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  1. Thanks...I didn't know which is the original site or not. I did however tried valore a few times and I got some pop ups that frustrated me, not sure if that's just my phone though.
  2. Thanks for the info, If this is true not sure why it wasn't discussed beforehand. Having a child and religion is two important topic that should be brought up while dating. If someone marrying another person knowing they don't want children yet hoping they would change their mind after marriage is asking for a heartache. False hope is never going to sustain a relationship.
  3. Arranged marriage can work because I happened to be in one my marriage is going on 20 years now but frankly it's takes more work than those that have dated before marriage. My husband and I are completely different as far as personalities goes. What he likes, I don't but underneath it all we grew to love each other despite our differences. Counseling only helps if both are committed to it. But sometimes, one might already come to the conclusion that it's beyond repair so going their separate ways is the best option. Whatever the case between SJK and SHK they have reached a point of no return because to publicly announced a divorce is pretty much a done deal. There's one question I believe a couple should asked themselves, "can you see yourself living without the other person?"....that either will prevent a divorce or start one.
  4. I wonder if the distance between them became a realization of what they truly want. To me, both seemed to jump back to work too early. He was shooting his currently aired drama in Brunei while hers was in Cuba and that's not including events and such. Sometimes, being apart can be tricky to the mind. Because one starts to question things, then it becomes not so strange and more normal to become an individual rather than a couple. A marriage honestly will never work if a couple doesn't grow together. One can't journey alone in something that's meant to be a union. One thing is certain among rumors and speculations is that the love isn't there anymore for someone in the marriage to call it quits. No one knows exactly what happened and probably won't unless there's proof out there but it's hard to imagine SJK just up and file one day. Something drastic has happened between them for a while that lead up to that. It's that gap where a lot of people are trying to figure out. If a marriage is worth fighting for a couple will find a way to make it work. It's that simple. No marriage is beautiful everyday. It consists some ugly moments, some questionable moments but through it all there are beautiful and precious moments to balanced everything out. All in all, marriage is somewhat uncertain, the two people that are together has to make sure to keep it on a straight and narrow road.
  5. Just search Poison Genius Consort. I read the wuxiaworld one.
  6. That would be amazing if they indeed have a chance to reunite. Their chemistry is greatly missed :). I still go back and watched some of their scenes together and the ending song is so nostalgic. I finally have a chance to go back and read the novel from where I left of... finally they became husband and wife in the true sense hahhaha
  7. The different in personality can be attributed to a downfall in a marriage but it's something that I see can be worked on. But since one filed for divorce there probably was no compromise or middle ground to begin with. Honeymoon stage can be deceptive because couples can be so in love that it basically shields them from each other's flaws (and everyone has them) because we are human after all. Marriage takes a lot of work. And it's a continuation and if a couple falls into a routine and is comfortable then things tends to lose it's way. I wondered if SJK and SHK hits a roadblock once their honeymoon stage came to an end. Where their differences are a lot wider than they originally thought. I have a feeling, they probably tried to work it out but just see no way going forward for the both of them. And since they are such a power couple, divorcing probably weigh heavily on them but there are things that just can't be save regardless what's at risk. It''s unfortunate the marriage didn't last. But a marriage doesn't abruptly end. Something was brewing a while. Marriage isn't for the fainted heart it takes a lot of patience and compromising. This is coming from someone that's been married almost 20 years. It takes a lot....lots of work.
  8. I am close to finishing the translated current chapters of the novel. The only problem, I am in no hurry to get it done lol. Because then I won't have anything to go back to. I love...love the novel. They made Yun Xi so darn smart than her enemies. If they get her for something, she will gladly return it to them with a basket full. And when she makes a bet lol. People are scared of betting with her cause she just wins. Long Feiye is sometimes so funny with his jealousy. When Dr. Gu and Yun Xi talked about little thing and can carry on the conversation, he gets all bothered with it. When he said, what's so interesting about a rat...then Xifeng was confused and replied, it's not a rat it's a squirrel. And when the staff is in trouble they turned to Yun Xi knowing that she'll save them. Because all she had to do is asked Long Feiye 3 times and he'll say do as you please lol.
  9. Awww...the couple looks adorable together. He's quite good looking. But the OST though, I can't with that song because I can never associate Sigh with any other dramas besides Legend of Yun Xi. The moment I heard the song I miss Long Feiye and Yun Xi.
  10. I was surfing YouTube trying to find something to watch and gave this a try. Not knowing who the main leads are since I have been away from Kdramas for so so long. I simply love the drama. The couple have solid chemistry. When the GMS walks in a room he literally command attention. His whole demeanor is just everything lol. GB is very pretty and quite young looking if she doesn't smile. Once she smiles widely she looks older. To me, them falling in love and last about 1 episode is a bit short. It would have been better to have at least 2 to 2 1/2 episode and established their love story a little more before his memory is gone. Still I am looking forward to more episodes because I want to see GB come out on top...she hit rock bottom due to no fault of her own. She's quite strong because the situation might be bleak but she doesn't let the situation break her. She's doing what she needed to do to help support her family. Her pride, ego and whatever else she needs to push aside she willingly do it because making money for her family means more than that. I'll be rooting for her. GMS on the other hand, I feel sorry for him. He is surrounded by people that wanted him gone. The aunt that he thinks highly of is coming up with plans to get rid of him. He have all the money in the world yet lived in such a small corner.
  11. JJY playing the ending song to Legend of Yun Xi. She is such a talented person. I wished it was a longer version cause it's beautiful...only makes me missed LFY and Yunxi
  12. It was on YouTube. The channel translated a few Chinese manga in English and Legend of Yunxi was up to 36 chapters. I read it yesterday and when I tried to check the channel just now she must have deleted it because 6 days ago she said she's leaving YouTube due to it giving her problems. Yun Xi is stinking adorable in the manga but my eyes were on Dr. Gu lol. The part where Yun xi had to treat LFY...he got some serious 6 pack. When reading the novel you keep on picturing what they look like but seeing it...I was like so that's LFY and surprisingly they made Dr. Gu just as handsome. If they both stand next to each other you want them both lol.
  13. Did you see the manga? My goodness, talking about 2 hottie. The way they drew Dr. Gu is almost identical to LFY. LFY is with long black hair while Dr. Gu is with brown hair. Dr. Gu is indeed a very handsome guy in the manga. To me, his love is more sincere than Valley Guy. GQS is way too animated but I guessed it's his way of loving Yunxi considering his background. The author makes Dr. Gu like an April breeze...delicate and fragile person. But seeing his actual drawing in the manga I wonder why not many women would go after him lol. If you are at 280s then FLY should soften up because I think 269 or 270 was when Yunxi left him...and that was driving him up the wall. That scene was awesome of Yunxi because she put him on full blast ignore. She would not make eye contact with him regardless. And he was rendered speechless because here was a girl that always has this lovestruck expression on her face when she is around him then to completely dismiss his existence altogether. I was rooting for him to search for her for a good few chapters but it is LFY after all...she could only escape for a brief moment lol. I prefer the novel romance because it's just so many beautiful moments for the couple. Even if gazillion characters are being introduced but their moments together never felt like it was cheated. The romance might have been slower due to the length of the novel but at the same time their growth as a couple is what's matter. FLY confession to mute granny will demonstrate how much Yunxi meant to him...and by far such a sweet and endearing revelation coming from LFY and how far he came to loving her.
  14. I am watching it because it has English subtitles. I like JJY in here. She is so freaking tiny there are instances she looks like a teenager. It's to see that she is taking on different roles. I am not a big fan of Mike though. The only drama I ever finished of his is full house with Aom. But sticking to this for my girl. Second lead guy is a bit stiff in his acting so I kind of gloss over him. Though, I like the coach which. I liked him since LOYX. And he has done an amazing job as Emperor it takes a little getting used to seeing him in here.
  15. I have no idea how to do a multi quote lol. I never thought about it till I read up to that part. Because I didn't think there is any difference between married and unmarried hair. There are so many scenes in the novel that would define their relationship that if it made their way to the drama us fans would die happy. One other scene that had me laughed was when LFY got mad at Yunxi for going after Gu Qishao. So he ordered like 10 trays of food waiting for her inside the room. She walked in and smelled nothing but strong vinegar lol. She didn't want to eat any but knew he was mad at her so she ended up just picking a dish and ate the chicken. The vinegar was so strong she was nauseated and wanted to throw up. But she couldn't in front of him. LFY was like, spit it out you stupid woman hahahha. He then gave her the 7 ingredients soup to rinse her mouth with. Which was the best thing to her and made her realized how wonderful he is to her. And she out of the blue blurted... l love you very very much LFY. He was so surprised by her comment he started to cough (this is him in the midst of having soup) and the soup bowl fell on the floor.
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