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  1. The role can be interesting if play right. In this drama he is just blah. I have seen many actors take up this kind of role and I find it fascinating and can't wait to see them fall in love whereas, with him I just couldn't get into it because he comes across boring and basically just there. Now, his modern dramas I don't so much mind even if his roles are similar. But in these kind of settings it doesn't work for me. He looks manly and all that good stuff but looks aren't important to me if the acting doesn't convince me. But glad you are enjoying it though.
  2. Haven't watch it yet. I wonder if it's any good to invest my time in. I do like Wan Peng. So if nothing else I might give it a try for her.
  3. The FL's friend is just too annoying. Some people can pull off a frustrating character but actress in here makes me FF her scenes when she's on. I also dropped this because for some reason I find the ML annoying. I have watched the k version and thai version and I was fine with both ML but in this version something about the ML is super annoying. I watched till up to episode 8 and scenes here and there till 12. And decided I couldn't continue.
  4. Yup, automatically thought of full house. But I like the FL in here. So even if I know how it goes will watch it anyway.
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