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  1. I like Baifern in the movie along with Mario. I am a sucker for such a storyline as well. Even if it has been played out many times over, I still find myself enjoying most of them.
  2. Fang Leng fell for her first as she's in LaLa land most of the time when it comes to him. She was all about the chest for a while lol. Not to add, a good 8 episodes or so she was still trying to be a matchmaker between him and Miss Jiang. His face always drop when she said they are not a real couple and clearly disappointed but even if he wears his heart on his sleeves I don't think she took notice of it because she's not aware of those emotions. When Fang Leng brings up Fang Lie's name, she tends to quickly asked him what does it have to do with Fang Lie not realizing the significance of him throwing his little brother's name in her face every chance he gets. I still think he has one of the sweetest love for Xiaoqi. The things he does for her, stands up for her and he doesn't wavered and is patience enough (though sometimes kind of comes across as needy) but who cares...hahhaha. He's a ML that knows what he wanted and that was Xiaoqi. And once his heart sets on her there's no turning back.
  3. I am fine with the recycling outfits. Xiaoqi is such a simple girl, from love to food that it made sense she's not picky about her clothes. If my memory serves me right in one of the episode she opened her closet and there was one working outfit only lol. I'm like girl, stop staring at it you have but one choice hahaha
  4. Makes me missed the earlier scenes. This drama is the only one where I don't mind them recycling their outfits lol. I think Xiaoqi has about 5 or 6 outfits total hahhaha. I understand though since she's an Alien and it doesn't seemed like she's a materialistic one lol
  5. I think season 1 ended just fine. I don't want them to mess with something that's not broken. Even if they have great chemistry, when there's not much to go on to create season 2 then it'll ruined what's already good. Are they going to have a female alien comes between them. I mean, we Miss Jiang and she was annoying imagine an Alien, no thanks lol
  6. The channel put out so many spoilers. I wished they would hold off on the ending clip before the episode is being subtitles...but nope they post the ending already hahhaha...talking about being very nice. Bie did fantastic in his crying scenes. I couldn't get into him in Cinderella Chef...because he just comes across as IDK how to even describe it. But in here, he shows he has great potential going forward.
  7. Some K dramas have some passionate kissings and some C dramas have good ones too. But I have been watching lakorns for so long, even small kisses are still better. I mean, lakorns doesn't even hide the thumb stuff. Lakorns are well known for their slap/kiss storyline. But the kisses aren't even compatible to the story lol. Especially, when they zoomed into the couple...can't they at least not make it so obvious that it's fake lol. I have been watching a Turkish drama called Vuslat. Amazing...amazing actor in there. Talking about acting with his eyes only. Anyway, since it's a state run channel there's no kissing but the drama is about a little over 2 hours per episode and the main couple gets like 10-15 screen time hahahah. And I keep on telling myself if I can withstand such a thing, I can have patience for any drama lol. I think, if the storyline calls for kissing then before taking on the project they should able to put everything aside and perform accordingly. But sometimes, I wonder if its half the fault of the casting people. If they pick the leads knowing they don't do all out kissing then that's on them also.
  8. @angelflower yes, at least by the end of the drama she initiates a kiss. I think the kiss was more realistic cause Wan Peng probably thinking, oh, well, drama over what's one good kiss going to hurt hahaha
  9. Maybe I am used to weird kissings. I watched lakorns forever that a little lips touching get me excited. In lakorn world, they angle the camera like crazy (to make it look like they are kissing) or have the thumb in between the lips...or when the ML leans into the FL before the lips are touching they either black out or the camera focus on the ceiling, the wall or some silly stuff in the room rather than the couple hahhaha. We got used to it that we laughed it off. And some actresses even have it in their contract no kissing allowed. So, even if in here there are a few misses of an actual kiss there are some that aren't bad and way more than what I'm used to seeing. Hmmm...I wonder if he's married that she's holding back. Anyhow, they still have such great chemistry that I overlook their little flaws.
  10. @angelflower I don't really mind the weird kiss all that much. I find it amusing. Because their first kiss Fang didn't want to kiss her back so I just figured they are even. Besides, Xiaoqi made up for it at the balloon kiss cause it was pretty open mouth and some lower lips kissing. I think Wan Peng was shy more so than how Xiaoqi is supposed to act...just like the selfie kiss. It was a shy Wan Peng. They do have some cute kissing scenes though.
  11. That's the kiss I was getting onto Xiaoqi about lol. Fang Leng was trying to be very romantic and he was following her lips...but nah, Xiaoqi isn't having it she kept on giving him the side cheek or the foam soap (whatever it is he put on her face). She was was like, you can kiss my cheek or you can have the foam soap. He didn't want the cheek so he ends up with the foam soap instead hahhaha
  12. Right....but his reaction when Xiaoqi became a jealous girlfriend though. She didn't just became jealous she smelled it lol
  13. Can I say, Mr. Han has some serious beautiful skin. I don't even need a Fang Leng if I have an assistant like him, I'm content lol.
  14. Lmao... a jealous Xiaoqi is so funny. The store lady...ummm...do you know how hard it is for Fang Leng to finally get Xiaoqi. Showing a little shoulder isn't going to get you anywhere hahhaha. Xiaoqi was all up in her man's face trying to block his view lol
  15. I have tried the two dramas but wasn't feeling it. If I don't feel any connection between the leads then I usually don't continue even if the drama is popular. I know, I have skipped over many hit dramas because I couldn't get into the leads.
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