sensuality of Park Shin Hye on the roof of the train. I don't know why she relaxes like that and whether she will travel back in time afterwards, but in any case, this scene was visually very good. One more cult scene to add to this drama.
  14. Hi! What is funny, I used this picture in W season 2, episode 8, scene 4. http://w4worlds.fr/html/W_Saison2_Script08_US.html It's a good scene of season 1, quite long, so there is a lot of pics I can get from it.
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